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Monday 9 February 2015

Shopping: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones [ShopCoupons x Lazada]

Valentine's Day is coming! Do you need some ideas as to what to get for your loved ones? For me, Valentine's Day shouldn't only be about celebrating with your boyfriend or girlfriend - it can be a celebration for anyone you hold dear as well. So for all the "forever alone" people out there, don't fret because there is always someone out there who loves you, you know! :) The gifts that I picked out here are what I think would suit not only your other half, but your family as well? I hope you don't find this lame.. Let's just say these gifts are suitable for any occasion, and not only Valentine's Day!

For Him...

I think a guy looks best in a well-fitted shirt. Don't you think so? I've always liked woven materials like these because I think they look smarter, more mature and more interesting because of the different textures. If you don't know your boyfriend's size or what he looks good in, you can always surprise him by bringing him out to shop and pay for the bills for that day! ;)

Now, I personally think that this would be a great gift for your tech-savvy boyfriend or in my case, my tech-savvy dad. Leather is always a good idea as it's durable and classy. Not only does it serve the rational funtion of protecting your phone, a simple flip phone case looks edgy while getting the job done.

For Her...

This is a steal! For a set of pearl & zirconia crystal necklace and earring, it only costs less than RM60! Guys, you have no excuse not to buy this for your GFs now! :p No girl has ever said no to jewellery. I had my mum in mind when I saw this when browsing the site. It's such an elegant gift that would be the perfect accompaniment to her CNY outfits!

This is one of my most coveted item on my wishlist. It would be a great gift for your bestie, your sister,  your girlfriend.. anyone! It's one of the easiest-to-use curlers around to give you perfect calls everytime, without the risk of scalding your hands. Contrary to popular beliefs, girls don't wake up looking flawless all the time so this little tool will definitely save time and help her look her best for your date!

For Yourself...

It's time you gave yourself a treat! Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, so one must always remember to love yourself! I've always wanted a pair of platforms like these and I find these are absolutely gorgeous and easy to match with anything! Lazada is awesome because they're constantly having discounts and this pair is priced at only RM48 for now! If you want to get new shoes for CNY, you're in for a treat!

Should you be lost and have no idea what to get for your loved ones physically, why not spend some time browsing Lazada for some gift ideas? :p They carry a huge array of items from tech to beauty to fashion to almost anything you can think off! There's always discounts going on and they deliver within 1-3 days usually. Click on my Lazada banner on the right sidebar to start your shopping spree now! Anyway if you're really lost, you can never go wrong with buying them food... :p

In conclusion, there are many ways to show your friends or family you love them and buying them gifts is only one way. There are so much more you can do to show your appreciation! I hope this post has been useful to you! :) Have a loving and fun Valentine's Day, everyone! Couples or singles, you're awesome just the way you are :)

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