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Friday 18 September 2015

Beauty: SILKYGIRL "Celebrating 10 Years of Confidence" - [Limited Edition] Moisture Rich Lipcolor & Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner

Can you believe it? SILKYGIRL is already 10 YEARS OLD! Which means, I've been using this brand for about a decade as well! My first ever BB Cream was the SILKYGIRL Magic BB Cream which is STILL in production. Bet it's still a hit with tweens and teens that were like the younger me hehe. To commemorate their 10-year anniversary this year, SILKYGIRL has introduced a Limited Edition range of two of their best-selling products at totally awesome prices! Since SILKYGIRL is targeted mainly at young girls & students, I'll be showing you how to create 3 looks using the Limited Edition Moisture Rich Lipcolor & Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner, without breaking your budget. 3 simple looks for 3 different occasions, for under RM30.. Now THAT'S something every girl will love!

What a treat! Besides the Limited Edition lipsticks and eyeliner, I got the Big Eye Collagen Waterproof Mascara & Pure Fresh All-in-One Gel Makeup Remover to help me with the looks as well!

   Limited Edition Moisture Rich Lipcolor   

Moisture Rich Lipcolor was introduced since the birth of SILKYGIRL and is still going strong. It is packed with rich pigments and enriched with Vitamin A  & E to ensure lips stay buttery-soft and supple all day long. Added Aloe Vera Extracts help to quench dry lips & prevent chapped lips. The Limited Edition Moisture Rich Lipcolor comes in chic chrome casings that stands out from the rest. 

The Limited Edition Moisture Rich Lipcolor claims to provide full coverage with a lustrous & dramatic finish. The swatches on the back of my hand reveals that it is not as pigmented, but that is not the case when applied on the lips. The Limited Edition range offers 5 new shades that range from subtle nudes to bold hues, perfect for work & play. The formulation is also fragrance-free, something I really appreciate. #01 is a bright warm red while #02 and #04 looks similar. There is only a slight difference because if you look closely, #02 is pinkier while #04 is more on the coral side. My final review for the lipsticks will be at the bottom of the post, keep scrolling to see!

   Limited Edition Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner   

The Limited Edition Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner delivers up to 20 hours of long-wear without smudging. With a unique combination of volatile silicones & siliconic resin, this eyeliner is built to have long-lasting adhering properties and is transfer-resistant. It is also waterproof and smudge-proof.

The Limited Edition eyeliner is available in rich #01 Blackest Black only. The high coverage, creamy formula ensures the eyeliner glides on easily and provides smooth, intense finish to make the eyes stand out. This edition is also presented in chic chrome casing to commemorate SILKYGIRL's best-seller identity and to celebrate its 10th Anniversary.

So I put this eyeliner to the test on 3 different looks. The 1st look is more fierce and is basically your typical cat-eye winged liner fully connected to the bottom lid. I even did a little pointy tip at the tearducts part to make the eye look sharper and longer. In fact, once applied, you can try to smudge out the formula a little and it can act as a hybrid eyeshadow for a smokey eye look. The 2nd look is a basic winged eyeliner which is something I wear all the time. The 3rd look is a very subtle 'droopy' eyeliner style which I believe they call is 'puppy dog eyes'. It's supposed to make your eyes look bigger and more innocent but I find that this is more work appropriate and suitable for everyday wear as it just barely brightens up your tired eyes and is not so 'loud'.

Conclusion, this eyeliner REALLY does what it says and holds up for 20 hours straight, with NO smudging! I'm impressed because I don't usually like gel or pencil liners (liquid eyeliner FTW!) but this has proven me wrong. While the tip is not fine enough and I don't see a sharpener in sight, this eyeliner is great for tightlining your waterline, even if it can't achieve a super thin line. Granted, I stayed indoors for most of the day but it even stayed on when I accidentally rubbed my eyes. Gonna keep this around for sure!

What I love:
- Seriously smudge-proof and long-wearing for a gel liner!
- Super pigmented black BLACK
- Great for tight-lining
- Affordable!

What I don't:
- Tip is not fine enough for my preference
- No sharpener provided
- Can be a little messy to clean up/ remove
Price: RM15.90 each (Promo price: RM10.00)

Shades: 1 (#01 Blackest Black)

Volume: 0.28g

Where to Buy: SILKYGIRL website (here) / All drugstores and supermarket nationwide
Ready for the 3 looks? PS: Sorry for the inconsistent editing/ lighting. I'm not using my own camera so I'm really not used to this curent camera's settings ><   

LOOK 1 - Subtly Sexy   

For the first look, I decided to go with something sexy and strong. Inspired by the classic red lip and Korean styles, I went for a strong eye-look that is more suited for the clubs.. Or if you're just into looking goth/ punk. Limited Edition #01 is a spicy, warm red that suits almost any skin tone. I own more red lipsticks than I can count, so I wouldn't say this one stands out. Black makes your eyes look bigger but somehow for my eye shape, drawing the bottom lid makes my eyes appear smaller instead haha. It's a look that I do not rock often cos I'm not so daring (and also cos I have nowhere to go), but it's great if you're looking for a simple way to change up your look - just a red lipstick and simple swipe on your bottom lid will do.

   LOOK 2 - Sporty Chic   

Look 2 is something more fun & flirty. Inspired by the sporty chick within us, it's great for sunny days and fun nights. Maybe you'd say no one wears makeup while doing sports but well.. You can always look the part :p Almost anyone can do a basic cat-eye so nothing special here. It's the lip colour that truly stands out. Limited Edition #02 is a soft pink, almost coral, that suits more fair-skin toned people. The colour looks so different on the swatch and on the lips, huh? I doubled-up the lipstick as a blusher and boy, is the colour lovely. I'd say the lipstick is easy to apply but does settle into fine lines, unlike the red one.

   LOOK 3 - Sweet Young Thing   

The third look is for all you sweet young things out there - something fresh & clean to emphasise your innocence. It's also the easiest look to achieve! I basically just tight-lined my upper lids and extended the eyeliner downwards to achieve the doe-eyed look. The Japanese love this kinda look! Oh yea, you can add loads of blush to look even more kawaii! The lip colour is something that I'd wear everyday as Limited Edition #04 is a combination of corals (orange) and pink that looks almost nude in real life. Very young, very bright but I realised that while being pigmented, it also defines the fine lines on my lips the most, unfortunately :(

What I love:
- Rich, pigmented colours that shows up well on the lips (one layer is enough)
- Lovely range of colours, even if there are only 5 of it
- Easy to apply, glides on smoothly
- Really keeps the lips moisturised and looking 'plump' (no prior lipbalm application)
- Pointed lipstick edge makes it easy to define 'cupid's bow'
- Fragrance-free

What I don't:
- Colour appears different on the swatch and on camera/ in real life?
- The lighter the shade, the more it settles into fine lines
- Not long-lasting, reapplication needed after eating or drinking
Price: RM22.90 each (Promo price: RM19.90)

Shades: 5

Volume: 3.3g

Where to Buy: SILKYGIRL website (here) / All drugstores and supermarket nationwide
   Big Eye Collagen Waterproof Mascara   

*BONUS* For all three looks, I used the all-new Big Eye Collagen Waterproof Mascara. It claims to lengthen lashes up to 80% longer with an added 20% curl (based on lab test data after multiple applications). I'd say the mascara tube and pretty turqouise colour is quite attractive to most girls, yea? The mascara is only available in shade 01 Blackest Black. The wand, which is a combination of a rubber shorty and flat comb style, is specially designed to coat and plump up each individual lashes. It is also waterproof & smudge-proof and as a film mascara, it can be easily removed with warm water

What I love:
- Uniquely designed wand coats every and separately each lash evenly
- Lenghtens lashes by a bit
- Easy to remove
- Doesn't smudge
- Cute design!

What I don't:
- Doesn't add curl as said (I have stubborn lashes, remember? Not many mascaras work on me)
- Dries slowly
Price: RM25.90

Volume: 5ml

Where to Buy: SILKYGIRL website (here) / All drugstores and supermarket nationwide

   Pure Fresh All-In-One Gel Makeup Remover   
The Pure Fresh All-In-One Gel Makeup Remover is a multi-purpose makeup remover which is gentle enough for everyday use on the face, eyes and lips. Mine is travel-sized which makes it great to carry around. Now, I was super excited to try this because I've tried water-based and oil-based makeup removers before and they each have their pros and cons. I heard that gel makeup removers fill in that gap. With its oil-free, 100% soap-free formula, it is suitable for all skin types and can wipe off any makeup without leaving any residue. With added Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5 and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, it can keep the skin feeling soft while the PH level of 5.5 restores skin's healthy balance.

What I love:
- Removes makeup like a breeze, even waterproof mascara
- Fresh, clean scent that makes my face feel REALLY clean after that

What I don't:
- A little bit of sticky residue
- Dispense is not the friendliest, need to shake bottle few times and only a few drops are dispensed
Price: RM16.90 / RM9.90

Volume: 150ml (full-sized) / 55ml (travel-sized)

Where to Buy: SILKYGIRL website (here) / All drugstores and supermarket nationwide

Overall, there were some hits & misses but it still gave me a sense of nostalgia and reminded me why I loved this brand before. Also, everything is super affordable! Thank you, Silkygirl and TAP by Seeties for these wonderful goodies to play with! By the way, this is also my first review from Seeties and I'm grateful for it :) Follow me on Seeties @carerynn if you haven't ya! 

Now tell me, which look or product was your favourite? :D 

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Disclaimer: Even though the products are sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products. 

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