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Friday 1 August 2014

Carinn x OOTD: Lilac Hues

Happy August, my loves! 
Recently, my Carinn x OOTD posts have been more towards colour themes.. So today, let's talk about Lilac. 

Shirt from Padini // Floral tank top from some random shop in KSL City Mall // Ripped denim shorts from Kenanga Wholesale City // Floral fedora from Aldo // Kitten heels from Charles & Keith // Necklace from Forever 21 // Midi rings from Lovisa & Diva Accessories // Earrings from Diva Accessories

Manicure done by beeQNails Salon
Photographer: Eunice

It's been a crazy crazy month for me. I'm relieved that July is over and it's a brand new month to try out brand new stuff! In another 4 days, I'll be free. Fingers crossed that the event will run well! Haven't had time to do any OOTD shoots lately so here's a quick #throwback. Initially I paired this outfit with an OOTD contest to join in mind. The requirement was to wear anything purple, which I realised I didn't have many. Surprisingly, because I have most colours in my wardrobe lol. In the end, I used another old photo and to my surprise, I won 0.0 Anyway, since these photos were already taken, it'll be good to do a quick post on the outfit!

Lilac is a really girly colour. It's a lighter shade of purple with pink undertones that makes it oh-so-pretty. Meaning, you'll hardly see guys pulling this colour off. XD The colour is relaxed yet independent, an eye-catching pastel. I wanted a laid-back look, yet not too shabby? The shirt doubles up as a jacket and the hat is the star of this look because hey, who has seen many floral fedoras around? Accessories were basically added to make the look less boring and notice that I used silver & gold combination because there's already so much purple going on.

If you like this look, do hype my look on Lookbook will ya? Till then, see ya next week with my new #carinnxootd! 

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  1. I love your midi rings! Nice look! :)

    1. Thanks Cece! They're a steal from Lovisa/ Diva too! Heh.


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