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Tuesday 16 June 2015

Beauty: Dual Yellow Laser - My Skin Gym Clinic & Medical Spa [Part 2]

Continuing where I left off, I'm gonna be talking about another treatment that I did at My Skin Gym Clinic & Medical Spa today. FYI, I did not one, but two laser treatments that same day so I've decided to split the post into two to give you a more comprehensive insight (in case you are doubtful just like I was before).

After the Carbon Peel treatment (which you can read all about HERE), I was led to a smaller treatment room for Dual Yellow Laser, one of the signature treatments at My Skin Gym. The nurse prepped my skin by applying a layer of cooling gel before we proceeded.

While Carbon Peel uses Spectra laser, the Dual Yellow Laser is a copper bromide laser (which is why it's yellow!) to help reduce acne, melasma, redness and sensitivity. It is said that with 3-6 treatments every 3 weeks or so, the laser treatment gives maximum benefit with minimal discomfort and side effects. In case you're wondering, this laser is very safe as it does not injure the outermost layer of the skin. Minimal side effects may include redness and mild swelling, which should disappear within hours of the treatment. Dual Yellow Laser is ideal for mild to moderate acne skin, melasma (pigments caused by sun damage, genetics or hormonal change), redness-prone skin and sensitive skin.

You can never be too careful, even if this is a gentle laser. Not only Dr Ding, but my bf had to wear protective eye glasses too while taking photo for me. The yellow light from the laser destroys acne bacteria by eradicating active acne, while at the same time promotes faster collagen growth, reduce redness and improves sensitive skin. It can give you smoother, clearer and evenly-toned skin for a more youthful appearance, gradually.

Since Dual Yellow Laser is gentle and can promote evenly-toned skin colour, it can be used to reduce dark eye circles as well. While Carbon Peel uses short zaps of the laser, Dual Yellow Laser is mostly done in a circular motion. It does not hurt much, but feels warmer than the first laser I did. Dr Ding will adjust the intensity of the laser according to the condition of your skin and of course, a gentler level is used for the undereye area. Since I just did the Carbon Peel, this laser was more for killing excess acne-causing bacteria and reducing redness.

I know, I look like a corpse here (thanks, bf). You can see the layer of jelly is uneven after the laser process. Even with the jelly layer on top, you can see that my face is a lot fairer than my neck already!

So this is the final result after the Carbon Peel + Dual Yellow Laser. From slightly yellowish skin to a healthier-looking complexion. And I definitely look fairer! Lucky for me, I did not experience any side effects from the laser so no redness or swelling at all. From the photos, it's hard to tell if there were any changes on my undereye area though.

Here's a candid close-up photo my bf snapped of me after the treatment. Ok I admit I had some concealer on for my OOTD shoot, but only for my undereye. The rest of the face were clean! I was so in love with my skin that day that I couldn't stop touching it cos it feels so smooth! I know I shouldn't as it might contaminate my hands might contaminate the face but I couldn't help it. No bumps whatsover and there was even a visible radiant glow to my face.  You should go try it today for a first trial price of RM299 if you don't believe meBut what I find is that while lasers are great for instant effect and minimal pain, it usually only targets the outer layer of your skin. Sometimes you still need traditional facials and all the "squeezing" to REALLY go skin-deep.

Some tips if you were to go for Dual Yellow Treatment. If you really MUST put on makeup after the treatment, you should choose mineral makeup which is lightweight and does not clog pores. Most mineral makeup also has just enough coverage for redness and is good for your skin. Eating healthily is also key to promote great skin from within. Take probiotic supplements and minimise intake of sugar, dairy and wheat and increase intake of fibre for a healthy digestive system.

The frequency of doing laser treatments really depends on your skin condition. Some intensive cases gets the laser done every week or fortnight while for milder cases like mine, follow-ups are done a month later (though I've yet to go for mine due to packed schedule). Dr Ding said the results should last up to 2 - 4 weeks. It didn't exactly last up to 4 weeks for me but still, I had quite great skin for a week or so and I only needed minimal makeup to cover up some flaws. Can't wait to go back for the follow-up!

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