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Monday 4 May 2015

Girl Talk: Anigan Stain-Free Menstrual Period Panties

Disclaimer : This might be quite a sensitive issue to discuss for some readers. The reason that I am sharing this is because I find this bit of information/ item educational and helpful for most women. Please read at your discretion :)

Someone once told me, women have their periods for a quarter of their lives, yet it is still a taboo to talk about it publicly. It is not just about bleeding, it is about sustaining life for mankind (chehwah!). I don't know about you, but I face so many problems when it's that time of the month :( I have bad cramps, loss of appetite and if that isn't enough, I still have to worry about leakage. 0.0
Girls, you know what I'm talking about, right?

While we have medicines or some comfort food and hot water bottle or heat pad to dull the pain, it is hard to avoid leakage. Anigan is here to help save you from that embarrassment with these Anigan Stain-Free Menstrual Period Panties! Yes, these things exists! I was thrilled to discover that there is a solution to protect yourself from stains because lets face it, sometimes super absorbent pads just don't cut it. Anigan carries many other items too to protect women from leaking accidents and make that 7 days of period more bearable.

Anigan helps women feel protected and stay confident even while having their periods. Women, especially teenagers, can be worry-free and go on about their daily activities, or even sleep(!), as usual without worrying about ruining a perfectly good pair of panties. The pronounciation of Anigan bears a strong resemblance to the word "elegance", thus this was how the name came about. It also inspires a high sense of feminism in the wearer. Anigan is a brand started 3 years ago, steming from a simple idea and has now turned into a brand focused solely on high-quality and great value feminine hygiene products. It helps women to remain calm, cool and relaxed even on their dullest days.

Anigan Stain-Free Panties came in a no-fuss, simple plastic packaging with a tiny hanger. It also comes in various sizes and is not one-size-fits-all so no worries about not finding your size. Here is the size chart for your reference.

Anigan Stain-Free Panties is good for:
♥ Protecting clothing, sheets, mattresses, chairs, sofas, etc.
♥ Prevent embarrassing accidents and anxiety
♥ Allows you to exercise confidently
♥ Sleep worry-free
♥ Provide extra support, security, support, comfort, freedom and a peace of mind
♥ Saves time & money from replacing or washing stained clothes
Easy to wash
♥ Goes perfectly with pads, pantyliners, tampons or menstrual cups
♥ Great for light incontinence, girls entering puberty, minor bladder control or postpartum

Folded in a cute little square inside is the panty. It looks pretty normal right? Anigan products are available for purchase in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia now. FYI, besides the Stain-Free Panty, Anigan has also developed a series of other products such as EvaCup, the latest innovative menstrual cup. It is a more convenient and environmental-friendly alternative to wearing pads or tampons but is not yet popular in Asia. These items can really help to shine a professional and positive light on being a woman.

I chose the Seamless Hipster Blue with Lace Trim Mestruat Period Panty in XS but the company was considerate enough to send me another Seamless Bikini Pink Polka Dots Menstrual Period Panty as they felt that two pairs could help with heavy flow days better. FYI, these two are their best-selling designs! One feels sexy yet elegant and the other is just cute! Blue one is also good for wearing with other dark coloured clothing so it won't show.

Currently, there are more than 30 available designs and Anigan is coming up with new ones each year. Not only are these panties functional, they are stylishly designed too so you don't have to worry about bulky or horrible looking underwear that makes you feel unsexy. All Anigan panties are self-manufactured from R&D to packing to marketing. Both teenagers and grown women love the designs, fit and comfort!

From the outside, the panties look pretty normal but the difference lies in the inner lining. The panties are lined with a layer of high-quality, waterproof polyester polyurethane fiber coating. The fabric is highly breathable but comfortable and leak-proof. Apparently, the material is so good that it will only deteriorate 1% even after 100 washes! Look how clean the stitches are too!

The most convenient part for me is that these are machine-safe to wash. The sporty collection of panties (the hipster ones) are made with 85% nylon 15% spandex. Not gonna lie, it feels kinda like a bathing suit. These two panties are seamless and very stretchy and elastic but no worries about them going out of shape. Other types of panties include the cotton type which are handcut and handsewn and sexy lace panties.

Anyone curious about the waterproof lining? Here's a simple test to demonstrate to you just how waterproof it is. Place a few drops of water on the polyster lining and look, the water does not seep in at all but rather just kinda floats on the surface. On the back, there is no trace of wetness at all so you can definitely feel safer and more secure when wearing these! If you do get some stains on the panty, not to worry because it can be washed off easily with minimal effort, instead of using vigorous scrubbing.

Watch this video to get a clearer understanding of how the panties work!

As for the fit, I would say they are pretty true to the size chart and fits me perfectly! *Do note that for lace panties, it is advised to take one size smaller. Because the panties are seamless, they don't leave a visible panty line (VPL, anybody?), even when I'm wearing a body-hugging dress. They feel extremely smooth and comfy to wear too, and not bulky at all. It's just like wearing normal panties, except with added protection. No more ugly grandma panties! These even work well on heavy flow days. No more ugly gramma panties! So yes, it IS possible to still feel confident and dress normally even on your period when you have the right undergarments! Now, instead of worrying about whether it will leak, you have more time to spend on worrying about other more important things :D

Gain back your confidence and be proud of your body as a woman. You are undergoing an amazing process and instead of shunning the topic, embrace it! You are not alone after all :)

PS: It's May 4th today. Happy Star Wars Day & May the Force(4th) be with you :p

Get these incredibly useful panties for at introductory price of RM35, including shipping of RM6. These are priced at RM48 in the US so you are getting a great deal over here! Anigan products can be bought online from Anigan webstore and in stores at Vita Living Pharmacy (Desa Sri Hartamas) and Pharmacy2U (Solaris Dutamas). For online purchases, these are available at Rakuten Malaysia, Rakuten Indonesia and eBay Malaysia as well.

For more information and to check out more Anigan products, log on to:
Instagram: @anigan_magiqueluna

Disclaimer: Even though the products were sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in any way. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products and services.

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  1. Nice!! thats look like a comfortable underwear to wear while menstrual period... thx for sharing!! =)

  2. Seriously this looks so useful OMG hahahaha

    1. It is! Especially for students who worry about leakage accidents in school haha.

  3. wahhh you are super duper thin! anyway i thought it's pain free at first glance! lol

    Your Finance Doctor

    1. Haha can't put on weight leh >< LOL maybe I should reword my post XD

  4. The panties work good and they are also in laces so sexy!!
    They are having sale @ too.

    1. Yes, I love the fact that they work too! Thanks for telling!


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