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Wednesday 2 April 2014

Beauty: Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Hi babes, how's your week so far? :) 
Mine has been super super crazy with blog deadlines, 3 assignment deadlines and one test. Not to mention meeting, work and other commitments. So busy but I tried to squeeze in some time to share about this awesome product with you!

This product is non-other than Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner! It's been much raved about by beauty bloggers in Asia for a while now and now thanks to Natta Cosme, I got the chance to try out in two shades - 01 Night Black and 03 Choco Brown. Very basic colours which can be worn daily. This is my second cosmetics post and as mentioned previously, I'm quite noob at makeup so do bear with me.. >.< I tried illustrating how I wear different colours of eyeliners, can you spot the difference?

But first, let's look at it's packaging. 

Always a pleasure receiving this at my doorstep :)

The card reads: " "Have confidence!" is one of the most essential pieces of advice you'll receive in life."
Couldn't agree more! That's why when you wear eyeliner, it not only makes you look good but appear more confident as well! :)

Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner Pen is based on waterproof, oil and concentrated colour demands. It's extreme colour evenly colours and accentuates the natural lines to create 3D deep eyes! It has gelatinous texture of moderate hardness and is made of plastic pen type so it's light and very easy to use. It is also extremely waterproof removable, anti-sweat, anti-tears, oil and long-lasting! Sounds too good to be true?

Ermergerd the packaging is so pretty! Pink & black is like the ultimate sexy combo colours everrrr. And the logo with lace detailing just brings out the sexiness even more ooooh. :o
Instryctions n the box are unfortunately, in Japanese and Chinese which I can't read. But it's ok, eyeliner is pretty easy to use!

The first thing I thought of was how convenient these eyeliners are because even conventional gel eyeliners comes in a tub with a separate brush but this one has incorporated it into a pencil so it's perfect for beginners! You can get more control of what you want to draw. Gel eyeliners tend to smudge less than pencil liners.
Only downside is, the tip of the pencil is quite blunt which makes it a little difficult to achieve thin, unnoticeable line.You will need an eyeliner sharpener for when the tip becomes blunt. 
The pencil is very lightweight and comes with a plastic cap. One thing about the cap is that it gets dirty easily when it touches the tip of the pencil. No way to avoid this I guess, since the pencil isn't retractable. :(
Another small flaw (which isn't much of a complaint, but I just want to mention it) is that the pencil doesn't have the colour code labelled on it so if you own two, you'll have to open it up and check the tip for the colour before you can proceed using it. Heh.

Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner comes in four colours:
01 Night Black
02 Galaxy Black
03 Choco Brown
04 Golden Brown

My first impression after swatching the colours on my hand is that the colour payoff is good and really opague! One swipe is enough. Furthermore, it glides on really smoothly. I'm sure this would be perfect for drawing on your waterline. 

Waterproof test:

After conducting the 'water-test', it seems that the eyeliner is really waterproof as it did not budge at all  when in contact with water! Kinda amazed cos even my liquid eyeliner which promises to be waterproof, will smudge after a few hours.

Smudge test:

Tried rubbing it a little but I guess I used too much force cos my hand is a bit red lol. If you rub hard enough, the eyeliner still won't smudge but instead some bits will rub off, kinda like eraser dust. But of course, don't rub your eyes with as much force as this!

Removal test (using Silkygirl Gentle Eye Makeup Remover):

With one swipe.

After three swipes.

I thought that it would be hard to remove the gel liner because in the past, I've had experience with it leaving residue on my undereye even after removing with makeup remover. But, no! The eyeliner comes off easily with one gentle swipe of the cotton pad. Affter three swipes, it has completely been removed. So I can safely say that the Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner is super easy to remove! And mind you, that's not the best eye makeup remover in the market but it still cleaned the eyeliner residue perfectly.

Can't wait to see if these tests have the same effect on my eyes!

Eyeliner is a mut-have makeup tool for any girl if you want to complete your look. It not only makes the windows of your soul more prominent, but it makes you look more awake too. There are many different ways to draw your eyeliner according to different occasions or your eye shape. For me, I prefer natural looking lines instead. 

Natural Brown Eyes.

What I did with the 03 Choco Brown eyeliner was just draw a simple line according to my natural eye shape. Brown eyeliner is great because you can wear it everyday and it's practically "no makeup makeup" because the effect isn't obvious but it does widen your eyes and make you look more awake! Just add a bit of pink blush and a light lip colour to complete the look. 

Notice the difference? My right eye is slightly bigger than the left one because of the eyeliner. The line however, isn't too obvious.

Ta daaaa. 
Going to uni. But first, let me take a #selfie XD

The Cat Eye

For this, I used the 01 Night Black eyeliner. I have tapered eyelids so I usually accentuate the eyeliner on the outer part of my eye. On days when I'm feeling a little more dressy, I'll wing out my eyeliner to give my eyes a nicer, wider shape. By adding eyeshadow and mascara, your eyes will definitely pop! Oh yeah, I hardly use mascara because my lashes won't curl so mascara just makes it look stiff. Anyone has any solutions? :(

After 10 hours:

 I tried wearing the eyeliner to uni for about 10 hours and this was what happened at the end of the day. Erm, quite disappointed that some of the eyeliner has worn off by the end of the day. You can see little smudges on my bottom lid. To be fair, I was in the humid cafeteria again for the whole day so I was quite sweaty & sticky by the end of the day already and I tend to have oily eyelids. I've also used this eyeliner out to shop for the whole day and it pretty much lasted the whole time, maybe because of the air-conditoned surroundings?

So.. Yeah! Hope this inspires you to learn some totally wearable everyday looks with your eyeliner. If you're new at makeup, there are always tutorials on YouTube on how to draw the perfect eyeliner for your eye shapes.

Good news for you! If you're interested in getting this easy-to-use eyeliner from Miss Hana, just apply the discount code "MISSHANA" when shopping with Natta Cosme and be entitled to get RM5 off any purchase of any colour of Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner! You can find it here. This coupon will expire on 15th May 2014.

Don't forget to check out Natta Cosme's website, Facebook page and follow their Instagram account for more updates!


Disclaimer: Even though the products are sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying on the product.


  1. I also experienced slight smudging at the bottom lid. So what I do is use a liquid eyeliner on top of it and problem solved! It stays on the whole day :)

  2. Hey carinn! You should use an eyelash curler first then put on your mascara. It helps it curl and wont look so stiff anymore :)

    1. Hey! I did try but it doesn't work, babe. It goes straight again after awhile :( Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  3. Actually I am having the same problem. My eyelash are so stiff.even if I use the curler, it'll go stiff again after 5 mins. I am finding solutions for this too

    1. Sucks, huh? >< will definitely share if I find a solution to this!


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