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Sunday 31 May 2015

Beauty/ Health: +CENTA Beaute Marine Collagen Jelly

Many people claim that they are not afraid of growing old, but are afraid of growing old fast. Did you know that to take care of your skin and look beautiful on the outside, you first have to take care of your skin from the inside

Bring out the youngest you with +CENTA Beaute Marine Collagen Jelly, a high performance collagen supplement from Switzerland! Most collagens I've consumed comes in drink or powder form but this is one interesting product. +CENTA (omg is this read as pla-centa?) Beaute, a product of Swiss Biotechnologies, is a travel-friendly beauty supplement that comes in the form of portable, ready-to-eat jelly that works by renewing the skin, delaying onset of aging and lightening skin pigmentation. Loaded with nutrients and vitamins, this collagen jelly helps to create firmed and younger-looking skin as well. It also smoothens out the skin tone. minimises pores and boosts immunity so you can not only stay healthy, but you can also say goodbye to dull, uneven skin! That's why +CENTA believes that they can make you Simply BeYOUTHiful!

I love that the packaging is so simple and pink! The back of the box has directions on how to consume the product and the benefits or targeted area of this product. You can see how it claims to remove virtually any wrinkles or age spots according to the diagram. Upon consumption, +CENTA's exclusive Max Effect Techonology works for up to 24 hours to deliver rejuvenated and radiant skin for you.

I struggled with trying to open the packaging for quite awhile before I realised that you are supposed to slide up the top half of the box to reveal its contents -_- Inside, there are 15 sachets of +CENTA Beaute Marine Collagen Jelly, containing 5000mg of collagen per sachet!

The collagen jelly is lychee-flavoured and contains no gelatin, no additives or preservatives and is made from mainly natural ingredients. Tore open a sachet to try and I never thought the jelly would be in this yellowish-brown in colour. The texture is also quite firm and the lychee smell is quite strong. What a fun snack supplement to try! You can definitely taste the lychee taste, it is not too sweet, with a hint of sourness. I love sucking out the leftover juice at the bottom of the sachet also LOL. It's a bit sticky when it gets on your hands though.

+CENTA Beaute Marine Collagen Jelly is best consumed after breakfast or before bedtime. It works best with your daily exercise regime for that extra boost. One sachet a day is sufficient to see results in about 2 weeks.

Since it is difficult to show proof of the effects of aging (erm, I'm still young leh!), I've decided to see if my skin tone and skin smoothness have improved and also if pores have really minimised. Two weeks before, you can see that there are a lot of bumps and pores on my nose and cheek. After religiously consuming the supplement every night for two weeks before I go to bed, it seems as if the pores have really reduced and my skin smoothness has indeed gotten better! There are less bumps now. The difference is very subtle, and I honestly couldn't tell until I put the photos side by side. Now, I wouldn't attribute the results to the collagen jelly totally as it might have been affected by external factors as well, such as change of skincare products or sleeping and eating patterns.

Just like most collagen products, it is difficult to gauge the effects in such a short time. I still believe that beauty supplements like these need to be consumed in the long run to really see results. However, what I can say about the +CENTA Beaute is that it is simply delicious and enjoyable! I look forward to consuming it every night before I brush my teeth and get ready for bed. When I reached the last sachet, I really felt quite sad LOL. It is really light and easy to bring around, and it's not very difficult to open the sachet as well. Another thing about it is its convenience. Instead of having to bring heavier collagen drinks out or even more troublesome, make your own drink out of powder, you can just throw this in your bag and they're ready to consume anytime, anywhere!

+CENTA Beaute Marine Collagen Jelly is priced at RM137.70 per box and is available at all Watsons and Guardians nationwide.

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Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in any way. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary depending on individual's skin condition, consumption patterns and more.

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