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Saturday 26 July 2014

Beauty: bloop Candy (Matte) Duo Lipstick

Balik kampung! :D I usually travel by car or bus and being the vain person that I am, I still have to look good even when I'm dead tired from travelling. ESPECIALLY when I'm tired, or I'll look like a zombie.

bloop cosmetics is all about convenience and delivering the best results at the same time. Presenting, the Urban Chic lifestyle story, bringing the latest trends from the Great Cities of the world. Their cosmetics are smart, sexy, modern and pretty enough to suit the stylish and sophisticated girl's fast-paced city lifestyle. The recently released Limited Edition Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick totally fits the bill being a convenient pack that contains a matte lipstick and shiny lipgloss. Talk about 2-in-1!

Private jets, first class limo service, personal helicopters.... The perfect luxurious lifestyle. I got Jetsetter 01 which is a natural brown matte lipstick and shimmery lip gloss in one convenient packaging. The reason I chose it is because I don't own any brown lippies so I thought it'd be fun to try one. Plus, the Jetsetter 01 is perfect for girls on the go, a lightweight and space-saving lipstick set that fits perfectly in the luggage. Because it's so small and jam-packed with goodness, it's the perfect tool to do makeup touch-ups anywhere, anytime. There are 5 colours in this range and I actually already own Eco-Chic 05 which is a dragon fruit matte essence that changes colour according to the individual's lip colour.

On one side, we have the lipstick which is easily removable from the built-in cap. 

On the other side, you get the shimmery nude lipgloss! It's pretty easy to differentiate the two (duh) and they've also labelled 1 and 2 on the cap because really, it's easy and 1 & 2 to use this!

The top swatch is of the lipstick + lipgloss, the second is the lipgloss and the last swatch is of the lipstick only. As you can see, the colours are not exactly dark coffee mocha brown, but it has a pinkish shade to it. The lipgloss is so shimmery and the shade is lighter than it looks in the tube. 

Let's try it out on the lips. The brown lippie is really new to me as I thought it'd just be a nude shade but it's actually pinkish brown. With the lipgloss on top, my lips look fuller and eye-catching with the hint of shimmer! And with only the lipgloss, it really just looks like I'm not wearing anything on my lips and it just looks extra juicy and shiny.

Wearing the lipstick + gloss. It only looks orangey on camera, I can't seem to get the right colour. It's the perfect colour for a natural no-makeup look. The hint of pink just brightens up my zombie face a little to give a sweet, innocent look.

With just the gloss. I like that it isn't TOO shiny and "in-your-face" and also makes my lips look fuller. The colour is more like transparent than nude, unlike the swatch on my hand.

Overall, I think the colour payoff is really good and smooth to apply! It also covers up a significant bit of the fine lines on my lips to reveal healthy looking lips and is really lightweight! There is a slight fragrance from the lipstick which is bearable. Matte lipsticks have always felt more "elegant" to me. They can be drying but this one is surprisingly quite moisturising, but it does wear off quite easily after eating and drinking.

If you're interested in gettng this convenient and high-quality lipstick set, you can drop by any bloop counters nationwide (list of locations HERE). And the better news is... bloop has recently launched their online store! You can now get the products from their website @ and the first 50 customers to make any online purchase from the site will receive 1 Lip Gloss (worth RM28) for FREE!

PLUS, for my readers, you can use my Referral Code bloop#carinntan and receive 5% discount for any online purchase. Find the bloop Candy Duo Lipstick in Jetsetter 01 HERE for RM38. FREE delivery is also provided within Malaysia for online purchases of RM80 and above in a single bill transaction. Isn't this awesome? :)

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Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects and colour payoff may vary depending on individual lips condition and other factors.


  1. Great review!
    I always love it when makeup has such trendy names like "Jetsetter" haha. Also, the packaging is too cute! Imagine getting these in your airplane toiletries bag; definitely something airlines should consider.
    Loving how the colour looks on you! You look very sweet in it. ^^

    xoxo Fuurin Diary

    1. Hey you have the same name as me (almost)! XD I love the name too, isn't it so chic? I think it's a very convenient lipstick to bring around too. Whoa imagine if airlines give out lipsticks haha.. Thanks for the compliment and for dropping by my blog! :)


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