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Sunday 20 April 2014

Beauty: b.Liv Off With Those Heads & Absolute Matte Mask

One of the biggest skin concerns for most girls is blackheads. Don't you just find it annoying when those little black dots appear on your nose or chin area, making your otherwise perfect-looking skin look somewhat.. dirty? And they're SO hard to get rid off! I just went for a facial a few days before I tried this product out, and it was painful as @$^&%**#$?! Idk what tool the lady used to squeeze and scrape off my blackheads, but I'm pretty sure it was a knife-looking thing ~.~

Blackheads are actually clogging in the hair follicles of your skin due to sebum and dead skin. Exposure to air causes it to become blackhead while if a clogged pore is closed, it will become a whitehead. The main causes of blackheads are oil, acne bacteria, hormonal changes, clogged hair follicles and more. Soooo irritating, huh!

Fortunately, there are other alternatives to painful extraction. Thanks to HiShop, I got to try out this product which has been highly raved by many people due to its efficiency. It's the b.Liv Off With Those Head blackheads sebum gel! 

b.Liv was created to cater confidence and style for on-the-go youth who love skincare that is easy to use with proven results. Got this off their Facebook page, the logo can be interpreted as "be" and "lieve" or "be" and "live". It's a reminder to always live in confidence, believe in yourself and seize the day. 

I got to try out the tester version, but I think this is basically how the real full-sized bottle looks like. And HiShop also threw in not one, but two Absolute Matte masks for us to try out too! Oh and they even threw in a voucher hehe. Lemme know if you wanna use it for HiShop or MilkADeal ok~

b.Liv Off With Those Heads blackhead sebum gel

The full-sized bottle is a 30ml plastic bottle with a plastic cap.
The product is said to be able to clear blackheads and whiteheads in just 14 days, with ease. How it works is, the gel softens the clogged pores, allowing for effortless extraction. It also keeps oil secretion under control and avoids skin irritation. Some of the ingredients include aloe vera (the miracle gel!), menthol and tea-tree (which is used to cure acne).

All their products are biotechnologically formulated for a premium beauty salon experience. And look! There is also a 14-days money-back-guarantee, no questions asked if the product does not work. Just make sure you keep the receipt and have some leftover portions.

Comes with a pump for easy control of taking out the product and it's more hygienic too!

Inside, it's a colourless gel. Only a small amount is needed to apply on the most commonly affected area such as the nose and chin.

Directions for use: 
Pump 2-3 pea-sized drops of the gel onto your palm and apply it on the T-zone areas or areas affected with blackheads and/or whiteheads. Use daily for two weeks and see the amazing results!

What I did though was directly apply the gel on my nose. Not sure if that's ok as well? 
The gel is easily blendable but leaves a sticky feeling which only lasts for awhile after that. There is a slight cooling sensation and a sweet smell which resembles pineapple to me, idk why!

This is my nose (duh, obviously) before and after using the product in just two weeks. Unedited pics! Luckily for me, my blackhead problems are not THAT bad.. I would say it's not a significant change but you definitely can see a difference! I applied the gel every night before my moisturiser and every morning before applying sunblock.

I couldn't see any noticeable difference initially, until I compared the photos side by side and was shocked at how well this product has worked. HOLY MOLY! In just two weeks, my whiteheads have disappeared significantly, pimples have gotten less red and there are also less noticeable 'bumps' on my nose and areas around my nose, making makeup application smoother. 

Speaking of makeup, I thought that applying the gel would affect my BB cream application but nope, it still stays on perfectly well. Maybe with continued use, it will be more effective. It is said that the blackheads will stop appearing again after using this product but of course, nothing is forever. Let's see how effective it really is after a month!

 Some precautions are that it is normal for more oil to be secreted during the initial period, but I did not experience this. Also, those with sensitive skin, please try not to apply too much because it may cause a mild stinging sensation.

Overall, I'm in LOVE this product! It's honestly more effective than any other blackhead-removing treatments or pore strips that I've tried. The only downside is that the result is not immediate. I have thus recommended it to my housemate who's really keen on trying it out after seeing the effects on my skin as well. It's effective and most importantly, painless. No more painful squeezing and knife-looking things~ 

You can get it from HiShop here. It may be a little pricey at RM179.90 but for me it's totally worth it cos it really, really works! No pain but big gains. Plus, it's so easy and convenient to use. I'm using it sparingly now but then again, you only need a tiny amount to see the results, so it's totally gonna last quite long! :) 


b.Liv by Cellnique Absolute Matte - Japan Silk Mask

"Don't get mad, get matte!"
What a cute and catchy tagline XD 

This mask is an innovative skin-saver that lifts away impurities and excess sebum to combat and control shine while purifying and refreshing your complexion. Some of the ingredients contained witch hazel, peppermint, chamomile flower extract and vitamin A.

Omg was quite surprised to see a black sheet mask when I took it out. The only other black mask that I've tried is a Taiwanese brand so I was super looking forward to trying this out! It uses an active charcoal mask sheet that acts like a "magnet" to draw out deep-dwelling pore-clogging dirt to get hours of matte skin.

Directions for use:
Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. After that, gently massage the remaining essence for 30 seconds, then leave it for another 30 seconds for complete absorption.

"But first, lemme take a selfie"
The black mask sheet inspired me to whip my cat-ears hairband out and snap some catwoman shots.. XD
The mask is fits snugly, despite being a little too big for my face at the sides. There is a very cooling sensation when used due to the peppermint. The smell is quite unpleasant to me though, maybe I'm just not a fan of peppermint. Towards the end of the 15  minutes, I can actually feel my skin tightening.


Um, my camera setting must have made my skin look different colour on both sides -_- Not sure if it's obvious on camera, but my face is definitely less shiny and brighter after use! My pimples on the forehead have also became less red and less prominent. 
The mask really does what it claims cos my skin also feels more taut and smooth, but it's a matte kinda smooth. It's a really bizarre feeling! But in a good way. 

It's an amazing mask with unique properties as I've never tried a mattifying mask before! The matte feeling lasts for quite long and overall, I feel so comfortable! Although it does take awhile to get used to the taut skin feeling, but hey, a shine-free and fresh face takes more beautiful photos so it's worth it! XD

You can get the masks here for RM49.90 for 7 pieces. Quite worth it eh!


Overall, I honestly love b.Liv products now and how I wish I could afford more of this range cos it's really effective.. :( Anyone wanna sponsor me? :p 

BUT... I have some good news for you, my readers!

Get exclusive rebate of RM20 when you spend RM99 and above on b.Liv products! The code is BLIV2014 and is valid until 30th April 2014.

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Disclaimer: Even though the products are sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products.


  1. Wei... the bliv really makes me feel like buying sia....

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    1. Thank you dear! Will drop by your blog as well! :)


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