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Thursday 4 September 2014

Nail-art: China Glaze 'Goldie but Goodie'

Here's a random fact about me that you may or may not know.. I actually self-learnt nail-art when I was in college and did my own nail designs every week. It was my passion then but somehow ever since uni, I stopped painting my nails due to the busy schedule and laziness to lug a big bag of nail polish between KL & JB lol. FYI, I own about 50+ bottles of nail polish 0.0

When I started this blog, I actually had the intention of doing nail-art tutorials (really, I swear!). But somehow, I just couldn't find the time to nor get back that same passion. Now, thanks to Polishville, I found my love for painting my nails again! So here I am, with my first ever nail post on my blog! I am honoured to be one of Polishville's Swatch Models. Nail model, that is XD Polishville is an online store selling authentic nail polishes and accessories from famous nail brands. Established in 2013, they are very new but growing everyday! Some of their products are rarely fund in Malaysia and they strive for best quality and VIP service for all their customers. Customers can expect their parcel at the door within 1-2 days! You can read the really kind post they did about all the models (and me, hehe) HERE

For my first colour, I wanted something golden and glamorous so I opted for China Glaze 'Goldie but Goodie' (Code 1224). Although I know a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply nail polish is not really practical, these are the photos that I submitted to Polishville for their blog, sorry, didn't get to re-edit them again... I will do nail-art designs in the future when I have more time!

Materials used: Splash transparent base coat, China Glaze 'Goldie but Goodie', Sally Hansen 'Dries Instantly' top coat, Etude House Lovely Meex nail-polish remover, cotton pads and Dahoo nail protector. 

Apply your base coat to avoid staining the nails and smoother applications of the nail colour. Remember to clean and trim your nails to the desired length before applying!

Apply the colour. China Glaze polishes are slightly more on the pricey side but it is worth it for the easy and smooth application. 1-2 coats is all you need for an opague colour.

Apply top coat to seal in the colour and make it last longer.

Wondering what these are? They are actually nail protectors gifted by Polishville. They look weird, but they work like caps to prevent you from accidentally touching your nails when drying. So cute right!

Swatch of 'Goldie but Goodie'.

Very shiny and the glitters are muted, which I like. This colour is good for prom and especially suitable for the toenails too!However, I find that China Glaze polishes generally don't last long for me, even with top coat and they tend to chip easily. Honestly, I was hoping for a more vibrant gold but this is more of a bronze colour. The application is easy and shiny even without top coat!

Yup, so this is just a short post to update my blog. Thank you Eunice for snapping the photos for me! I will be doing more nail-art which I will share with you in the future, hopefully. If you're interested in getting this colour, you can find it HERE for ONLY RM25! Whaattt.. I know Isetan sells China Glaze for about RM40 so this is definitely a steal!

 Thank you Polishville! They carry brands from the USA like O.P.I, Seche, ORLY, Color Club and more! You can find matte, crackle, glitter and almost any kind of nail polish from their collection. On top of that, Polishville has nail accessories and tools too so you can DIY your own manicure at home. What's more, for new members and purchases above RM100, you can use my code 'OFFEXTRA10'and be entitled to FREE SHIPPING and RM10 off! *valid till 31st December 2014

Malaysia Day offer is also coming up! Buy 2 China Glaze polishes and get 16% off, valid till 16th September 2014! Geddit? :p One week left, hurry!

Find them on Facebook or log on to their website for more information! Don't hesitate to email or PM them, they're very friendly and eager to answer your questions :)

Oh ya, Happy September! Just realised that this is my first post of the month. August has been difficult for me.. I'm hoping for a better, more relaxing month ahead :) Hope it'll be an awesome month for you too!


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Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored but the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects and colour may vary depending on how you apply it, the type of base and top coat you use and other factors.


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