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Thursday 12 February 2015

Beauty: SexyLook Superior Black Masks & SexyLook Black Head Pore Cleanser Set (Coffee)

Another mystery box from iQueen! What is it this time?
If you didn't know, iQueen is the latest beauty website to be launched in Malaysia and here's some reasons why you should shop with them!

I'll be reviewing 2 out of the 4 products here! Guess which?

These lovely pink products are from the famous Taiwanese beauty brand, Sexy Look. I've always wanted to try these out, can't wait to put them to the test! 

Sexy Look Superior Black Masks Series is a hit amongst bloggers and celebrities. I first came across the mask from Xiaxue's blog and it looked so interesting at that time as I've never seen a black sheet mask? So I got my bf to buy me a box when he visited Taiwan. Turns out, there are SO many variations of it!

So colourful! There are 5 sheets in each box but iQueen was generous enough to send me a box of 6 masks consisting of 2 masks each that has different functions!

Sexy Look Superior Black Masks uses an advanced technology to infuse activated carbon into the pure pulp cotton sheets, imported from Japan. The ingredients are derived naturally and the masks claim to give you whitening effect after just three uses.
The different functions are Pink for Brightening, Blue for Hydrating and Gold for Moisturising.

 Sexylook Superior Brightening Black Mask (with neck)
The photo of the lovely character with pink roses is really intriguing! However, since the instructions are mostly in Chinese or Japanese, I can't really translate it for you. The mask is said to effectively moisturise and brighten the skin to make it more translucent and fair. Infused with France Chiba Rose Water, the mask carries a faint flowery, rose scent.

The cotton mask sheet feels very fine and soft to the touch! It almost feels like I will tear the mask when separating it if I'm not careful. It's also very damp as the serum has been fully infused into it. It's like if I were to wring the mask, so much liquid would be produced o.o

To use, just apply the mask on for 10 - 15 minutes on a cleansed and toned face. After removing, gently massage the remaining essence into the skin with your fingertips to facilitate absorption. Personally, I also used the excess serum in the package and applied them to my arms and legs.

Sexy Look Superior Black Masks stands out because it has an extended area for the neck. You know how we always apply makeup to our face and ignore the neck? That's not the right way as your face will then be a different colour from the neck. so this mask has thoughtfully included an extra piece-fold for the neck! However, it doesn't really extend to the neck for me, just only the area below my chin? Good enough for me *shrugs*

Not sure if it's just the lighting but my skin really did look less dull after one use. My makeup also stayed on better the next day! However, the mask leaves a sticky sensation after use, which I'm not really a fan of.

You can get a box of 5 sheets of Sexylook Superior Brightening Black Mask from HERE at RM 24.00.

Sexylook Superior Hydrating Black Mask (with neck)

The blue variation of the Superior Black Mask series has the function of hydrating the skin while controlling oil secretion. It is great for people with oily skin.

This black mask sheet has tiny silver specks in it, or is it my eyes kidding me? It smells faintly of aloe vera and flowers and get this. One of the ingredients is actually jellyfish extract! :o No wonder the mask is so soft.

My skin has been feeling extremely dry lately so luckily, I had this mask to the rescue! It made my skin feel more hydrated and there are less peeling on my nose and chin area after just one use.

You can get a box of 5 sheets of the Sexylook Superior Hydrating Black Mask from HERE for RM 24.00.

Sexylook Superior Moisturising Black Mask (with neck)
Instead of roses, the gold variation of the Superior Black Masks series has chamomile flowers on it? This mask promises to hydrate and repair the skin.

This has got to be the most luxurious mask of the lot as it contains 24K gold bits in it! Whut o_o
This mask also contains gold chamomile extract, camellia extraction and French snail mucous membrane extract for that luxurious, soft feel. I love the scent btw!

My skin feels much softer and supple after using all these Sexylook masks. Did you know that it is best to use a mask at least twice a week to help keep your skin looking pretty?

You can get a box of 5 sheets of the Sexylook Superior Moisturising Black Mask from HERE for only RM 24.00.

Take advantage of the 20% promotion that they're having now! These masks are only going at RM19.20 now and you can even opt to purchase the separate sheets at RM3.84 (NP: RM4.80) each! Find more Sexylook masks here! I've also reviewed another set of masks in my previous post, don't hesitate to check it out here!

SexyLook Coffee Bean Black Head Pore Cleanser Set
The luxurious pink & black packaging has this "couture" feel to it. But in fact, it's just the packaging for this revolutionary black head pore cleanser from Sexylook! This product serves to unclog and refine pores. Nobody likes their nose to look like a "strawberry" right? Btw, check out that tiny coffee bean man on the bottom right, sitting on a black sheet and squeezing out white heads. Gross!

 The set contains 3 small bottles - sebum softener (20ml), black heads remover (60ml) and shrink toner (20ml)r Each is applied at stages and serves a different function.

The Sebum Softener contains Arabi coffee extract, yeast extract and rice acid. It's the first step to soften up the blackhead around the nose to make it easier for extraction.

To open the bottle is a bit troublesome as it contains so many caps. The sebum is a transparent liquid and smells faintly of coffee.

Step 1: After cleansing, dispense a proper amount of Sebum Softener and massage it in. The areas to use it on is usually your nose and chin area.

The Black Heads Remover contains mainly Arabica coffee extract, Moso bamboo charcoal and German chamomile extract. This is the main step as it helps to extract the blackheads from your skin.

Tear off the silver seal to reveal a black, tar-like substance. It's gooey and sticky but don't be turned off by it! The black heads remover also smells heavily of coffee.

Step 2: A thick layer of Black Heads Remover is applied to the nose or other affected areas. Leave it on for 15 - 20 minutes until it completely dries before peeling it off.

After the Black Heads Remover layer dries, it isn't as shiny and sticky anymore and your skin will start to tighten. Peel it off gently to reveal the gunk inside! For me, not much were extracted except a few black heads. I'll might havve to apply a thicker layer next time..

The Shrink Toner is the last step that is used to refine pores, restore skin fairness and keep the skin healthy. It contains Arabi coffee extract, peppermint lift extract, witch hazel extract, kiwi extract and vitamin B3.

Step 3: Similar to step 1, dispense an appropriate amount and pat the liquid gently on the nose and chin area to let it fully absorb into the skin/

The verdict: Honestly, the product didn't work as well as I'd like it to. I know I have fine pores which makes it difficult to extract blackheads but I've also tried the Strawberry Black Head Pore Cleanser Set before and I find that works better somehow? The smell of that set is also much more pleasing to me than coffee. Nevertheless, I will give the product another try to see if it's really as good as it claims to be.

You can get the Sexylook Black Head Pore Cleanser Set (Coffee) from HERE at RM 29.00.

If you wish to try out these goodies for yourselves too, don't hesitate to drop by to purchase! Like their Facebook page as well to get the latest updates and a 10% discount for your first purchase. Find more Sexylook products here! Time to look pretty for CNY!

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