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Wednesday 27 August 2014

[La Vie En Rose: The Heist] Behind The Scenes x Giveaway!

It has been more than a month since my first debut as Agent Eriko for our photoshoot project, and I feel I should document it down so that I'll be able to show this to my grandkids in the future (hopefully). If you do not already know, the Ma Cherie Johor Bloggers are my Johor blogger friends and we debuted with a bang with our first fashion editorial project.

'La Vie En Rose: The Heist' is a story about 9 girls contrasting, independent roles."La Vie en Rose" means to view "Life through rose-tinted glasses" in French and when our scripwriter and dreamer, Eryn, was writing this, she imagined these beautiful characters- each with a dream of their own and their unique ways of working towards that dream.  Eryn was inspired by the beautiful song La Vie en Rose which has one of the prettiest and most addictive melodies ever. Of course, we can't all be secret agents and top models in real life, hence it is about viewing life from a different perspective. 

Money, men and power - these are the three main elements of the story. These are the things that are believed to be able to change a women's destiny.. A woman can do anything a man can too, and maybe even better. Hence, this project aims to help each one of us step out of our comfort zones to take this projct to new heights.

On 6th July, we gathered at this beautiful hotel nestled in Bukit Indah for the big photoshoot project. Special thanks to Hermess Hotel for sponsoring the venue!

Busy girls and our obsession with looking pretty, lead to this huge pile of bags in one corner of the room..

We have worked hard for months, anticipating this project and planned right down to the tiniest detail. I'm glad to be part of this dedicated and creative team because at the end of the day after looking at the fruits of our labour, it feels so satisfying! We believe that this is a unique idea and hopefully, it will benefit all of us in gaining more exposure and experience. We have too many people to thank along the way and too much fun for me to describe, so I shall show it to you in pictures :)

This project really utilised all our individual skills and talents and put it all to good use. Thanks to our awesome Jennifer for her professional make-up skills!

And of course, a really huge credit goes to Kelvin, our photographer for being willing to bend, kneel, lie anywhere just to capture the best shots. Thank you, Kelvin!

Not forgetting the mastermind behind the project, Eryn, for running around helping us with our poses, prepping our hair, planning our outfits and of course, editing the photos! This project wouldn't have happened without you!

Btw, this is Eryn's baby Isabelle. Isn't she the cutest? While the rest are hard at work, we couldn't help stealing her away for a moment to snap some selfies :p

The above images are credits to Audrey, LerLer, Eryn and Edlyn.

This is the first time I'm getting so pampered with a full makeover from head to toe. Thanks Eryn for doing my hair!

It feels weird yet "glamorous" at the same time to have so many people snapping photos of you while you're doing your makeup. I feel like a celebrity XD

Big thanks to Audrey dear for doing my makeup! <3

Not forgetting my sis and bf for coming along to support me and run some errands for us girls :)

With Princess Neverland aka Agent Malkina.

The final outcome. Agent Eriko is a fun-loving, rich young lady who knows how to enjoy life, but her biggest secret? She's an agent in disguise. Do not be fooled by her youthful looks for she is one of the most capable characters in the story....

Annndd... It's a wrap! 

It's definitely not easy organising this and we love our sponsors Happy2u and LoveBag LoveBag for sponsoring our shoes, accessories and bags! Is this how a model feels like? Althogh I felt I could've done better, I'm still happy with the outcome. Next time, I'm definitely going to try out a role that is totally different from what I'm used to. Our only regret was Cece not being able to join us, or the project would be so complete. I would rewind time if I could to do this again because we all had such a good time!
Thank you for this whole experience :)

Now here's the fun part for you.. We have decided to host a giveaway cum voting contest for our readers to Vote for Your Favourite La Vie en Rose Character. All you have to do is follow the simple steps HERE to win attractive prizes! Contest is open to all Malaysians and is valid till 31st August 2014. 

In case you need to refresh your minds, here are a compilation of our stories that you can read and then cast your vote!

Till then, thank you for reading and I really hope we do a follow up of the story soon :)



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