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Sunday 28 August 2016

Home & Living/ Lifestyle/ Event: TWC Concept Showroom (Jubin BMS) 1st-ever Press Conference

From left: Eunice, me, Kim, Eryn
Yeap, this is going to be another Home & Living post, something I don't always talk about on my blog but feel it's necessary as I'm growing older and will be a homeowner soon (hopefully). My Ma Cherie girls and I were invited to attend the first ever press conference organised by TWC Concept to take a tour around their new showroom and learn more about their products. I must admit, it was really quite interesting!

Photo courtesy of TWC Concept

With emphasis on design, culture and brand, TWC Concept was started by Jubin BMS, the leading building material supplier in Malaysia, as a uniquely lifestyle-orientated showroom for clients to walk-in and immerse themselves in the relaxing environment while experiencing the quality products & top-notch services first-hand. Their aim is to make your dream home come true with a wide range of curated world-class products, ranging from affordable to premium. Simply put, TWC is a world class collection and curation of the finest surface and sanitary wares in a single platform that provides your home a unique & vibrant experience.

Food & MORE food! We enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea with the spread provided by the Jubin BMS team :)

Photo courtesy of TWC Concept
Before we began a tour of the showroom, the emcee briefed us on the new TWC Concept showroom and some star products which I will be talking more about below. TWC Concept showroom inspires to be 'your preferred choice'. It is a platform of modern infrastructure and innovation, set to educate while portraying trendy concepts for you to find your perfect solution to bathroom & kitchen decor. Depending on your lifestyle, the team at TWC is able to find inspiring pieces for the boldest, brightest and quirkiest taste. The showroom itself is almost 3000m² and includes large variety of 3D mock-ups, showcasing the latest designs, ideas & innovations for the convenience of customers. Curated globally, BMS's collection includes tiles, mosaic, wood tiles, stones, sanitary wares and fittings. They are the exclusive distributor for world-class brands such as CottoFima Carlo Fratinni and Eurano Bathroom Solutions. With these brands on hand, they are able to offer cutting-edge imported products at favourable prices. 

We were introduced to the Geoluxe or 'Geological Luxury' range, created from natures' finest in order to produce such realistic surfaces. Introducing the world's very first 'Pyrolithic Stone' that has the noble beauty of natural stones & marbles, without the hassle of maintaining a natural tile. This makes it the perfect surface solution for counter-tops!

Another collection that stood out during the tour was the Grande Collection. 'Grande' means 'great' in Italian and is a statement of bold grandeur. The slab for kitchen counter was manufactured in Italy and with superior manufacturing and printing technology, the sizes for Grande were developed (can come in at a magnificent 1.6 metres (w) and 3.2 metres (h)). Even at such great sizes, the highest standards of quality and design were remained. The most impressive part was that the counter made with Grande slabs are totally fuss-free and low-maintenance as it is heat-, water- and scratch-resistant, as demonstrated by the chef above. He torched a creme brulee on the spot and even placed the fire directly onto the countertop, yet the counter did not feel hot or warm at all due to its amazing ability to withstand high temperatures!

   FIMA | Carlo Fratinni   
FIMA was founded by Carlo Fratinni over 50 years ago and over that period, it has developed a culture of mixer taps that is re-inventing the industry and pushed it beyond limits. This Italian brand is the backbone and DNA of the firm which accentuates its brilliance for the bath & kitchen industry. All these designs that you see on these uniquely shaped bath taps are from the Texture Collection and are designed by renowned designers from all over the world. These are not only functional, but are modern and artistic to create a luxurious image and style for your bathroom or kitchen.


To complement the gorgeous Fima fittings in your bathroom, you'd definitely need beautiful tiles for the floors and walls. COTTO's Paradiso Series comes in a range of prints to suit your bathroom or kitchen. You can find marble, wood or even cement surfaces under this range that not only look like the real thing, but is of premium quality so you do not have to worry about maintenance. 

It's more fun to see the surfaces applied to an actual bathroom design! Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take a photo of every collection so you'll just have to drop by the TWC Concept showroom to see for yourselves :p This is the Woodland collection that represents the diverse beauty of woods in different climates. You'll find that there are no repeating prints on the wood grains, as these all imitate the beauty of natural wood. Woodland gives off the interpretation of an outdoor space in an indoor area with a touch of natural elements.

The Bianchezza showroom space was my favourite because of the marbling effect! For me, the marble expresses an art form of simplicity and abstract that is irresistible to the eye. It is a symbol of class, luxury and purity in every aspect of architecture and interior design. Technology has enabled these realistic marble-like veins throughout the body of the tile. This collection is inspired by three of the world's most acclaimed marbles and is dedicated to celebrate the eternal beauty of white marble, embodying every idea of luxurious habitat decoration.

No prizes for guessing which showroom design was my favourite! My love for marbled surfaces will never die :p

There was another interesting aspect to this space. We were introduced to this integrated toilet! Now you must be thinking, "Are you seriously going to talk about a toilet bowl?!" Hear me out. The TUNIO is aesthetically and functionally distinctive with its Automatic Flushing Sensor System and Automatic Opening - Closing Toilet. It also has an automatic spray, warm air dryer, heated seat, Siphon vortex flushing and LED lights for use during blackout. The most interesting part is that is is self-cleansing, meaning you don't even have to TOUCH the toilet with your hands and it'll stay clean! How's that for ultimate personal hygiene? Of course, this has got to be one of the most expensive toilets I've ever seen but if you think about how high-tech and functional it is, it might make you change your mind (if you have the money to spare lol). We were truly impressed by how this can adjust and be integrated into our modern-day lifestyles, with convenience at the fingertips.

Had lots of fun with the girls listening and watching the demonstrations at the showroom!

I tried my best to share about my afternoon spent at TWC Concept showroom. It was indeed more interesting and educational than I'd expected! I am in love with the classy and elegant design of each and every showroom space, they really know how to take bath & kitchen decor to the next level! These designs make a statement in a sense, they show how far you have gotten in life. Another thing is that it is so conveniently located at BMS Mall, a one-stop-shop for all your tiling, fittings & furnitures. Look at it from a home-owner's perspective, isn't it more convenient to have a one-stop solution for tiling and sanitary wares all in one place instead of checking out various outlets? I know where I'll go to the next time I need to design my future home!
Address: Jubin BMS Mall, Jalan Kencana Mas 2/1,
Kawasan Perindustrian Tebrau III,
81100, Johor Bahru, Johor.
Tel: 07-360 8888
Operating hours: Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 7.00pm,
Sat: 8.00am - 6.00pm,
Sun: 10.00am - 5.00pm
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