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Thursday 18 September 2014

Fun: Cleo Shoe Drop 2014!

If you follow my Instagram, you'd have seen me post this photo a few days back. 

 One of the reasons I love living in Sunway is because it's so near Sunway Pyramid and there's always spontaneous events to attend! Last weekend, I woke up feeling groggy from the night before (not clubbing ok) and was browsing through Instagram when I realised that Cleo Mag Malaysia is having their 2nd BIG SHOE DROP event for the 2nd year in a row! I stalked abit and realised the requirements to join is so simple and after Mid Valley stop, the Cleo team will be heading to Sunway Pyramid for the second round! Somehow it woke me up immediately and after my tutorial class (ya class on a Saturday, sad right), I dragged Eunice to go with me.

To participate, all you have to do is present a copy of the latest issue of Cleo Magazine and they will punch holes on the cover to make sure you don't go twice. The mag was originally priced at RM6 but for RM10, you can get this month's limited edition accessories in collaboration with Dipped Row! We'd be silly not to get that instead.

Btw, sorry for the badly taken photos. This temporary phone that I'm using has a lousy camera so I had to use my iPad to capture the photos :/

Wristbands for each participant. See those Keds behind? They're Eunice's HAHAHA. She's not the only one who took off her shoes, some people did too to make it easier for them to try on their shoes. Luckily for me I wore flats.

The crowd was already dwindling by the time we arrived. Also, we didn't expect it to be outdoors haha. I heard that the crowd was crazy at Mid Valley, since there were more shoes there and some people started queueing at 11am already at Sunway Pyramid! Wah why did I sleep in... Lol.

The host Isabel, from CapitalFM. :)

Anxious people waiting. Each round, only 8-10 people were allowed in, and they will follow the numbered sequence on your wristband. A tip is to get ready your US/UK shoe size and move to that area labelled with your shoe size immediatly after entering the zone. 

Each participant had 5 minutes to try on and select one pair of shoes which they had to wear out of the shoes area! It sounds simple, but you know girls being girls.. Sometimes they can't make up their minds which is the nicest pair and you just wanna get ALL. Sometimes the sizes don't fit. And most of the shoes are crazy high heels with straps so it's quite hard to put on AND walk down the stairs. 

Oh wait, did I mention that GUYS joined in the event too? Some of them went in just for the fun of it, some went in for their wives/ gfs. You didn't really have to find shoes in your size, just as long as you wore them out. The guys were so sporting and strutted their stuffs in heels! SO funny.

As soon as the bell ringer sounded the bell, everyone rushed forward. Haha proud of you, Eunice for being the first to rush out XD We were in different rounds.

Spot Eunice trying on her new shoes haha. 

The amount of shoes left were sadly, very little around 3.30pm. The good thing is we didn't have to queue long for our turn. The bad news is that most of the nice shoes are gone and all that's left are big big sizes that not many girls can fit into, i.e. me :( 

The shoes are all brand new and branded! There's mostly heels and slippers and I think there were sneakers and flats too. Some of the brands include LZD (Lazada in-house fashion brand), shoes from Payless, Obermain, Carlo Rino, iPanema, Melissa, Vivienne Westwood and more! Super good deal right! I saw so many people purchasing a few more mags just to enter and play again but this time, they were required to wear the shoes they picked from the previous round to go in and play again haha.

Super love this pair of Vivienne Westwood! Too bad it's size 41 and I'm a 34/35 :o

Eunice's first pair of heels! She managed to grab this pair of Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld heels and the design is so cool! Now she wantts to practice walking in them but it's so worth it because she literally spent RM10, got the earrings from Dipped Row and this pair of heels worth at least RM200 :o

For me, there were practically no more shoes left in my size so all I managed to grab was this pair of Brazil yellow iPanema slippers worth RM39.90. Not too bad, and the colour matches my neon yellow earrings too for a fun summer look! Would've loved to grab heels though.. Next year it is then! :D

Don't forget to follow Cleo on Instagram @cleomsia and like them on Facebook to receive the latest updates and join in their events & giveaways! Also, grab your copy of this September's limited edition Cleo x Dipped Row magazines at selected bookstores throughout the Klang Valley. :D

Will share more good stuff with you guys soon, see ya!


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  1. omg big size shoes ngam me! But I wasn't in KL that day :(

    1. Really? That's too bad, cos seriously all the sizes left at Pyramid round were big.. Next year then! :D

  2. Oh, this was a great post about this event!
    I haven't done this shoe-drop before and a friend asked me to go but I passed this time but it looks like a lot of fun. Shoes aside, it seems to be a great laugh too. I may just bring the man along - it will be worth it just to see him in a pair of my-sized heels parading around the venue.
    Love it!

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading it! :D So sorry bout the poor photo quality haha. Yes, bringing your man will be entertaining plus an extra pair of hands and feet to help you get more shoes! :D Thanks for dropping by! :) x


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