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Sunday 27 April 2014

Shopping: Haul from Malaysia Clothes Buffet 2014 :)

Wheee~ If you read my previous post on the Malaysia Clothes Buffet HERE, you'll know how much fun I had and how happy I was shopping yesterday! As promised, I will do a HAUL post on what I got at the sale and bazaar, so here you go!!

Dududu. My loots. Can you believe I got all these for less than RM100?!

Finally got my white bedsheets! They were on sale for RM28 only at the Aussino Sale! Only reason why I picked this out of the other plain coloured ones is because of the threadcount and the pretty ribbon lolol.

Got these beauty boxes from the FH Club booth at the Fashion Bazaar for RM10 each ONLY! Ended up buying one for Eunice too. The accessories alone are worth more than RM10 already. This box has two masks, two samples and two accessories which you can pick out by yourself! 

Floral crown for Eunice from Jeda Jinx Jeweleries at the emceecouture booth. This was RM25 and they had a lot of other pretty patterns too! 

My fave buy from yesterday! These are preloved velvet heels which I got from one of the vendors selling preloved items. I don't mind that they were preloved cos a) they were in my size (!) and b) she claimed that they were worn once only.. I even asked her to join Carousell LOL hardcore selling max. 

I asked everyone how much they think these were and they said RM30-ish? But noooo..... They were RM6 but she sold it to me for 5 BUCKS ONLY!!! I'd be dumb to give it a miss. :o Only defect was the slighly torn velvet layer at the bottom, but I'm sure I can glue it back and it'd be good as new.

K I know everyone's curious what's in the bags.... One was my haul from the Clothes Buffet and the other was what I bought from the surprise Blowout Sale. I know it wasn't effieicnt to pack it that way but I was really shaking already after my bag broke so I didn't risk stuffing anymore clothes in. Next time must practice before going dy hmph :(

Anyway, I got 4 dresses, one maxi dress and a cropped tee from the buffet! Wish I hadn't thrown that three dresses and one shorts back into the bin though :( I also got a thick cardigan and another maxi dress from the BOS for RM10 per piece, cos I didn't think it'd fit in the bag so faster buy it first lol. Whoever heard of a maxi dress and cardi for 10 bucks only!

Yes, I stuffed a maxi dress in! Always wanted to get a plain one. Didn't think it'd fit cos it looked so big but I was so happy that the dress looks good with a belt on! The gathers and slit at the side made it look less plain and I can accessorise any way I want with it to dress it up or down. Kinda obsessed with maxi and midi skirts/ dresses lately, I think imma get more...

Cropped 99 tee for casual wear. It's a bit loose so I might give it to my sister, or wear it at home lol.

Fave dress from the haul! It's perfect for a casual outing or formal wear. Paired it with my necklace from the beauty box and the heels! Love them cos they're sooo comfy.

Earrings from the beauty box as well and they suit this dress so well.

Plain white dress (I added the beaded necklace) for casual or formal wear too! The blue heels seriously goes so well with anything lah. Love its versatality!

What a unique piece! The lace details makes this houndstooth dress less boring. However, it's also a bit loose for me :( I think it kinda shrunk in the wash today though..

Another monochrome formal dress. I think the belt makes it look less boring. Too bad the dress was kinda loose too, otherwise it'll look great. Ok lah cos I'm small-sized T.T My housemate said the puffed sleeves makes me look less skinny hahaha.

First piece I got from the BOS was this knitted cardigan. I love how easy it is to mix and match! Now I have another cardi to wear to class! The material is so thick and good, can you believe it's only RM10???

Flowy maxi dress. Not my usual look cos I look EXTRA girly in it, but it's comfy and fits me well so, ok! Can wear it for date nights lol. Paired it with Eunice's floral crown for fun. :p

So yeah. Those were my hauls from the event yesterday and I am so pleased with all my buys! Most of the pieces are plain and easy to match with. I got more formal wear, which is good because I'll be graduating and I need more work clothes soon.. MOST of the clothes fit me well cos I think they were XS or S but some were too loose so I might give them to my sis. Andddd all of it are brand new and of really good quality! I was so pleasantly surprised. Can't wait to do more OOTD posts with my buys! :*

Hope you enjoyed this post. Lemme know what did you get from the Clothes Buffet this weekend? I would love to know! :)



  1. Wow, everything for less than RM 100, that's really worth!

  2. amazing haul sweetie, love te maxi dress on u ;)

  3. I like the white dress, you look elegant on it!

  4. i like the plain white dress and the red oone (your fave from the haul) the best!
    all so worth it lah!

  5. Walau It's loose cos you so thin! Haha those exact same clothes look tight on me

    1. I know! I saw your insta. You look so hot lor, wish I was taller! XD

  6. I love the red, white ones the most! those kind of dress are the most versatile ones~ for work, for dating, for events~ hehe

    1. My fave too! Hehe luckily the size fits.. XD

  7. great choice!
    enjoy the time to choose your favourite pieces is priceless.

    1. Thanks, Wendy! Yup, but even rushing for clothes in 15 mins was a fun experience!

  8. Replies
    1. Nice meeting you too, Nicole! Hope to see you around :)


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