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Friday 26 August 2016

Beauty: [MASK WEEK] Gobdigoun 곱디고운 Placenta Power Bio Cellulose Gel Mask & 24K Golden Cream

It's the final post for Mask Week on my blog, so let's end it with a bang! Once again, I got to try out these unique products, specially imported from Korea! I somehow find that my skin agrees more with Korean skincare most of the time, but lets see if this works just as well. What's unique about these Gobdigoun skincare is the fact that they have incorporated the goodness of sheep placenta into their products! Sounds gross, but it's actually an expensive beauty ingredient used in many luxury skincare!

   The Sheep Placenta Bio-Cellulose Gel Mask Pack   
While Gobdigoun is a relatively new brand that started in Korea in 2010, the main ingredient which is the sheep placenta used is imported from Australia and processed in Korea. Gobdigoun can be found in Myeong-Dong, Seoul, Korea in LG Brand Skin Care Product Store. As you can probably tell from the shiny gold & silver packaging, their products are of high quality and priced from mid-to-high range. 

There are 10 sheets of Placenta Power Bio-Cellulose Gel Mask in a box, no wonder my parcel from Korea felt so heavy! Each mask pack weighs quite abit due to the amount of essence in it (you'll see later). This product is actually a best-seller in China, Taiwan and Japan. When I heard the words 'Australian sheep', I immediately thought of the famous Lanolin cream from Australia which is known to moisturise the skin in cold weather. I realised that just like lanolin (made with a fatty substance found naturally in sheep's wool), this sheep placenta extract is also known for its abundant amino acid and peptide which helps to moisturise the skin and improves elasticity

I decided to try this mask before I go out instead of at night, just to see if it'll moisturise my skin and how well my makeup will hold up. Similar to most bio-cellulose masks, this one has three layers to it - a shiny outer protective film and a thin, mesh-like film that holds the gel mask in between.

I was quite surprised to see that this mask actually comes in two sections - one for the top half of the face, and the other for the bottom half. No wonder it felt so thick. The bio cellulose gel mask is constructed to have a similar structure to human skin protein, so that it'll feel comfortable and smooth on the skin.

Ok I admit, I was a little confused when I read the instructions on how to use this mask. Most of the wording on the packaging is written in Korean but there are some English words as well. It said to apply this mask after cleansing and applying toner. After unfolding the mask, you are to take off the film and place it on the T-zone (top half around eyes & nose) first. I wasn't sure which film were they referring to so I tried to remove the silver piece first for the top half, then tear off the mesh layer. For my V-zone (chin area), I removed the mesh first before tearing off the silver layer after fitting the mask on my face. I can't really be sure which is the right way, but I find that it's much easier to remove the mesh layer first before removing the silver layer. It does adhere quite well to the skin and I can move around quite easily without the mask slipping off. After 15 - 30 minutes, it's time to remove the mask and pat the essence in. I'd encourage you to remove it within 20 minutes though so as to let your skin absorb the moisture at the optimum level.

At this point I look quite ridiculous as a) the mask obviously does not fit my face well and b) I have no idea why there were flaps for the eyes and lip area XD The masks are also overlapping at the points where they meet because my face is small. As you can see, this is a bio-cellulose mask so it isn't as stretchy as normal sheet mask so the top half doesn't extend up to my forehead/ hairline. If I were to pull it up more, I'd risk tearing the mask or the eye-holes would not fit. As for the bottom half, the chin area was way too long and extended beyond my chin & jawline. It even covered a bit of my upper lip. Ah well, we'll just have to make do. While I understand that having two separate pieces of masks will help to adjust it according to your preference, I find it a bit of a hassle when one mask can do the job. Or maybe it's just me...

Look how much essence is left in the packet after I removed the mask! The essence is a milky white colour which I guess is due to the placenta. It's definitely more than enough to apply the remaining essence on my neck, so I used it on my hands and legs as well (and there's still leftover). What I love about this essence is that it absorbs so quickly into the skin, has no distinctive scent and leaves no sticky feeling at all!

What I love:
- Adheres well to the face
- Lots of essence, doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all
- Leaves skin feeling so soft and moisturised
- Lovely packaging

What I don't:
- A bit troublesome as it comes in two pieces
- Doesn't fit my face perfectly
Price: KRW120,000
Volume: 10 sheets/ box
Where to Buy: Gobdigoun website here

   Placenta Power 24K Golden Cream   
To complement the mask, I used this Placenta Power 24K Golden Cream to seal in the moisture of my skin. You gotta admit, this is one of the most elegant and beautiful packaging ever! I was taken aback when I took it out of the box, it just feels so luxurious! This cream also uses Australian sheep placental powder in collaboration with Dr Mckenzie in order to produce it. All the placenta were extracted in a scientific and clean manner in order to preserve the natural molecular structure of the placenta. Sheep's placenta is used because it has a nucleic acid composition similar to the human body to help with natural healing, anti-aging, absorb toxins, and stabilising the skin to minimise skin fatigue. Besides that, the ingredients contains plenty of skin whitening, moisturising, relaxing, anti-oxidants and free emulsifiers to nourish and protect the skin.

Besides sheep placenta, the other main ingredient of this cream is the added gold! Yes, GOLD! Can you see the tiny gold flakes in the white cream? Centella Asiatica gold extract (with a purity level of 99%) is added as gold is proven to fight fine lines & wrinkles.

The cream feels very light and fluffy, and glides on easily. There is a subtle powdery scent to it.

Once I removed the mask and patted in the essence, I used this 24K Golden Cream to moisturise my skin and prep it as a make-up base. I find that it is a little too oily so the use of a mattifying primer and powder is in order to avoid your make-up caking up. As much as I love how soft the cream makes my skin feel, I cannot use it often because I have sensitive skin that cannot take products which have too much nourishing ingredients as it causes my pores to clog up. I would say this moisturiser is more suitable for people with extremely dry and troubled skin, and only for night-use in an air-conditioned room.

What I love:
- Prettiest packaging ever, great for gifting!
- No strong scent, smells subtly powdery
- Feels soft & fluffy, glides on easily

What I don't:
- Ingredients such as gold and placenta are too nourishing for my skin (causes pores to clog)
- Too oily to be used before makeup
Price: KRW120,000
Volume: 60g
Where to Buy: Gobdigoun website here

In case you were wondering, this is the results before and after using the mask + moisturiser. There's not much difference except I realise that there is less redness around my cheek area and the skin feels much more moisturised and soft! If you are looking to try this for yourself or even get it as a gift for your friends, check out Gobdigoun products on their website! I myself am eyeing some of their luxurious products too such as the eye patch and lip balm :)

For more information on Gobdigoun, check out:

Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored and sent to me for review, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary depending on the individual.

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