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Monday 1 June 2015

Nail-art: Love Nail Instant Nail Applique French Manicure (Golden Dream) + Nail File

If you love nail-art like I do, then you're gonna love this. Even better if it's French Manicure, but this is French Mani with a twist! Introducing this pretty box of Love Nail from Taiwan, which is now available at Hishop. Now,if you think this is just another nail sticker, you are wrong.

The innovative Love Nail Instant Nail Applique is a 3-in-1 nail polish - except that it is in sticker form. Why 3-in-1? Because this is basically a base coat + colour coat + top coat polish all in a box! Certified by SGS, Love Nail Instant Nail Appliques are fast & easy to use and lasts longer than regular nail polish. This revolutionary nail applique is about to put conventional liquid nail polish into history ;)

I personally love the packaging as it is so flat and travel-friendly. It looks just like a book and you can open the flap to view the instructions inside. The reason why there are Japanese wordings even though the product was made in Taiwan is because this has been distributed around Japan. To be honest, it really looks pretty easy to use!

Other benefits of Love Nail includes:
✦ 10 designs (in 10 sizes) and comes in 2 sets per pack (20 strips)
✦ Made with 100% nail polish with jojoba to protect nail from yellowing
✦ Easily achieve perfect shiny nails
✦ Easily removed with nail polish remover

Inside the box it contains the nail polish strips, nail file and double-headed wood stick placed in zipper bags that are easily resealable. This is because the nail stickers are supposed to be used within 2 weeks of opening for the best results and keeping them in resealable vacuum bags makes them last longer (they are nail polish after all).

Let's take a closer look at the contents. There are 2 sets of designs in the packe, 10 of each. I got mine in Golden Dream which is a gold inspired French Manicure set with stripes and leopard prints. Doesn't it just scream classiness? Love Nails are flexible, salon-quality nail art sticker that can be easily fixed onto different sizes and nails shapes. If you have tiny toes like me, I'm pretty sure you can fit some of these on your toes and get a pedicure too! On the surface, Love Nail contains numerous invisible pores which allows nail to breathe and the colour payoff is so shiny and sharp, it really looks like you did your mani in a salon! The transparent strips are actually used as top coat, which I will demonstrate to you later on. 

Find the correct French Tip that best suits your nail size.

Step 2 (Optional)
Remove the transparent film around the nail applique and trim the sides to suit the size and curve of your nail. I'm doing this because I have tiny nails and most nail appliques are too big for my nails. Plus, it makes it slightly easier to file afterwards.
PS: Check out my cute Eiffel tower scissors! Totally suits the theme of the nails :p

Step 3
Place and smooth the applique on your nail and smooth it down with the flat end of the wooden stick. The sharp end is used to smooth down hard-to-reach areas like the corners near the cuticle. Make sure there are no bubbles by gently stretching the nail applique to achieve a perfect fit.

Step 4
File off the excess nail stickers with the nail file provided to get a clean edge. The nail file is more on the rough side so please don't use it to buff your nails!

Step 5
The next step was slightly confusing for me. I usually just apply clear nail polish top coat over my nail appliques but Love Nail actually provides their own top coat. Remove the two plastic film wrap aroung the transparent strip and cut off the silver part to make it more manageable.

Step 6
You don't even need to apply top coat with the Love Nail. Simply select the transparent strip that fits your nail the most and cut it off to make it easier to handle.

Step 7
Again, use the flat end of the wooden stick to flatten out any bubbles. Be careful not to rip your nails strips with the pointy ends! File off the excess.once you're satisfied.

Tadaa! And that's it. Just a few simple steps in a few minutes, with 0 skills required and you can go out and "cheat" people that you spent a few hundred on a good manicure already :p Love this design as it really reminds me of a Parisian lady with perfectly neat and manicured nails with an edge. French manicures are usually just white along the tips but with nail appliques, you can trip it a thick r thin as you want. Your French tip can even be half of your nail, it's really up to your creativity how you want to mix & match your designs! I would say the only turn off is that it is actually rather troublesome to add an additional transparent layer as I would much rather just paint over with clear nail polish but hey, it's been a few days now and my nails are still in good condition thanks to ths transparent strip! It also adds that big of shine to your nails. You can get professional salon-like quality manicure in just a few minutes - no more wasting time sitting in a nail palour. Plus, it is so affordable! Another thing great about these are that they do not smell heavily of chemicals and is definitely safer to use.

Can't wait to get more designs! Each Love Nail set is priced at RM49.90. You can find this Golden Dream design here. I feel you can use this more than once so it's a good deal. On top of that, you can use my discount code "CARINNTAN" to get 15% discount off your purchases!

Find Lovenail and other brands on HiShop now!
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Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored but the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects and colour may vary depending on how you apply it, the type of base and top coat you use and other factors.

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  1. I am never good with these.. always turns out damn ugly one.. >_<

    1. Haha just need some patience! Trust me, trimming it first before you paste on the stickers really helps!

  2. Agree with Audrey! Carinn, you actually make them quite neat and nice leh! :)

    1. Haha thanks, Cece! You can do it too, it's really simple! What more you're so artistic! :D

  3. Beautiful post! I'm your new follower # 180, would you like to follow me back?

    1. Thank you, dear! Followed you as well <3

  4. I'm not really into nail art, but this seems so interesting~ Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. You should try this though, it's so easy and pretty! Thanks for dropping by! :D

  5. Hi Carinn, finally I've found a Malaysian blogger that love nail arts! Anyways Love your post. I think i might buy it soon. Thanks for the info!

    1. I used to do my own nail-art every week! I hope to have more time again to start back that hobby of mine. Sure, click on the link above to purchase ya! Thanks for dropping by <3


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