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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Beauty: L'Oreal Paris - HydraFresh Range

I've been using L'Oreal Paris products ever since young, whether I realised it or not. From their shampoo in my primary school days to their cosmetics during my teenage years and more. They're definitely one of my go-to drugstore brands and they never disappoint! I've been eyeing this HydraFresh range since forever, and now it's MINE! <3

The reason why I wanted to try this out so badly was because a) to save my dry & dehydrated skin and b) because some of my favourite Singaporean bloggers and favourite Clicknetwork host, Shu Ann, used this on Tried & Tested (video here)! But sadly, I don't see the L'Oreal Paris Hydra Fresh Mask-In Lotion here in Malaysia. :( Somehow Malaysia is always a little bit slower when it comes to bringing in new products but I don't mind, it gives me time to do some research first. Better late than never, right? 
PS: The new L'Oreal Ambassador, Barbara Palvin, is SO pretty that it makes me want to try this more!

The full L'Oreal Paris HydraFresh range consists of a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sleeping mask. For over 30 years, L'Oreal Research has been the forefront for innovative breakthroughs in caring for Asian skin at every age. Now, drying environment, external aggressions, stress and not to mention the recent haze issue has caused our skin to become dry, dull and fragile. So, L'Oreal Laboratories has come up with a new and refreshing range to keep skin feeling supple & radiant. All the products in this range are made with French Grape Seed Extract, which explains the pretty purple & pink packaging! French Vosges Spa Water which is naturally rich in minerals is added to stimulate cell's vitality and strengthen skin barrier for optimal hydration level. One other ingredient that makes the L'Oreal Paris HydraFresh range stand out is added antioxidants from French Grape Polyphenols to help neutralise free radicals caused by daily aggressions. Plus point for me is that the whole range smells so absolutely grapey and refreshing that it awakens the senses!

Thank you for the sweet card, L'Oreal Paris team! <3

   HydraFresh Creamy Foam   
As with any skincare set, it all starts with a cleanser. The Creamy Foam is HydraFresh's refreshing cleanser. The pearl & pink packaging is simple and chic. This product thoroughly cleanses skin of dirt and leaves it feeling refreshed, without the tightness. The HydraFresh Creamy Foam contains essential Mineral Derivatives and this does double duty as a thorough makeup-removing cleanser as well. Hydrating Essence is also added to soften skin and leave it feeling comfortable.

Did I mention how much I love foam cleansers? It's so fun to lather the soft, pearl pink product into a rich, milky & creamy texture that covers every inch of the face when in contact with water. While most foaming cleansers leaves my face feeling dry afterwards, this one delivers a gentle sensation and as promised, no tightness after rinsing off the bi-product.

What I love:
- Most affordable of the range
- Skin feel squeaky clean after cleansing, but doesn't leave my skin feeling dry as with other foam cleansers (+points)
- Does a good job of thoroughly removing makeup, but this is after I cleanse my face with makeup remover/ cleansing milk (I have a habit of doing double-cleansing)
- Lathers easily when in contact with water, foam is very fine and gentle as well.
- Only a small quantity is needed to lather into foam (so can use for quite a long time)
- Foam cleansers are fun!

What I don't:
- Does take some time to really wash off the cleanser, otherwise it will leave a sticky residue
Price: RM22.90
Volume: 125ml
Where to Buy: All major pharmacies & supermarkets nationwide / Online (click here)

   HydraFresh Spa Water   
This is essentially the toner of the range. Besides the powerful French Grape ingredients + Antiox Active, the HydraFresh Spa Water contains effective Oligo-Protein to help skin regain its natural suppleness and day-to-day radiance. The packaging is similar to the Mask-In Lotion (not available in Malaysia) but I guess the texture would be much lighter than the lotion. Oh yea, the bottle is made with plastic, not glass so it's not that heavy.

A really interesting texture indeed - The HydraFresh Spa Water is watery yet slightly viscous like jelly at the same time. This is my favourite product of the whole range! Use it every morning and night on cleansed face and neck for the best results. What I usually do is pour some on the palm of my hand and swipe in an upward and outward patting motion all over my face. Immediately after application, the skin feels fresh, smooth & supple. Admittedly, I haven't used toners in awhile because most of it contains alcohol and my skin simply cannot take that dryness. But this Spa Water is immediately absorbed into my skin comfortably upon application, which shows just how dehydrated my skin is! :x

What I love:
- Favourite of the whole range! Lightweight and fast-absorbing
- Smells amazing, does not contain alcohol as with most toners
- Leaves skin feeling quenched & supple immediately
- Pretty packaging (I'm a sucker for packaging)

What I don't:
- Just wish it comes in travel-size or mist form as well to constantly hydrate my skin
Price: RM39.90
Volume: 175ml
Where to Buy: All major pharmacies & supermarkets nationwide / Online (click here)

   HydraFresh Mask-In Water Gel   
I know moisturisers are supposed to keep your skin moisturised and soft but what I found that most of the time the effects are not long-lasting at all. I have dry skin that peels if not hydrated properly so finding a hydrating, water-based moisturiser is important to me. Thank goodness the HydraFresh Mask-In Water Gel does just that. With added Double Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Microencapsulated HA + Lipidure, it boosts the skin's hydration and gives dual moisturising effect for soft, radiant & smooth skin

Besides being in-love with the elegant shiny pink packaging in a rounded square jar, I love the lightweight gel-yet-cream-like texture as well. The formula acts as a hydrating emulsion to quench thirsty skin. You can use it every morning and night. Just apply your sunblock & makeup over it once the product is absorbed into your face, it acts as a protective layer towards external aggressions as well. Day after day, the skin feels fresh, watery, bouncy and energized. Remember the antioxidant property? The Mask-In Water Gel not only protects the skin but makes it more supple and full of life.

What I love:
- A moisturiser that doubles up as a serum, yay for 2-in-1!
- Can be used on its own or underneath makeup to form a protective barrier
- Skin feels bouncy and soft after use
- Skin looks dewy and glowing (like the Koreans) after use, even without makeup

What I don't:
- Leaves a bit of stickiness after use
- Doesn't absorb as fast into the skin
Price: RM44.90
Volume: 50ml
Where to Buy: All major pharmacies & supermarkets nationwide / Online (click here)

   HydraFresh Night Mask-in Jelly   
Reasons why I love this Night Mask-In Jelly: The packaging is lovely, it is water-based and also my favourite form of mask - sleeping mask! Yes, I admit I am a lazy person so sleeping mask is the best way for me to do a mask regularly, without wasting time. This Night Mask-In Jelly provides intense hydration by continuosly delivering French Grape active goodness deep into the skin for mask-level efficacy. The skin is kept at optimal hydration level and it does not stimulate my sensitive skin.

The texture is a bouncy jelly texture that wraps skin as an invisible mask (Wah, I like this description). There is only a slight purple tinge to it. It is also non-sticky and non-oily. The difference between this Night Mask-In Jelly and the Mask-In Water Gel is that this sleeping mask is slightly thicker, does not absorb as quickly into the skin as the moisturiser and does not need to be rinsed off. Only use it at night before you sleep! Somehow, the smell is very comforting and makes me feel more relaxed when I apply it before bed.

What I love:
- Provides hydration to the skin all-night long, even in air-conditioned room
- Lovely scent to accompany you before bed
- Can be used on its own to provide just as adequate moisture as using the toner + moisturiser beforehand
- Great for lazy people like me, just apply then sleep :p

What I don't:
- Most expensive of the range, but it's a good investment since you don't have to use a sleeping mask every night
Price: RM54.90
Volume: 50ml
Where to Buy: All major pharmacies & supermarkets nationwide / Online (click here)
I've been using this range for a month now but not every day because I have sensitive skin and it usually does not work well with fragrance-added products. Thankfully, so far this range has not stimulated my skin and I'm definitely keeping it as a quick saviour on those dry, peeling skin days. It is also quite affordable, the whole set only comes up to RM162.60! For a drugstore brand, this range looks & feels quite high-end without the hefty price-tag (just imagine if you were to get a luxury brand, one cleanser will most probably cost you more than that amount already). You can also easily get it at all leading pharmacies & supermarkets nationwide, even online! I really think this range is compatible for dry skin and constant use will help you achieve bouncy, dewy skin just like the Koreans! Boink-boink!

For more information on L'Oreal Paris and their other range of products, please visit:

Disclaimer: Even though the products are sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products. Results may vary according to individual and how you use it.

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  1. I like the three flowers beside! hahaha

  2. I wonder how L'oreal sponsored you guys actually.. I so so want the night jelly mask eh!!! It is so expensive if I use it every night... don't know whether it is suitable for sensitive skin or not :(

    1. Hahah XD Actually, it's not expensive at all. I don't use it every night too and I think it's a good alternative to Laneige Sleeping Mask which is more exp. I have sensitive skin too, and it does not stimulate my skin so I'd say it's all good :)

  3. how L'oreal sponsored you?because i want the 1 set makeup like shu ann or we have to buy it..

    1. Hi, guess you're a fellow fan of Shu An too! I was contacted by the team and they asked if I would like to receive this set and they sent it to me!


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