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Wednesday 20 August 2014

Beauty (Rinn's 3CE Series): 3CE Fixer & Mascara and 3CE Lip Color [Part 3]

Finally managed to convince myself to buck up and get back to work! I have a few more posts to share with you dearies so here's another one of my 3CE Series! You can read my previous posts here and here. Too bad I can't be more consistent with these posts, but I'll do my best! I really enjoyed taking photos and writing this. Makeup really does make me feel more confident and happier. FYI, I bought these items myself  so it's not a sponsored post and I just want to share my honest opinions with you. :) 

Today I'll be focusing on the eyes and the lips. For me, the eyes and lips makeup are the most essential part of a makeup routine - you can make it casual or heavy to suit the occassion. I'm not a fan of heavy makeup but I do love my lipsticks stash because of the colours!

3CE Fixer & Mascara in #Black

I don't think this mascara is very popular in the 3CE family although I think it deserves more credit! I've spent my whole life looking for a good mascara that works on me and I think this may be it! The 3CE Fixer & Mascara is a dual-function mascara that gives scanty, weak lashes a boost of depth and volume! The mascara comes in a long tube with duo ends - one end being the fixer, and the other end is the mascara. The tube is pure black rubber, but mine has gotten dirty somehow and the colour has faded :/ Like all 3CE products, do watch out for the authentication sticker! This mascara comes in Brown too.

Wondering what's the function of a FIXER? Note that each end has been labelled carefully for you with the names of the products. The fixer is coated around your lashes to make it stronger, water-, oil- and sweat-proof .It also helps to prevent smudging to enable long hours of wear. The fixer is whitish/ colourless and uses a conventional mascara brush.

Using hypo-allergic organic wax, this mascara formula has a rich and smooth texture to add volume to your lashes. The specially curved brush that is thinner along the middle and bulbous at the ends, along with hiper-max fibres allows you to achieve longer lashes up to 3mm-long... This sounds like an all-in-one holy grail mascara!

To use, first you have to curl your lashes. I have pathetic lashes which are sparse, weak and just WILL NOT curl. Let's see if this mascara can save meee!

After curling your lashes, apply the fixer mascara first. It will help your lashes to stay curled longer.

Then, coat a generous amount of main mascara on your lashes! I usually start from the base and move up in a zig-zag movement, then by normal combing. 
Tip: Do not pull the mascara brush directly out of the tube to avoid it drying out and clumping up fast. Instead, remove and put it back in with a slow, steady twisting motion.

Don't forget to show the top and bottom lashes some love too! 

Lastly, apply the fixer again to seal in the mascara. It will keep your lashes clean and fixed for the entire day! You can also choose to use the mascara without using fixer as base first. Use the curler to curl your lashes again if necessary. 

The comparison between both eyes - one using the mascara and one without. What a huge difference right? My right eye does look way more awake and brighter with mascara. The fixer coating appears a little whitish on the lashes initially, but it will disappear after awhile. The mascara has also made my lashes longer, but I wouldn't say that it is more voluminous or richer. Btw ignore the eyebags pls -_-

Overall, I really like how I finally found a mascara that suits my stubborn lashes. So glad Audrey decided to introduce me to this! I think the curler you use also has an effect on the curls so make sure you invest in a good curler :) I think the shape of the mascara brush helps too because the thicker rounder ends makes it easier for me to reach the outer and inner corner of my lashes better. This mascara also dries quite fast upon application. I wonder if the fixer can be used with other mascaras as well.. The mascara does keep to its promise and stays clean all day! However, the removal process is a little difficult to remove. It's also a little pricey at RM 80 and also a little tedious to apply due to the additional steps. But if you think about it that in the long-run you won't look like a hot mess by the end of the day, it's totally worth it! The fixer and mascara makes the best combo ever! 

3CE Lip Colour in #504 Glass Pumpkin

Like I said, I'm a huge lipstick junkie and I think I own almost every nude, peach, orange and pink coloured lipsticks oops :x I've been meaning to try out 3CE lipsticks because their colour range, which consists of 6 other colours, is so wearable and pretty! Luckily, Skincandy carries a wide range of these lipsticks!

This glass lipstick gives half coverage and keeps the lips soft and moisturised. It may look very orangey from the tube but it's actually more of a natural nude orange, just like pumpkin colour to give your lips a soothing feeling! It gives a natural, healthy and glossy-looking lips while does not leave the lips chapped.

It comes in a rectangular shaped tube (with the sealed sticker of course) which I find to be quite interesting - it's classy yet quirky at the same time. I heard it comes in Pink series too, omg imagine a pink coloured lipstick tube. So cute! For the new packaging, I think the box is this one, with a photo of the lips and "3 Concept Eyes" written on the lips.

It's especially hard to find a good orange coloured lipstick that will look good on most people and I think this colour is really suitable. It's quite sheer but it does look promising. This colour caught my eye because it looked so good on the model!

Because the lipstick is so sheer, I had to prep my lips in advance before using it. I used a lip scrub, applied some Vaseline/ lipbalm and concealer before applying the lipstick. This is to ensure a truer colour from the lipstick. 

Apply in more layers for more vivid colour. This does not leave a sticky feeling even after numerous applications. You can also use it to make gradation lips with matte lipsticks.

Um, to be frank, I was a little disappointed the first time I used this lipstick. It looked so much better on the model! :( My bf kept saying it looks like I'd just eaten curry and it stained my lips -_-
 It did emphasise on my chapped lips and doesn't make it look healthy as promised. However, I must say the glossy effect is good and my lips really do look hydrated and soft. The coverage is more sheer than I expected. One layer is not obvious especially if your natural lip colour is red, so reapplication is encouraged. It is too much work from prepping to applying few layers on the lips, so I will not be getting any other glass lipsticks from 3CE again. Lesson learnt that the colour in photos and in real life are not so similar! 

From far though, the results look good! It's perfect for a cute, sun-shinny look for summer. It gives off a more fresh-faced appearance, perfect for days when you look sleepy. Selfies with my baby Ted to emphasise the cuteness. XD

You can get both the 3CE Lip Colour and Fixer & Mascara, each for RM 80 from Skincandy! Remember to quote "CARINNXSC5" to get RM5 off your purchase! *valid till 20th September 2014*

image from Skincandy
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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored review. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after getting the products and trying out the service. How I use it may not be the best way for you and effects may vary depending on individual eyelashes/ lips condition and other factors.


  1. Thanks for the lovely write up dear! ^_^

  2. Oh personally I don't like sheer lipsticks, I prefer vibrant and vivid colour hehe~

    1. It's my first time trying out something so sheer, I didn't expect it to be so transparent too!


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