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Sunday 10 January 2016

Carinn x Invisalign: Oh No! The Buttons Broke!

Hey guys, just a quick update on my teeth status. Remember a few weeks ago when I got buttons added on my teeth so I could wear elastics? A few days ago, something quite.. hilarious? tragic? fml moment? happened *points to above photo*. I was snacking in the office (as usual) and I think I was chewing on a hard candy when suddenly, I bit on something hard. Thankfully I didn't swallow because it turns out.....

The button on my lower right tooth broke -_- FYI, as it's secured with the same adhesive used as attachments, it's no surprise that there will be a tendency for it to fall out - I just did not think it will happen when I was eating a sweet LOL. I told my colleagues (who all happen to be wearing braces haha) and now they can finally see how the button looks like, I guess. Lol.

Then a few days later... THIS HAPPENED.
I was at home talking to my bf and eating biscuits (ok yeah, I eat all the time) when I thought I felt something hard so luckily I did not swallow again. I thought to myself, "Please don't let the other button fall out..." and I felt my lower left tooth and yeap, it sure did. Sigh. The bf had a good laugh. This one didn't even fall off cleanly, you can still feel residue of the glue on my teeth LOL. And it fell right after my ulcer, which has caused me so much pain, healed too.

I messaged my orthodontist and unfortunately, there were no free slots this weekend to attend to me so I guess I'll just have to wait till next Saturday to have the button on and wear my elastics again. -_-

Photos extracted from my Snapchat story. Follow me @carerynn if you haven't! :P

Disclaimer: [Sponsored] I have received complimentary Invisalign treatment from Align Technology, Inc & Q&M Dental Surgery JB (Molek) after winning a contest organised by Invisalign & Nuffnang. In exchange for that, I have agreed to promote and write about my Invisalign story. The review is written based on my honest views and personal experiences on the treatment.

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