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Saturday 12 July 2014

Eats & Treats: Sweet Moment Cakes & Desserts x Restaurant Lemon Tree [CLOSED]

UPDATE: This restaurant has ceased operations as of 2015. However, the review will remain on my blog as a form of reference for readers. Thank you.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, but it doesn't feel so in Lemon Tree as it was surrounded by big trees which gives it a cooling shade. You'd miss this humble restaurant if you just drove by it without a glance, thinking it's just like any other neighbourhood restaurant. But once you step inside and experience the food, you'd be stumped. Thank you Kim for extending an invitation to Restaurant Lemon Tree for another food review. On my second visit, we were mainly introduced to Sweet Moment Desserts who are now in collaboration with Lemon Tree. If you haven't read my first post on Lemon Tree Restaurant, you should check it out here. :)

Introducing.. Sweet Moment Cakes & Desserts. The amazing dining experience at Lemon Tree is now made even more memorable when coupled with beautifully crafted desserts. 

I brought bf with me this time round for the food review! 
Btw, some of the food I've actually reviewed in my previous post so I shall skip it this time, but you can find the description and my thoughts there ok!

Blackcurrant RM4.50 (S) and RM12 (L)
For drinks, I decided to go with something I haven't tried before on the menu. This is one of their signature drinks which I found quite refreshing but tastes quite similar to Ribena.. Haha.

Ice Blended Cappucino RM7.80
Boyfie's drink because he needs his daily caffeine fix. I don't usually enjoy coffee but surprisingly, I like this creamy, sweet and slightly bitter ice blended drink. But towards the end, we both couldn't finish one glass as it's quite thick and filling..

Fresh Watermelon Juice RM4.50 (S) and RM10 (L)

Jen's son Bingbing aka Mr Bin seemed to enjoy it!

Honey Green Tea RM5.50 (S) and RM12 (L)

Tuna Bruschetta Cheese Bread (5 pcs) RM11.80
For starters, we were served some bruschetta bread. I remember it being as yummy as ever, and less garlicky this time!

Four Cheese Pizza RM19.80
One of the recommended pizzas which is super cheesy like its name, and we couldn't get enough of it! This pizza is basically a bed of tomato sauce and combined with four kinds of cheese namely, mozarella, cream cheese, cheddar and parmesan on a bed of soft toasted crust. Usually too much cheese makes me sick, but I found that the sweet tomato sauce offsets the cheesiness and makes it a perfect appetizer to start the meal with.

Spaghetti Salmon Tomato Cream RM19.80
One of my favourite pasta dishes ever! The salmon is well-cooked so it doesn't contain any fishy smell and is so tender. Spot the generous chunks of salmon? I expected it to be sour-ish because of the tomato cream but it's just the perfect blend of flavours! It's just so smooth and delicious, I'm kind of craving it now....

Braised Lamb Shank RM32.80
This is another one of Lemon Tree's chef recommended dishes. Initially I had doubts about the lamb shank as it's so hard to cook lamb without the "meaty" taste. One bite, and I was taken aback. The lamb meat is oh-so-tender that it practically melts in your mouth. Plus, it's so flavourful that you just know it's been cooked for hours. The chef said that this lamb shank is slighly bigger than the rest you'd find outside and has been braised for 3 hours. The carrot and celery added an extra crunch to the dish. Another awesome part of the dish is the mashed potato, made with US Russet potato for a smoother texture. It's just so tasty that I couldn't stop scraping the dish for the mashed potato after we're done! XD I think for the price paid, this is definitely worth it.

Australian Air Flown Chill Rib Eye Steak RM49.80
This steak is medium rare, about 50% cooked, using Australia chilled ribeye, grass fed meat. Unfortunately, the only thing I could enjoy was the salad with balsamic vinaigrette and yummy potato wedges.

Jennifer at work ;)

I couldn't try this but just look at that thick slab of meat.... Boyfie describes it as chewy, juicy and overall enjoyable, especially when eaten with the homemade black pepper sauce. 

After all the good food, it's time for a drinks break! 

Hello Mr Bin! So cute!

Meet the chef, Jeffery and dessert chef, Kevin! They have been friends for years and Kevin has been supplying desserts to Lemon Tree but only recently had his own kitchen in the restaurant.

The mastermind behind all the yummy desserts, Chef Kevin. Seeing him hard at work to create carefully crafted and beautiful desserts for both the eye and the tastebuds, you just know the desserts are going to be worth it.

Matcha Tiramisu RM13.90
The moment we've all been looking forward to, desserts time! This matcha tiramisu is something new to me. This is a take on the conventional tiramisu that uses cocoa and coffee, but this one uses green tea powder. It is very light and fresh, and not too sweet with just a subtle hint of green tea and alcohol. If you're more of a sweet-tooth, try dipping with some of the raspberry sauce and caramel drizzles on the plate. The tiramisu just melts in your mouth.. My favourite!

Unfortunately, I had to leave early that day but I did request that boyfie bring me back to taste the rest of the desserts that I missed! Thanks, bb!

Blueberries Cheese Cake RM11.90
This is a bit costly for a slice of cake but after I tried it, I think it's quite good. It isn't too sweet and I especially like the crumbles layer at the bottom.

Chilli Padi Sorbet RM6.90
You didn't read me wrongly, I did say CHILLI PADI! This is a unique dessert that you must try, in my opinion. It's a sour orange-flavoured sorbet that has only a hint of spiciness from the chilli padi, to give it that extra kick. The cold sorbet leaves a bit of hotness in your mouth as the after-effect. It's a fun dish to try out!

Don't ever judge a book by it's cover as you'd never expect a tiny restaurant to have such good food. Honestly, it's a good place to dine if you're looking for pocket-friendly and tasty Western food. What's more, the desserts are all so "insta-worthy" and the prices are definitely more affordable than mainstream cafes. So why not drop by if you're around the area and give the 'best desserts in JB' a try?

For more information, check out their Facebook page Restaurant Lemon Tree and Sweet Moment
Address: 18, Jalan Bedara,
Taman Melodies,
Johor Bahru

Business Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Closed on Mondays)


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Disclaimer: Even though the post is sponsored, the review is based on my personal thoughts, dining experiences and preference after trying out the food and services.


  1. good shots! :) the food makes me hungry! :P

  2. Hi, Carinn!

    Yo, good pictures. You even got Kevin preparing for the dessert hehe.

    Which one was your favourite? Mine is the steak haha.

    1. Hello! Thanks! Haha I had to capture the chef at work XD I love the lamb shank! So going back for more!


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