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Friday 26 September 2014

Carinn x OOTD: Downtown Hippie

Today it just hit me that all my major assignments deadline fall really close to each other that I'm on the point of suffocating. Just when I thought I can relax a little after submitting one of my crappiest assignments today, another one comes along.. and another one.. and another one.... #nosleep4lyf

However, I'm determined to not let it stop me from blogging because blogging is my form of stress relief! Today will be a throwback OOTD again because I seem to have a few archived lol. This was back in July when I hung out with my gf. A day in town, just walking around aimlessly, sipping coffee in a nice little cafe, taking photos... Sigh, what I wouldn't give to have those days back

Gf suggested we visit this new cafe downtown called Bev C. I saw some photos online and realised that the colour theme is so monotonous that if I wore something colourful, I'll be sure to stand out. So i opted for monochrome instead. I realise I have a lot of floral outfits XD Also, what to do when you ran out of things to wear? Borrow your sister's. :p

Monochrome floral weater (worn as dress) - H&M // White tank dress (inner) - H&M // Vintage leather bag - a gift from Thailand // Houndstooth T-bar flats - Vincci // Dreamcatcher necklace - Kitschen (sister's) // Gold floral headband - Random instashop (sister's)

Photographer: Hui Ying
Venue: Downtown JB / Bev C Cafe

This hippie look is so chilled and laidback! It's also really comfy because of the sheer material. I think it's a nice muted contrast against the colourful paintings in town. Somehow I always love hanging out in town. Didn't go to town for a few weeks and it has transformed to a colourful street! Who says JB is boring? :p

Lastly, just ending off with some photos of me and my gf and the yummy desserts we ordered. In the blink of an eye, she's now in UK to further her studies already. My last hangout buddy in JB is not here already.. Miss you so much, can't wait for 2 years to pass! :(

I'm rushing off to an event now! It's great to be able to take some time off on a Friday night before jumping back into assignments stress again. Do remember to hype me on Lookbook if you like this hippie look yea? Happy Friday! :)

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