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Friday 19 June 2015

Girl Talk: Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Exfoliating, Peeling and Brightening Cream (White Princess)

I guess you could say that this is another post that calls for some discretion. From the photo and title, you should be able to tell that I am going to talk about something not commonly discussed.. The armpits. I have no idea why underarms are associated as something of a taboo to talk about though.

It's beach-season now and fellow wanderlusters are going to the beach. I myself have yet to shop for my beach outfit but I'm going to soon! Anyway, you'd want to dress in tank tops, singlets and bikinis at the beach right? But you don't have the courage to because of this problem - dark underarms. Even after shaving, you still don't feel confident enough to wear sleeveless clothes? If you Google "armpits" in the search engine, key words like "dark armpits" will come up as well. Seems like it's a pretty big issue with many women, especially women aged 30 and above. It's even said that if not treated right, it gets darker as the years go by!

Now, what are some of the causes of dark underarms?
- Dead skin & pores clogged with dirt and sebum
- Melanin pigmentation
- Damaged pores from sweat stains
-Friction from inappropriate clothing, razors or epilators
- Clogged keratin (protein)
- Ingrown hair
- Exposure to UV rays

Now, don't be fooled by this tiny tube. The Shiro Waki Hime is the best seller in its category for catalog shopping in Japan. Most underarm whitening creams are used to remove dirt only, not whiten the armpit and uses chemicals like carbonic acid. There is a demand for the Shiro Waki Hime and it gives peeling and moisturising effects for dark underarms instantly, while acting as a 'foundation'!

The tube has a tiny nozzle to squeeze the product out. It is a thick, white cream with hardly any smell when you apply it on. The main ingredients of the products are 6 types of hyaluronic acid (moisturising ingredient) and squalene (sebaceous component made by the body). The whitening effect comes from Titanium oxide. It whitens the skin colour and has high colouring and covering powercovers unevenness of the skin, has high refractive effect and is an imperative ingredient for most foundations or food. It is mainly harmless to the human body.

This product not only gives you instant results for a quick fix, it also has high moisturising properties to keep your skin protected! Did I mention that it is also super easy to use? All you need is 10 seconds! The process starts with absorption, peeling, whitening and moisturising. You can use this right before going out or in the shower. Simply apply a small amount (bean sized) over the armpit for 10 seconds. Let the clay-like cream absorb dust and dead skin before rubbing it off gently. I was totally not expecting the eraser dust-like effect as the cream still felt wet on my hand. The titanium oxide then coats the top layer of the skin and leaves a white coating because of its refractive properties.

K I know this is not something you'd see everyday but read with an open mind lah dei.. Everyone has armpits so there's nothing to be shy about! HAHAHAHA. The results after just one use was not very obvious but you can see that the underarms have definitely whitened up a little, except the creases which will take more time to clear up. Will continue using the product to see if it produces better results!

Now, go forth and flaunt your arms in that tank top of yours!

The Shiro Waki Hime is now available in retail stores! Get it for RM59 from Sasa outlets nationwide.

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Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in any way. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary depending on the individual.

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  1. " Everyone has armpits so there's nothing to be shy about!"
    laugh die me,hahaha!!

  2. Hello, are you still using this product? Did it keep working in whitening and smoothening the armpit


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