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Thursday 31 July 2014

Hair: Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk Set

I believe you should do the things you like when you're young, just take the big step and try it just once. I'm secretly a wild child at heart and it's no secret that I love staring at people, especially people with crazily covered hair! I always admire their courage to stand out from the crowd, but sadly, I'm not bold enough to go ahead and do it myself. So I can only opt for the next best option to get my dream rainbow unicorn hair - temporary hair chalk! Thank you Supermodels Secrets for sending this my way!

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk Set consists of 4 colours. They're the hot new hair craze that allows you to instandly change up your look with eye-catching colours! It's also fast, easy to use and washes off effortlessly with shampoo. What's more, it's suitable for just about any occassion be it rocking your day-look or for a special night out, it instantly transforms you in a fun and glamourous way. 

♥ Fast & easy 
♥ No fuss, no mess
♥ No messy dyes or sprays
♥ Works with all hair types and styles
♥ Perfect for all occassion!

It comes in four chalk compacts in brand new retail box - Hot Pink, Electric Blue, Fiery Fuschia, Neon Green. They're so cute, shaped like little castenets! To use, just press, slide and colour! Sounds easy huh?

Some important tips before you use the hair chalk, from my personal experience. This is the same thing you should take note of when using any other hair chalk:
- Apply some hair oil to avoid damage to the hair, it will be drying
- Wear a dark coloured (old) shirt if possible when dyeing your hair
- Take only a little portion of your hair to make it easier to handle
- Lay out some newspaper on the floor to avoid dirtying it
- Wear gloves if you can or get someone to do it for you because it CAN get messy
- Apply some Vaseline on the sides of your face to avoid getting colour stains on your face
-  Dampen your hair before use and hold horizontally with the colour facing outward and sponge facing inward
- Hairspray OR use a curling iron after you're done to let the colour last all day!
- Remember to CONDITION your hair well after washing so your hair doesn't dry out!

Dampen hair before you use the chalk so that the colour goes on more easily.

I'm so excited to see the results! These little "shells" are the chalk compacts with the chalk/ colour on one side and a sponge on the other side that you use to clip between your hair to dye it. Let's try it out with my current fave colour, pink! 

Take a small section of your hair and PRESS it between the chalk compact.

Slide that baby downwards while tugging gently on your hair! According to YouTube videos, the colour that comes off on their hair is much more vibrant, not sure why it doesn't really show on my hair. >.<

The colour payoff isn't as opague as I hoped it would be, but it is noticeable even though it's quite lumpy and chalky. Maybe it's because of my reddish brown hair that the colour doesn't show up so much?

Unlike what they said, Hot Huez is still messy to use. Very messy, and this is only with pink colour.. However, the colour washes off easily with soap and water.

Blue is more obvious on my hair, yay big love!

Surprisingly the fuschia / purple shows up much better on camera than in real life. Also a very pretty colour!

Honestly, the Hot Huez is easy to use, but not efficient enough. Another reminder is to BE GENTLE because for me, my hair got caught in between the springs so often that I lost so many strands of hair T.T botak. The chalk compact is also very fragile so be careful. As you can see, I dropped mine and it cracked, plus the vigorous pulling has caused the sponge to come off. It also got stained by the purple and blue hair chalks for some reason. SO SAD!!! :((( Wonder if it can be fixed.

Sad news apart, I did manage to get pretty decently coloured hair!!

Tadaaa! Omg I freaking love the colours! They are so eye-popping yet subtle at the same time. And they blend in so well with my hair colour! Red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink... The unicorn hair I've always wanted! Of course, you can always go more over the top than me but I love it this way. My hair isn't straight to begin with but it looks nice with curls / waves too huh? It is really drying, so please don't skip the hair oil and hair conditioner! Surprisingly, the colour washes right off with one wash of shampoo so no worries about it staining your pillows!

Too pretty, unfortunately I can't have this hair for long. So, selfies it is! A photo lasts longer after all :p

Admittedly, it's quite tedious just to use Hot Huez and also takes quite a long time. Despite the hair loss and dry hair, the results are amazing and I would do this again, most probably for MTV World Stage! Pretty hair is always suitable for concerts or crazy parties! You can test this out before dyeing your hair for real, to see if you like rainbow hair, without the commitment. 

You can get the Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk for RM29 from Supermodels Secrets HERE. Plus, if you key in the discount code "Carinn" upon checkout, you can take RM10 off your purchase! *valid till 31st December 2014*

This is my final installment of my Supermodels' Secrets post, I hope you did enjoy it! Do check out my previous posts here and here! <3 Love you all and thank you for reading!

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Disclaimer: The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. How I use it may not be the best way for you and effects may vary depending on hair condition, hair colour and other factors.


  1. so pretty!! Should try it next time.. but wonder if kareshi will likes it~ he always ask me not to dye hair.. lol

  2. Nice hair colours!!! =D Followed you back btw hun!


  3. Where to buy at singapore? now no more

    1. Hey babe, I'm really not sure as I'm based in Malaysia.. Sorry :/


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