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Thursday 11 September 2014

Monthsary Celebration @ Skypark, One City

The 11th of each month marks our monthsary. Today will be our 20th month together :) This will be a belated post as I haven't had the time to update about our previous monthsary celebration, which was also our first time celebrating together in KL. We don't always get to spend time together because I'm here and he's in JB so we tried to make the best of our time together. I suggested doing something different, going somewhere new to mark the date. :D

Fair warning, this will be a photo heavy post because I wanna share about One City, Skypark and our awesome dinner that night! Also, expect a lot of shameless selfies and wefies :p #sorrynotsorry

In the car. We called a Uber car and seriously, I love their service! I still had credit so our ride was free, how cool is that? Too bad there was something wrong with the bf's sign up procedure though..

I was initially quite sad cos we left quite late and I thought we would not be able to catch the sunset. Thankfully it was still bright at 6.30pm. Skypark is located on the top most floor of One City Mall in USJ and is famous for the unique landscape (?) up there.The place wasn't hard to find, just go to the lift and go right up to the 10th floor! The glass lift moves so fast I got a headache 0.0 Anyway, I've seen so many photos of Skypark with the glass roof and I really wanted to experience it for myself!

The glass panelling is really cool! There's also a wooden platform for those who fear walking on the glass XD

You'll be spoiled for choice at the dining options on the 10th floor - from Japanese to Thai to Korean food and more. Isn't it romantic to have a dinner here overlooking the night skyline? :)

The glass roof is actually overlooking the mall itself, not the road. Everyone loves the glass panel part, you can find so many people taking photos while standing on these panels.

Outfit of the day. 
Me being me, I got him to take a few (or a lot) of shots for my Carinn x OOTD posts XD And yes, I purposely dressed up for the occasion (duh). More details of this look will be up tomorrow!
UPDATE: Read more about my outfit post HERE!

The bf's OOTD - varsity jacket from H&M!

This has got to be our fave photo that day :D Edited by mua, kinda pixelated cos I used phone app ._.

Thankfully, we got to catch the sunset from the rooftop. It's been awhile since I've watched the sun go down, I'm still really amazed by the pretty pastel colours in the sky!

I wanted to have Jap food, but the bf was craving something cheesy, so we didn't get to dine upstairs. :( However, there are so many restaurants in the mall that you can be sure you'll find something perfect!

So in the end, we settled for a Mexican restaurant, The Sheperdoo. The interior kinda reminds me of TGIF with its wooden, rustic feel. It also has a bar and they do serve alcoholic drinks.

Selfies while waiting for our food.. Too bad there's inadequate lighting in the corner that we were sitting in.

He loves to take ugly candid photos of me -.-

Starting off with their classic margherita! The best part? The Sheperdoo has buy 1 free 1 promotion on all alcoholic drinks from 7-9pm! However, the drinks has to be off the same flavour. So he got the blended one and I got the normal margherita.

The lighting was so bad, so bf volunteered to use his phone flash to illuminate the food so that I can take photos. Haha sorry I can't help being a #bloggeratwork. :p Um, we actually spent about 100 bucks on our meal that night because we ordered SO MUCH. Bf was craving nachos and chicken wings so we got nachos and chicken wings lol. He has a huge appetite so.. We actually managed to finish all the food that night :o

The super creamy, super yummy blended mushroom soup. Must-try! This comes in a set with a mains and dessert for only RM29.90. I personally think it's quite worth it, especially for big eaters!

Nachos & cheese with chicken bits. Yum, I love the cheese and guacomole! It's a big plate for 2 person, so I would say it's great for sharing! It's RM17 if I'm not wrong.

I wanted buffalo wings but since the bf doesn't take spicy food, we opted for fried chicken wings with Thai chilli sauce accompaniment. Didn't regret cos I find this quite flavourful too!

For the mains, I chose this curried tomato seafood pasta... Which I totally regretted -_- It tastes like dry laksa. Lol. Not recommended, even if you're a spicy food lover. One good thing was that the seafood was very fresh though..

This and the cake came in a set with the soup. Bf chose the chicken burger and honestly I doubted if he could finish all the food, since this portion is huge too. Apart from the curly fries, he proved me wrong and wolfed down the whole burger -_- I only tried a tiny bit, and I feel like I've had better burgers. But he loves it!

Dessert was fruits cake which I think is too dry and too sweet.. It's just a really small slice but oh well, good thing because we were too full already.

Overall, I think it was money well-spent since we don't eat like this all the time and there's SO MUCH FOOD. The appetizers are definitely recommended! The food isn't fantastic, but it's not bad either. I would say it's a great place for gatherings and drinking with friends. Uh, I didn't really like the music though, the artist who sang the covers sounds creepy.. 

And because I was craving Jap food so badly..... The bf brought me next door to Den Den Japanese Restaurant to grab MORE food to satisfy my cravings HAHAHA. We were super duper full already but I still wanted my sashimi! :p

I got attracted by the interior because unlike conventional Japanese restaurants, this one has a modern twist to it what with the round lights and red & black all over.

The waiter was extremely friendly and he insisted that he wanted to take photos of both of us in the restaurant HAHAHA. Thankfully there weren't many customers around, it would've been so awkward. He also kept asking if we were Koreans, probably cause of the way we dressed? XD

After our second dinner, I dragged the bf upstairs again to check out the night view. It isn't as nice as central KL of course, because there's no skyscrapers lighting up the sky. But it felt peaceful and serene still, just watching the cars go by from 10 floors above with my loved one by my side..

And of course, the mandatory shot when you visit Skypark XD Too bad it rained! The glass seems way scarier at night cos you can see the ground floor much clearer. I actually brought my parents there two days after we went when they came up to visit, and my mum didn't even dare step foot on the glass lol!

Thank you bb, for the wonderful night! I'm glad you came up to visit me and we got to spend the last month of your summer break together before starting the busy schedule all over again. Honestly, it's always a good time when I have you around. It's definitely fun to explore new places, but I love it even more when I have you by my side. Thank you also for trying your best to satisfy my cravings.. And being my rubbish bin whenever I can't finish my food :p I love you!

You can find more photos on my Facebook here :)
Thanks for reading our narcissitic post! :p

Love lots,

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  1. Happy monthsary to you and your boy boy, nice outfit for celebration ^^

    1. Hey, thank you for the wishes and compliments! :)

  2. one day... one fine day I should try it with kareshi.. lol

    1. Yea you should! Overcome your fear hehe. It's a rly nice place to chill anyway!

    2. mad love the ambience of the sky park!!! shall have to go there one day! oh and happy monthsary to you =DD followed your blog <3

    3. Hi dear! Yea you should, it's quite fun! Thank you for the wishes and for dropping by :) I've followed you awhile back on Google+, thanks for following back! :D x

  3. I must say you are really beautiful , both of you , beautiful couple :)


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