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Friday 26 September 2014

Beauty: Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon

I just realised I've been blogging a lot this month but this is only my first beauty post of the month?? Quite amazing I would say loool. Anyway, here's a review on Taiwan's famous Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayons, courtesy of Natta Cosme!

As I said before, I am a lipstick junkie so any form of lip colour be it lippies, lip stains, lip crayons or coloured lip balms etc will make me happy hehe :D But I'm also particular about the colour payoff, lasting power and because I have dry lips, the moisturising effect. Let's see how these babies score!

Always look forward to Natta Cosme's parcels cos they're always so meticulously packed!

This totally brings back some childhood memories! I was wondering why did they include a box of Faber Castell crayons for us cos uh, I thought this was supposed to be about LIP crayons only? After that, I found out that it is for Natta Cosme's Peace and Humanity Campaign and they would love for us to draw our childhood dreams & fantasies on the postcard and mail it back to them to paste on their office all. Aww! But too bad I'm bad at drawing + I have no time due to the crazy assignments this month, so I'll send in my postcard late. So sorry! Will update this space if you'd like to laugh at see my drawing haha.

So sweet of Natta Cosme! I'm sure this box of Faber Castell crayons don't cost cheap as well :o

Pleasantly surprised that we received not one, but TWO beautiful Miss Hana Crayon Lip Balms in different colours!

Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayons are best suited for ladies with dry and chapped lips, especially those caused by staying in an air-conditioned room all day long. It contains ingredients such as Rose Hip Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Extract and Honey to keep the lips soft, supple, moist and smooth. With 5 colours to choose from, it is easy to achieve natural lip colour while repairing your dry and damaged lips at the same time! It's so soft that it will not rip off the dry skin on your lips. You can use it anywhere - at work, school or before bedtime to keep your lips tender and soft when you wake up. Even bike riders can use it to protect your lips from sand?? Lol. And this part is perfect for me.. To reduce lip-licking! A very bad habit, I know. 

Looks so fun, it's like playtime! Similar to the Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliners (read my reviews here and here), these crayon lip balms are basically just fatter versions of the eyeliners. They have the same pretty elegant pink & black packaging and plastic cap. Again, I do not really fancy the cap cos it tends to get dirty easily.

Some things to take note of.. Avoid placing at extremely high and low temperature places, and towards direct sunlight because the lip balm crayon is really soft and melts easily. Keep out of reach of children and do a skin stimulation test before use. Do not use if there are wounds, stop immediately if swelling occurs.

Swatches. The two colours look quite similar IMO!

01 Purple Sakura Season

I love that each lip balm crayon has a different design and name on it! This is 01 Purple Sakura Season, inspired by Japanese Sakuras.

I was pretty thrilled because I don't own any purple lipsticks, but it turns out, the colour is just kind of like hot pink. Still, I think it'd be a great colour to wear to parties cos it's so eye-catching!

To use, just apply evenly on your lips, just like drawing with a crayon :D You can choose to exfoliate your lips with lip scrub first. TIP: I would recommend applying some lip balm or Vaseline before applying the colour but these are already coloured lip balms and does not go well with Vaseline. In fact, it actually doesn't last as long when I apply Vaseline first.

This colour is great for the girly girls who are looking for a pop of colour in their daily makeup.

You can find this colour HERE.

02 New York Uptown Pink Girl

This colour is inspired by the busy workaholics, rushing here and there in busy New York City!

All those nights of rushing work and assignments (like me) will cause your complexion to pale. Throw on this colour for a natural look and brighter complexion! Um somehow it looks orangey on camera but trust me, it is pink in real life. Another TIP is to double up the lip balm crayon and use it as a blusher! Just dab some product on your fingers and use it as blush on the apples of your cheeks. Voila!

You can find this colour HERE.

03 Orange Twilight (BONUS)

I've also won this from blogger Angeline Tang's giveaway! Lol what luck. So I decided to show you guys this colour as well in case you're planning on getting it. Sadly, the colour doesn't show up much especially on camera... It looks almost non-existent.

...but it does look good when I take a selfie like that! I think it's all about the lighting. The colour is really bright and cheerful.

You can find this colour HERE.

Which is your favourite colour? Mine would be NY Uptown Pink Girl because it is so wearable for everyday makeup! My final thoughts on this lipbalm is that it is so, so moisturising! When I first applied it, it felt so pleasant because it glides on so smoothly. The tip is SO soft, I'm afraid it will break easily so I'll handle these crayon lip balms with care lol. The colour payoff is quite good for the pink colours, not so much for the orange. Of all the five colours, I would say they fall more into the pinks and peaches category. 

One thing I dislike about these lip balms is the smell. It smells like artificial sugar which smells good at first, but makes me want to gag after awhile LOL. The tip also tends to become blunt after awhile but this can be solved with a sharpener! Get your Miss Hana Professional Sharpener HERE. Sadly, the colour doesn't last long and wears off with eating and drinking but all in all, I am pleased with it. The moisturising effect is really good and if you notice, it doesn't emphasise my cracked lips but smoothens out the lip lines instead! I don't feel the need to keep peeling my lips with these on HAHA.

If you'd like to get these Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayons, here's a piece of good news for you!

Key in the discount code 'MHSHARP' to buy Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayons at RM35 instead of the usual RM39,90! You'll also be entitled to a FREE Miss Hana Sharpener with any purchase! *expires on 15/10/2014 so act fast!

Find more Miss Hana products here. It's Time for Beauty and Happiness with Natta Cosme. Do visit Natta Cosme's websiteFacebook and Instagram for more fun and exciting promotions and contests!


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Disclaimer: Even though the products were sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the producst. Effects and colour payoff may vary depending on individual lips condition and other factors.


  1. Purple sakura is a bit scary leh~~ But New York and Orange Twilight are nice!

    1. Hahaha but I like the colour! Maybe cos I'm crazy too XD Yeap love NY pink the best!


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