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Thursday 17 September 2015

Arts & Crafts: 7 Polka Dots - For the Stationery Addicts

New tag for my blog - Arts & Crafts! It's my first time blogging about craft and I hope in the future I'll be able to write more about this. Another passion of mine that I didn't know I had until this year, is stationery! Stickers, to be more exact. Thanks to a couple of friends of mine who are planner addicts, I now know that there is a community of people out there who are actually obsessed with notebooks, planners, journals and what not and equally into stationery and cutesy stuff like I do as well. Just my luck to be sent this 'care package' from one of Malaysia's largest ready stock stationery online shop, 7 Polka Dots.

All these goodies fit into that little brown paper package tied up with string (♪ These are a few of my favourite things~ )! I even got a personalised note :) 7 Polka Dots provides cute, useful, creative and colourful 100% imported Korean Stationery at wholesale, reasonable prices. All products are ready stock and top quality. They also ship worldwide, so planner addicts out there, you know where to look! 7 Polka Dots is also owned by my blogger friend, Valerie :D After browsing their site, I found that not only do they sell stationery, they carry a lot of stickers, washi tapes, notebooks and even bags & pouches!

Make-up Sticker Set | RM6.50 (clearance price)
These stickers are great for decorating anything, as there are eyes, mouth and nose sticker designs in a set. These are made with matte, waterproof PVC material. You can literally stick them anywhere and have some fun! They're great to animate inanimate objects :P

Petit Deco Sticker Pack | RM6 (clearance price)
I was most excited about these because you these little stickers are great for decorating at parties! So cute and pretty, which girl wouldn't love the pastel floral designs? There are 8 sheets, all different designs, in a set and comes in a pretty floral envelope packaging. You can stick these PVC stickers anywhere - from your notebooks to party favours to office supplies.

Rilakkuma Jelly Sticker Set | RM12 (clearance price)
While these stickers may be a tad expensive, you gotta remember that they are JELLY stickers and there are usually 3 sheets in a set (I only have one). Since a child, I've always loved jelly stickers because they have more texture and are more fun & 'bouncy' to play with. The 'jelly' layer gives it more shine. According to the packaging, you can stick these on your electronic gadgets. I'd say these would work great on the iPhone home button!

Rilakkuma Sticky Memo | RM8 (clearance price)
There are a total of 150 pieces of sticky notes in this set. I love that mine came in pastel colours and small cutesy designs because it's much easier to write on and eye-catching at the same time. Gonna stick it everywhere in the office now to annoy everyone :p

The Rilakkuma love continues! This adorable stationery holder is flattened out at first but you can open it up and transform into a useful holder/ folder for your stuff. It holds quite a bit too. There are 2 designs available (Brown bear or Beige bear) and I got the beige one, which I find suits my room colour more. Now I'm using it to hold my makeup & cosmetics as I'm running out of space to keep them XD

I swear, this is the cutest & fluffiest mini pouch I've seen! It's really mini indeed and I think the best thing that it can hold are coins & loose change. It's only 11 x 11cm and made of fluffly poly. It comes with a vintage zip as well and is so tiny that you can just throw it into any bag. I use mine to keep my earphones (which are always getting tangled up, sigh). It's available in 4 colours (red, peach, violet & mint - all pastels!) and mine is in Peach.

Instax/ Cheki Film Skin (Pastel & Vivid Colour Pattern) | RM7.50/ set (clearance price)
I practically screamed when I saw these. Been looking to buy Instax film stickers for awhile now but the designs I always see are either too boring or it's too expensive. Can't believe these are only RM7.50 per set and there are 20 pieces per set! Each set comes with 20 different designs so no worries about repetition. These are suitable for Instax 7s, 25s and 50s normal film too. Now I just gotta stock up on my Instax film in order to use these. Whee, thanks for being so generous, Valerie!

Overall, the products are all pretty good quality and they are not kidding when they say the things are cute & creative Korean designs. Perhaps I should say that mostly girly girls would like these? There are more vintage designs available too if you're not into such cutesy stuff. Not only are the stickers reasonably priced, I'd recommend you to check out their personalised notebooks that are only a fraction of the price of other notebooks I see out there too. Even a not-so-creative person like me enjoys this, what more planner addicts out there? Go check out their site now!

For more information on 7 Polka Dots, please visit:

Disclaimer: Even though the products are sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after receiving the products and trying out the service.

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