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Monday 2 September 2019

Event: Honda Malaysia "Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign" #TerimaKasih900K

Can't believe it's been 4 years since my last Honda Bloggers' Drive! It was truly a fun experience and I'm glad I got to experience it again, this time in Johor Bahru, my hometown! This time, it was to celebrate the Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign. First of all, a big congratulations to Honda Malaysia on achieving 900,000 sales units in the 3rd quarter of 2019! As a reward to Malaysians for their strong support, Honda and several other partners will be giving out Honda cars to 9 lucky Malaysians! Read on to find out how you can be one of the lucky winners!

I was actually in Penang the day before and upon touch down, it was time to attend the Honda event. Fell sick but I wouldn't give this campaign a miss! The day started off with a super hearty breakfast at Gold Bean 93 Cafe @ Taman Ekoflora. First time having salmon and grilled chicken for breakfast, but it was good that they made sure we were well-fed cos we had to be prepared for the journey to a (surprise location) ahead!

The first agenda was a welcome speech by Ms Daphne Chen. Head of Brand Management at Honda Malaysia, followed by a Product Presentation and Test Drive Briefing.

   HONDA CR-V with Honda SENSING  
Photo provided by Honda
Later on, we had a Honda SENSING Demonstration and Space & Versatility Demonstration by Ivan, Calvin and the team. First up was the SENSING Demonstration on the brand new Completely Knock-Down (CKD) model of Honda CR-V 1.5 Turbo. Check out how sleek this baby is, I'm so excited to drive it on the highway!

Honda's most Advanced Safety Technology yet, Honda SENSING is the next generation active safety feature to assist drivers by providing warning signs and helping to avoid or mitigate danger through its seven safety suite features which are Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Low-Speed Follow (LSF), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW). Some of these features work from a minimum speed of 30km/h to provide Driver Cruising Aid, Frontal and Side Collision Deterrence. 

Photo provided by Honda
Honda SENSING is made possible by the monocular camera installed at the top of the windshield and millimetre wave radar inside the front grille (as you can see where Calvin is pointing to in the photo), so that greater accuracy and object recognition is detected. Will be explaining more about this feature later on from my personal driving experience!

Photo credit to Sis Lin
For a tiny gal like me who isn't used to big cars and certainly find it difficult at times to reach high spots, the CR-V's height-adjustable Programmable Power Tailgate lets you set the preferred height easily with just a push of a button. So convenient and I can't believe how I've had to live without this all these while! 

   HONDA HR-V 1.5L SPORT HYBRID i-DCD (Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive)   
Photo provided by Honda
Next up is the spacious and versatile, yet eco-friendly Honda HR-V Hybrid! Guess what? Honda Malaysia is the only country after Japan to introduce Sport Hybrid i-DCD in its models after being the pioneer to introduce Hybrid technology in Malaysia in 2004. The most amazing thing about this version of the HR-V is that you get to experience the best of both worlds with eco-friendly hybrid but without sacrificing the sportiness in terms of design and speed. For instance, the Hybrid uses 17" Dual-Tone Alloy Wheels, Sport Design Front Chrome Grille and LED Headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) for better visibility both at night and in the daytime. 

Photo provided by Honda
Another outstanding feature of this car is the Multi-Utility Cargo Space and Trunk Space (up to 991 Litre) that are customisable and has low floor for effortless loading and unloading. My mum drives a HR-V and the front passenger seats & rear seats fold down flat to fit anything from small to big items, which has proved to be convenient on multiple occasion. Yes, even a mountain bike! Legend has it that the car boot can fit a washing machine inside too as it is not only wide, but has sufficient height as well. (Wait, I think I spot my phone inside the boot XD)

I swear, it's so spacious that it can fit anything, even lil' ole me and giraffe over there πŸ˜†

FYI, all Honda Hybrid cars can be identified via their cool blue tint on the keyless, smart car keys 😎With Smart Entry, you can lock and unlock the doors without even having to take out the smart key from your pocket, just place your hand on the door handle and it will unlock.

   HONDA Civic 1.5 VTEC Turbocharged   
Photo provided by Honda
The Honda Civic certainly looks super sporty and cool on the road! The new VTEC Turbocharged engine allows you to achieve speed and stability while saving fuel thanks to Honda's Earth Dreams Technology. Check out the LED Daytime Running Lights and sharp LED Headlights as well! The Honda Civic is also equipped with LED Fog Lights to provide better visibility on rainy or hazy days.

With the smart Remote Engine Start function on the Civic, you are able to activate your engine from afar (but of course, still within range) and turn on the air-conditioner so that your car is cooled down even before you reach it. The doors will still be locked, but your engine will turn on remotely to help cool down the car, so useful especially for hot days in Malaysia! There is also a Walk Away Auto Lock feature whereby if you forget to lock your car, the car detects when you have walked away and automatically locks itself after 30 seconds, or from a distance of 2 meters away, as demonstrated by Ivan here.

Probably the best function for me, this smart feature on the car keys is that it will not auto-lock if you accidentally leave your keys in the car boot. The boot will instead bounce back up and the rear lights will start to flash to remind you NOT to leave your keys behind. This is super useful especially if you're super blur like me haha. Watch the GIF below to see what I mean!

Photo provided by Honda
It was time for the Flag Off! That's me in Car 1, the Honda Civic. We specifically chose this model cause I wanted to "warm up" first as it's not very far to our first stop. And also cause we wanted to drive the CR-V on the highway later on πŸ˜›

Photo provided by Honda
Had a short "photoshoot" with all 3 cars that we will be test driving today at Eco Palladium. Love this place cos it reminds me of the streets of Europe! When I joined the first Honda Bloggers' Drive, we only test drove the Honda City and at that time I was so nervous about driving as I'd just only gotten my license. Have not driven any big cars since so I can't believe that we'll be driving not one, but THREE new Honda cars today. Time to test my skillz on the highway 😎

Photo provided by Honda

My first impression of the Honda Civic was that it is so lightweight and easy to drive! It's the perfect car for beginners or youngsters who are just learning how to drive. My partner, YJ, also taught me how to use the Paddle Shift on both sides of the steering which allows you to effortlessly shift gears and speed up the car safely without taking your hands off the wheel. The 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged engine provides performance equal to a 2.4L engine, is energy efficient and provides smooth transition thanks to Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT).

PS: Thanks to the Honda team for providing snack packs and water for us in case we get hungry/ thirsty along the way! That was a really thoughtful gesture :)

Photo credit to YJ
Our first stop was Tealive at Bukit Indah to grab some bubble tea for the road, and also to learn more about the Tealive x Honda "Road to Break Through Contest" happening from 26 August to 22 September, where you can stand a chance to win a Honda Jazz, just by drinking Tealive! Read till the end to find out more about the contest details πŸ˜‰

Every road trip needs a great playlist, so we decided to turn on some music. It also gave us a chance to test out the Smartphone Connectivity on the Display Audio system which is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible.

It is super spacious in the passenger and back seat as well.

Photo credit to YJ
YJ drove from Bukit Indah to Kulai RnR, where we had a short car change and now we finally get to drive the Honda CR-V on the way to Kluang! I took over the wheels first and tbh, it's my first time driving a big car on the highway but because of the smart SENSING features, I am able to drive smoothly and with ease especially since the road from Kulai to Simpang Renggam is always jammed. Oh btw, the seat has great adjustable lumbar support as well which was a pleasant surprise!

I hate traffic jams but this is the first time I can drive with ease during slow traffic, thanks to the ACC with LSF (Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow) longitudinal assistance that maintains proper Following-Distance with the car in front of yours. I set the cruising speed to 30km/h so the car will only move at this speed and maintains a safe distance with the vehicle ahead. LSF then automatically adjusts or "mirrors" the CR-V's speed according to the vehicle ahead. ACC sets at speeds between 30km/h and 180km/h, while LSF works at speeds starting at 0km/h.

With LKAS (Lane Keep Assist System) side collision deterrence lateral assistance, the camera reads lane markings and ensures that the car is always in the middle of the lane. Sometimes when we are sleepy while driving, we tend to swerve on the road a little and that is very dangerous. What LKAS does is that as long as the driver's hands are on the steering, it will "jerk" a little to steer the driver back to the center. LKAS only operates at speeds between 72km/h and 180km/h.

I can even use my phone safely to record this without holding on to the steering, or stepping on the brake or accelerator! Because the car automatically starts and stops with the flow of traffic. Super cool, right? But of course, this feature is not turned on forever so you still need to be alert and awake just in case (this is not a fully-autonomous car after all).

Oh also, adore the Leather Gear Shift Lever that makes the car looks more luxurious with a slight wooden finishing as well. Conveniently, there are also two drinks storage compartment to hold our Tealive, one for the driver and passenger XD

We finally arrived in Kluang and stopped for lunch at Barney's Western Food Restaurant. The food was good and can we just take a moment to appreciate that romantic setting?? Haha.

Photo provided by Honda

Photo credit to YJ

Our next destination was Kluang Mall, where the Honda "Terima Kasih 900K" Roadshow was held. Lucky Malaysians will get to win 9 models of Honda cars such as Jazz, City, BR-V, HR-V, City Hybrid, HR-V Hybrid, Civic, CR-V and Accord! There will be several helpful promoters on the spot to teach you how to take part in the contest, but basically all you have to do is register your details through the scanned QR code! Catch the roadshow nationwide from now till September 2019! The participating partners, SYOK (Astro Radio), Tealive and UNIFI will collaborate to give out these 9 cars, I've compiled all the steps to join at the end of the blog post - scroll to the bottom to read!

Next, we were chaffeured to the Iptimas Motor Honda Dealership outlet in Kluang to learn more about the campaign. The "Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign" will be running at all 90 Honda sales dealerships nationwide.

Watch out for such buntings around the dealership to join. After scanning and registering your details via the QR code or visit to register, visit the nearest Honda Authorised Dealership to take part in the activities to earn giveaway ticket. The activities include spotting and taking pictures of the hidden Honda car name emblem, test driving Honda and if you are already an existing Honda customer, send your car for servicing. Customers who place their bookings or register their cars on 1st August - 22nd September 2019 are entitled to additional tickets. The more tickets collected, the higher your chances of winning a brand new Honda car! 

Lemme give you a hint.. this is how Step 4 Activity 1 (the hidden car name emblem) looks like!
Tip: Remember to get your dealer's email address as well to fill into the form!

Photo credit to YJ
It was time to head back to JB and now's my turn to drive the Honda HR-V Hybrid! Can you believe I've never even driven my mum's HR-V at home before what more on the highway πŸ˜‚Thankful for the 8-Way Driver Power Seat that allows for easy adjustment so that I can actually drive the big car comfortably lol. Check out the Steering with Multiple Controls and Steering Audio Switch as well that allows you to control music and even phone calls at your fingertips. The Honda HR-V Hybrid uses 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC SOHC Engine with Direct Injection that is equal to a 2.0L engine performance, and it is actually quite quiet to drive. 

The stand-out feature of this car is Sport Mode for more power while driving, and the ECO Assist and ECON Mode for reduced carbon footprint. You can switch modes with a push of a button and tell what mode you are in via the Colour Changing Ambient Meter - Red indicates Sport Mode while Green indicates Eco Mode. You can really tell the difference when Sport Mode is on! The car is a lot faster and powerful, suitable for drives on the highway.

Selfie with my road-trippin' buddies of the day, YJ and Yen! Thank you YJ for sharing a lot of information with me about cars that day, otherwise I'm pretty noob πŸ˜…

We've finally arrived at our last stop, Gold Bean 93 Cafe and was treated to so much food for high tea again! Y'all gotta try their desserts and the signature Espresso Chicken, quite a unique taste!

As promised, I've compiled all the steps to participate as below for your easy reference:


- Scan the QR code at the roadshows, or at any of the participating Honda Authorised Dealerships.
- Complete the simple registration and you will receive a confirmation e-mail to successfully log in with your NRIC number.
- Complete the activities to get entry e-tickets (It is not necessary to get all activities done but it will increase your chances the more tickets you collect!)
- Key in the dealer's email address, your e-ticket will be emailed to you and you are now in the running to win one of 9 Honda cars!

#TealivexHonda #RoadtoBreakthrough

- From 26/8/2019 to 22/9/2019, all you need to do is Snap a Photo with your Tealive drink and the Tealive x Honda standee in stores.
- Complete the slogan "Tealive and Honda are..." in less than 90 words (ENG/BM/CH).
- WhatsApp your photo and slogan to +6017-6194750 with your full name, NRIC and email address in a single message. You now stand a chance to win a brand new Honda Jazz!

Photo provided by Honda
- Register yourselves by filling up the form and tell them the reason why you want to win a Honda City Hybrid!
- 50 best answers will be chosen to attend the Grand Event on 28th September 2019, winner will be announced on that day!


New and existing UNIFI customers are eligible to join the contest to win a brand new Honda HR-V Hybrid!
*New and existing customers of unifi Home, unifi Mobile Postpaid, unifi Basic, unifi Air, and Unifi Lite. Please do note that unifi Mobile #BEBAS prepaid and unifi business customers are not eligible to participate.
- Download the myunifi app from Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.
- Update your profile.
- Answer a simple question about the campaign and submit your entry.
*If you have already downloaded the myunifi app, you are also entitled to win by updating your profile anytime during the campaign period.

Photo provided by Honda
Thank you Honda and my team of blogger friends for a fun day! Now, it's time to go take part in this one-of-a-kind awesome giveaway to win a Honda car for yourself! I've already gotten my parents to join as soon as I got home, since it's so super easy to join. Good luck! πŸ’–

For more information on the Honda Road To 900K Campaign, please visit any Honda dealership or call Honda Malaysia's toll-free number at 1-800-88-2020. 

Disclaimer: This trip was sponsored by Honda Malaysia in conjunction with the Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign. Any views related to the car was written based on my honest views and personal experiences after personally testing out the car.

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