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Thursday 25 August 2016

Beauty: [MASK WEEK] My Secrets of Beauty Mask (MSB)

"Beauty does not require much effort, with little love and care, beauty never fades away". Totally agree with this statement, which is why I spend a lot of time on my skin. But with all the stress and external environmental factors (like HAZE which just came back today...), we need all the help we can get. I recently got my hands on this My Secrets of Beauty mask set and I will be attempting to do a 7-day mask challenge because I want to see if doing a facial mask everyday really helps to improve your skin as claimed. And yes, I should make a disclaimer that throughout this Mask Week, all the masks have been tried prior to this at different time intervals, hence the different condition of my skin from each review.

My Secrets of Beauty (MSB) facial masks are formulated in France, manufactured in Hong Kong and delivered right to your door step in Malaysia! MSB are beauty specialist and innovators for everyone as they believe in pampering the skin to keep young and beautiful, even from the comfort of your home. All their masks are extremely thin and gentle on the skin, making it extra efficient when it comes to absorption.

There are 7 sheets of mask in a box (3x anti-aging, 2x brightening & 2x hydrating) and they are suitable for all skin types. While it may be a great pack to share among your friends, it is highly recommended that you use one sheet a day for a week to see the difference that it makes on your skin! Each mask has a different name and packaging, aren't they just so sweet? This box makes the perfect gift idea for your girlfriends!

   "Still Cute As Ever" - Facial Firming & Anti-Aging Mask   
The main function of this mask is to give you younger, plumper skin. It can improve skin elasticity, prevents signs of skin aging and smooth & refine skin texture. At the same time, this mask also rapidly penetrates and replenishes collagen deep within the skin while providing whitening, cleansing and moisturising functions at the same time.

   "Bright Like Clear Blue Sky" - Brightening Mask   
For ladies seeking a natural glow on your face, this one's for you. This brightening mask is enriched with skin-whitening trace elements to minimise skin dullness, darkness and prevent the formation of pigmentation. This mask can give you whiter and brighter skin while evening out your complexion. It can also repair damaged tissues in a short period of time. Something special that I noticed is that it claims to reduce dark eye circles too due to the whitening elements, though there are no flaps to use over your eye area for this mask. 

   "Fresh As The Ocean" - Hydrating Mask   
Small molecular technology coupled with the thinness of this mask helps to provide strong absorption and penetration of nutrients to the skin. The hydrating mask will help to improve & retain moisture while nourishing the skin, leaving you with a refreshed feeling.

Now, it's not often that you see 3 layers in a mask sheet before you apply it. According to the pictorial at the back of the packaging, you are supposed to peel off the BLUE protective layer first, then apply the mask on your face before removing the shiny protective layer. Can we also talk about how THIN the mask sheet is? The ultra-slim and transparent silk mask that is absolutely soaked in essence can hug perfectly on the face like a second skin and this provides better penetration and maximum absorption.

This is really one of the thinnest sheet masks I've ever tried. I've proclaimed my love for bio-cellulose masks multiple times because of how tightly they adhere to my skin, but this one's definitely a contender. It feels sooo lightweight and fitting, something that not many masks can achieve as my face is usually smaller than the mask sheet. There isn't a significant scent to the masks too, which I prefer. The after-effect of using the mask isn't sticky so I usually use the leftover essence in the packet to apply on my neck and arms. This makes the experience of using a mask sheet every night even better, I actually get excited and not lazy to use the mask daily!

I believe I don't have to explain much here. I don't have any face makeup on in the second picture by the way, just my lipstick :) You can definitely see that my skin texture has improved greatly, it's much more refined and smoother without those tiny bumps. Skin is also less dry (around the lip area) and omg the brightening effect! See how it shows up on photos! I just followed the order that the mask came in (anti-aging -> brightening -> hydrating) but I believe you can customise it and use in any order that you prefer. Just one week, what a difference - I'd say all 3 masks did their job perfectly in giving smoother, brighter and more hydrated skin!

What I love:
- Ultra-thin mask that adheres so well to the contours of my face!
- No sticky feeling after use, fast absorption
- Lovely packaging, great for gifting
- One week is all you need to see the brightening, moisturising and smoothing effect!

What I don't:
- Pricey, so I can't use this as often as I would like to..
My Secrets of Beauty Mask (MSoB)
Price: RM150.00
Volume: 7 sheets/ box
Where to Buy: My Secrets of Beauty website
For more information on My Secrets of Beauty, check out:
Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored and sent to me for review, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary depending on the individual.

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