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Saturday 2 January 2016

Beauty: E-Light Treatment - Total Perfection Face & Body Spa [Part 3]

First review of the year! Sort of. In lieu with my resolution to keep to a strict skincare routine, let's talk a little about beauty. I try to go for a facial treatment at least once a month at my trusted salon, Total Perfection Face & Body Spa. The last time I went, they introduced me to a new treatment using E-pulse light technology to do my facial, and no squeezing was required!

No squeezing means that the main facial process will be done via a machine. This is the medical-grade machine for E-light treatment. It has combined the technology of e-light intense pulse light with radio frequency and a cooling system. Pulse light has been used to eliminate colour pigments, reduce freckles and redness in veins for a long time and while normal pulse light can only penetrate up to 4mm in the skin, e-light can go until 15mm to target problem areas deep within the skin. On the other hand, radio frequency uses heat up to 40 celcius to stimulate collagen fiber growth, tighten the skin and make wrinkle lines appear shorter. We all know that wrinkles are caused by the loss of collagen in the skin and with the e-light treatment, you should see younger and firmer skin in about 3 months. Acne marks are also reduced with this treatment. In fact, you can see clearer skin almost immediately after the treatment.

FYI, this machine can also be used to do permanent hair removal on the body, kinda like IPL but more advanced. This treatment is suitable for people with rough & dull skin, open pores, redness, uneven skin colour, aging skin and acne-prone skin. 

The treatment starts off with a thorough cleansing by my beautician, Jojo. (Yes, I was selfie-ing the whole time #skills). I always love their double cleanse technique and products used, it feels so calming. They also usually do a simple neck and shoulder massage for me to loosen the tight muscles in my body, which is one of the reasons why I've been with them since my college days. I was really excited to try this treatment because while my regular facials can take up to 2 hours, this one takes only about an hour or so.

Next, a spot test is done on the neck for 15 minutes. Cooling gel is applied before Jojo turned on the machine. This is to test if the client is allergic to the treatment. If no redness appears, you are good to go. Even though we are made to wear the eye protection goggles, some people might not be used to the bright light during treatment so the beauticians will not force you to do it. When she tried it on me the first time, the frequency was quite strong so Jojo reduced the energy level for me. 

When we are certain that I am not allergic to the light treatment, we proceeded to do the treatment on my face. It's a very safe process as the beautician is trained to administer this machine. As I've tried laser facial before, I don't find this to be very painful. In fact, the sensation and sound is more like rubber band snapping. You should feel a little bit of pain. If it is too comfortable, it means that the energy level is too low and if there is a burning sensation, it means that the energy level is too high so make sure you voice out your concerns when undergoing this treatment to find the optimum level for your skin.

A cooling ball is used after the e-light treatment to cool & calm down the skin. There is heat involved after all.

Lastly, a collagen mask is applied. This collagen mask smells fishy because it is made of high quality fish collagen containing hyaluronic acid and essential vitamins for the skin. This part of the treatment is the part that takes the longest time as you need to let the mask sit for about 20 - 25 minutes.

And the results? I'll just let the photos do the talking. It's quite obvious that there is a big difference in my skin texture right after the treatment! You can see that my skin is not only brighter, but smoother, has less acne marks & redness and my pores are also less visible. That night, there is an odd warm sensation on my face, but Jojo explains that it is just the heat from the radio frequency being released, nothing to be alarmed about. The good thing about no squeezing in facials is that there is no downtime nor sensitivity. The next day, I was able to apply makeup as usual but I did also apply lots of sunscreen for my day-trip to Malacca. You can try this treatment for RM388 (first trial promo RM198 only!).

What I love:
- Quick, painless (cos no squeezing) treatment
- Effective & no downtime, redness or sensitivity
- Suitable for all skin types from young to mature
- Almost instantaneous result!
- Skin becomes brighter, cleaner, more even and smoother
- Neck and shoulder massage is incorporated, the beauticians are really thoughtful

What I don't:
- Maybe only the fishy smell of the collagen mask haha XD
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Disclaimer: Even though the service was sponsored, it does not affect my opinion in any way. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the service. Effects may vary depending on the individual.

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