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Tuesday 30 September 2014

Shopping: How to Shop on!

Hi guys! If you remember, I did a quick post introducing my current favourite online shopping site last month - Shopbop! Shopbop is awesome because they offer so many designer brands at affordable prices and gorgeous styles. Sometimes I can just spend hours browsing and <3-ing my favourite items for my wishlist :p

Today I'm gonna do a guide on how to shop on Shopbop. It's fairly straightforward and delivery is sooo fast! I did ask for your suggestions on what to get so here's what I decided to get in the end...

Step 1: Select your items.

I chose this gorgeous coral coloured Kate Spade Cherry Lane Stacy Wallet in the end. It's made of full leather and it's super lightweight and fits in any of my bags!

This little window should pop up once you've selected your item.

Another item that I got is this Marc by Marc Jacobs Adults Suck 13" Computer Case. Now I have a pretty laptop case to bring around instead of a bulky laptop bag!

Step 2: Checkout your shopping cart 
Once you're done selecting your desired items, proceed to "CHECKOUT" to checkout your order.

Step 3: Proceed to Shipping and choose a shipping method
Key in your shipping address first before selecting your shipping method. There are three main shipping methods with Shopbop. Each one has a different Terms & Conditions. For orders above $100, you are entitled to FREE Express Delivery Internationally! Find more shipping info HERE.

*Recommended* Free Express Delivery - Customs & Duties Tax are calculated based on the type of product, country of origin and destination. Delivery will take around 1-3 days and if the amount taxed is less than the charges, Shopbop will credit the extra amount back to your account.

Express Delivery - Customs & Duties Taxes or Import Fees are paid by the customer to the delivery carrier at the time of delivery. This method takes around 3-5 days for your parcel to arrive. 

Postal Delivery - Customs & Duties Taxes or Import Fees are paid by the customer to the delivery carrier at the time of delivery. This method takes around 7 - 20 days and is the most risky as it does not have provide package tracking.

For this round, I opted for the Free Express Delivery with an additional tax payment of 10% of my total purchase.

Step 4: Confirm your Order

At this stage, double check all your info and if you have a gift certificate, don't forget to key in your gift certificate number! 

Step 5: You're Done!!

Once you have clicked "PLACED ORDER", your order is now completed. You may opt to take a short survey and wait for Shopbop's confirmation email to be sent to you. 

Tadaaa! I really love the Free Express International Delivery cos I received my items in about 3 days only! I love how efficient Shopbop is and my items were all packaged nicely, with the invoice and authentication cards for each items included. 

Fancy getting one for yourself too? You can find more wallets HERE and laptop covers HERE.

That's not all. Shopbop has endless categories of items as well. You'll sure find something suitable for you! Check out some of my favourite categories. 

Clothing - from inner wear to formal gowns, I can't stop browsing for the latest fashion!

Shoes - From sneakers to flats to heels... Need I say more?

Accessories - Find the perfect jewelry, hair accessory or scarf to heat up your outfit!

And last but not least, my favourite category of all....
SALE!!! Shopbop is having final markdowns up to 70% on selected items! The items are available in limited sizes and quantities, so grab them fast!

I hope this post has been informative for you. I can't wait to get my next batch of items from Shopbop! Fast and convenient, just the way online shopping should be :)

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  1. Nice choice! Love the color of the wallet!!

    1. Thanks, dear! Your ROM dress was gorgeous too! :D

  2. wow so many online shopping nowadays ya!

  3. wooo! niceee! i want kate spadeee but no money T_T

    1. Save save! Shopbop is way cheaper than buying in Msia.. Or you can go JPO and see! I can bring you :p


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