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Saturday 30 August 2014

Travel: Fly Me to Bali! [My AirAsia Free Seats]

If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats, I would go to Bali, Indonesia and I'd bring along my parents, younger sister and brother, both my grandmothers, my boyfriend and my Aunt Ellen and Aunt Mary - and here's why! Not only will it be a great family gathering for both my paternal and maternal side of the family, Bali is the perfect place to soak up the sights and sounds while learning about the beautiful Balinese culture alongside the most important people in my life. In fact, we haven't had a vacation in years! The last trip was to Japan which we flew with- surprise, surprise- AirAsia as well! Dad has actually promised to bring us to Bali this year but due to unforeseen circumstances, the trip had to be cancelled. But I think if I'm resilient, my dream of going to Bali will come true.. And here comes my window of opportunity!

image from Naples-Florida-Sun

Tell me this isn't the prettiest view you've seen? I've always longed to soak up the sunshine at a beach with a gorgeous view like this! It's one thing to stare in amazement from the computer screen, but it's another thing to see it with my very own eyes and gape in awe. Simply breath-taking. Plus, an Instagram addict like me would definitely find it  to be the perfect place to take more photos! :p
I can just imagine my grandmothers sitting in the shade with their sun-hats, sipping mocktail or Coca-cola (paternal gramama's favourite drink) while the rest of us grandkids will be busy trying out beach activities and taking photos along the beautiful coast of Jimbaran Beach. Then for dinner, we'd enjoy delicious Balinese food along the beach while admiring the beautiful painting in the sky that is known as the sunset - a gift from Mother Nature. Clean white sands, clear blue waters and a beautiful view... This is life.

image from HDWallpapersInn

I'd love to find one of these mini chalets too, since I've never had the experience of staying in a chalet. Bali is not only known for its beautiful beaches, even their hotels have top-notch pools and hospitality as well. Being a rocker, Hard Rock Bali would be a must-stay hotel for my dad! He is an avid and loyal fan of Hard Rock, and a hard-core collector of Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses and displays it in a glass case at home. Staying at his favourite hotel which has world-class service would truly excite him. And who knows, maybe I can take the chance to teach my boyfriend how to swim too :p  Not to mention, Hard Rock Cafe has great food and good music! 

image from AsiaRooms

Taking a break from the beaches and modern lifestyle, we'd go and visit the historical towns and sights of Bali too. I've heard that Uluwatu Temple is a great place to visit because of its historical meaning and beautiful building structure. My architect sis would find this interesting! In fact, I've heard that the scenery and Kecak dance performance alone is reason enough to visit this place. Grandmamas would appreciate this!

If I really do win these 10 free seats, it will be my gift to my loved ones as a "Thank You" to them for all their love and care. I'd love to plan a trip with my family just before I enter into the working life. I won't say I've seen and travelled to many places in my 21 years of life and people are always telling me, "Go and travel before you start working. It will be a good experience to learn and grow. You'll never get a chance like this again nice you start working!" It's easy to say, but not easily done. Believe me, I've been saving up for it to make my dream come true. It can be daunting for a girl to go travel alone, but with my family by my side, I know I'll learn and love the travel experience so much more. Seeing photos on Instagram of my friends who are travelling around the world has been a great sight, but it would be even more wonderful to see some of these beautiful sights of the world with my own eyes. Indonesia has so much to offer, and I'd love to see and experience it with the people I love.

The most beautiful gift is the gift of love. Travel broadens the mind and soul. Show your family and friends that you love them too by bringing them on an eye-opening, mind-blowing journey with you! Take part in AirAsia Free Seats contest with your family and you could win the trip of your life!

You can join the My AirAsia Free Seats contest HERE. Log on to AirAsia's website and Facebook page for more info! Thank you AirAsia for the generosity! :D Lastly, here's wishing all Malaysians a Happy Independence Day in advance! We should be proud of our homegrown airlines, homegrown natural islands, homegrown everything! Selamat Hari Merdeka!


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