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Monday 15 September 2014

Eats & Treats/ Shopping/ Lifestyle: Tokyo Pastry @ iBuy Malaysia

Always scratching your head when your friends asks you the typical, most dreaded Malaysian questioin of all..... "What to eat?" Out of ideas what to do, where to go or what to eat during the weekends? Struggling to think where to hang out with your friends or soulmate? If you've answered YES to the above questions, then check out Tokyo Pastry!

The cafe is located right next to Sunway Giza, it's not hard to find! 

Erica insisted on taking an OOTD photo for me lol.

Pretty, right? It's so quiet here too.

White shirt from Brands Outlet
Singlet (inner) from Cotton On
Shorts from Kitschen
 Socks from Rubi
Boots from Happy2u
Choker - bought online

Bae's OOTD!

The pastry set consists of sweet and savoury food. My favourite was the crepe cake! To be honest, the rest of the food were quite mediocre and the chicken and baked potato were quite oily ><

Not only does Tokyo Pastry sell cakes, they sell bread too. For members, there is a daily Happy Hour where they sell the bread for RM2 only!

Erica insisted on taking another photo of me here hahaha. It was really nice hanging out with her the whole day!

Impress your date with a fine dining pastry experience instead of getting yourself a major headache going to a crowded shopping mall. Here's introducing Tokyo Pastry at Kota Damansara, which is located among the concrete style shoplots. You will be able to escape from the busy city life once you walk into Tokyo Pastry, where you will be greeted with a completely different atmosphere. The environment is mind-blowing. The fancy and chic European themed decor and delightful place will allow people to work and unwind with their laptops or books.

You will definitely have an exquisite pastry dining experience at Tokyo Pastry as they serve delectable pastries, desserts, cakes and many more. You'll be spoiled for choice! In addition, worry no more about the price for this lovely High Tea experience as Living Social is now offering a good deal for Tokyo Pastry at 50% OFF now!

Indulge in excellent macarons, tarts, Mille crepe cakes, Hokkaido cakes and more, plus FREE refillable coffee or tea for just RM29, a perfect deal for 2! Find the deal HERE.

For more information, click here: 
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Let's eat your heart out! If you prefer to spend a lovely quality afternoon with your lovely girl friends or soulmate, go for a classy high tea at Tokyo Pastry :)


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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Any variation in the menu, services, etc at the cafe is not endorsed by me.


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