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Monday 16 February 2015

Beauty: Eye Guasha Detox Treatment - Total Perfection Face & Body Spa [Part 2]

So, I'm kinda notorious for my dark eye rings when I was in uni. It's not a good thing to be proud of, btw! But what to do.. What with all the assignments and stuff, it's hard to get a decent 8 hours of sleep everyday. I've tried all kinds of eye cream and eye exercises. But thanks to Total Perfection Face & Body Spa, I got to experience this unique eye treatment for myself, a safe and fast alternative to getting rid of tired-looking eyes!

Gua Sha is typically an Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method which literally translates to "scrape away the pain". Gua Sha and acupuncture is compatible with the effects of consuming medicine as it uses the theory of meridian to relieve any blockages that can cause pain and help to release toxins around the eye area. For the eye area, it has no lymph nodes and the eye veins are very tiny which is why gua sha on the eye is not as intensive as other areas.

I tried out the treatment the same day I did my Grape Wine Peel Treatment. If you haven't read it, please feel free to do so! It's one of the best treatment for acne skin, imo :)
Anyway, after doing the extraction and calming down the skin, the beautician applied some eye cream on me to get ready for the Eye Gua Sha Detox Treatment. Then, a small air massage tool was used to suck and tug lightly on the skin around the eye area to massage in the cream and help with lymphatic detoxification and stimulate blood flow to that particular area.

Here's a short clip to illustrate my point better. 

The Gold Facial Massage Cream that was used on my eye area. Sounds luxurious, huh?

Our eye area is the most fragile and delicate part of the body. Puffiness, fine lines, dark eye circles and eye bags are common concerns of the eye area. Total Perfection offers 3 different eye treatments namely, Bright Eye Treatment, Revitalising Eye Treatment and this Eye Gua Sha Detox Treatment. This method can relieve eye fatigue, increase cellular nutrition and oxygen, eye soreness, and relieves aches immediately. It also helps to restore vitality and helps the eye area to detox to instantly lighten dark eye rings and eye bags. This treatment is especially suitable for people with short-sightedness, eye soreness, prolonged computer users and those who often stay up late at night like me.

These are the two wooden tools used for the Eye Gua Sha Detox Treatment.

The one that's shaped kind of like a fish is used on the sides of the eye and in between the eyes & eyebrows while the tool with the rounded edge is used on the undereye area.  The eyebrow and hairline also undergo the gua sha process to open up the "highway" for good blood flow. A twisting, scraping, pressing and stretching movement is used to dispel the "toxins" from these areas so you might feel a bit of pain. For people who constantly stay up late, there is a lot of heat pent up thus you will feel more pain. Like me ._.
PS: Please do not try this at home as you might injure the sensitive skin around the eyes if too much pressure is applied!

It's not very obvious, but can you see that my right eye is more lifted now compared to the left eye? The dark eye rings are also lighter in colour after just 5 minutes.

Some light massage is done to massage the product in and gives a lifting effect.

A layer of waxy substance is then melted and applied on top of the gauze. It feels warm and soothing on my tired eyes. A hot towel is then placed on top of the substance to apply some pressure on it.

After just one treatment, I find that my eye area feels much more lifted and the dark eye rings and eye bags have reduced. However, the effects are only temporary and you'd have to undergo the treatment a few times for the effect to be prolonged. For the effects to last longer and maintain beautiful eyes, one should always have enough rest and reduce computer use (haha easier said than done, I know) for optimum results.

If you're interested to try out this Eye Gua Sha Detox Treatment, it is priced at RM86.00 for members and RM108.00 for non-members, available only at Total Perfection Face & Body Spa!

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