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Saturday 11 July 2015

My Blog Is 3!

It's my blog's 3rd Anniversary today! And to celebrate... I'm lying at home, sick in bed with tissue paper stuffed up my nose. Hahaha not very glam, I know XD 

I started this blog on this day 3 years ago to pen down my thoughts (has it really been 3 years?), but I was so inactive and I only started actively blogging in 2014. But still count lah right, still it's unofficial born-day mah :p 

I had plans this year to host a big giveaway on my blog's birthday or maybe start a Facebook page or change my domain (like finally), but what I did not expect was to be so overwhelmed that I won't have time to do anything else.. COMING SOON OK! ;) Also maybe cos I'm a huge procrastinator and not that great at multitasking hahaha. Would just like to use this post to apologise to & thank my readers/ sponsors, plus let you know the reason why I've been quite inactive lately. 

Note: This post is to share with you my thoughts ever since joining the workforce, what I've learnt, appreciation and just to keep you guys updated a little bit on my life. Not complaining lah :p
Also to thank you all for sticking with me for so long!!! 

After 4 months of being in the working world (ps: probation is over and I'm a confirmed employee now!), I'm still trying to learn how to manage my time. I honestly miss study life.. Speaking of which, I've yet to blog about my convocation and it has already been 3 months LOL! Back to the topic.. I miss uni because........ I used to wake up late and miss lectures, though I never really felt guilty about it :p (don't kill me, mum). Yesterday, I just took my first sick leave and I felt massive guilt that I ended up working from 8am - 6pm as usual, just that I was working from home. Lol. It has always been the way I am. I can finish up a 1500 word assignment in one night but even if it was a group project, I'll make sure I stay up extra long hours to finish my part AND check my groupmates' work. Not because I don't trust them, but because I feel accountable for my own work and I want to deliver the best I can. You may say I should just start my work early to avoid missing sleep and unnecessary stress but too bad, that's just the way (my friends and) I operate. We work best under last-minute pressure :p 

It's really not easy balancing time between work and my other responsibilities. Really dai gor lui jor, no more playing around. Sigh, adulthood.. Though, I still act like a kid at times :p I miss holidays where I just laze at home, watch sitcoms/ Youtube vids, go out yumcha with my friends, etc. Now, majority of my time is spent doing work. After coming home from a long day, I have to find time to take photos, edit photos and blog. I really wonder how some bloggers do it, can share with me your tips please? Salute!!! It's something I regret not being able to manage well because it has caused me to delay some posts, which is why you see a lack of updates on this space even though I do have a lot of pending posts on hand D: This really stresses me out. I always tell myself that "Ok, I'll stay up till 2am tonight to finish this post"......... But I'll end up falling asleep at 11pm -.- I used to stay up like a boss till 4-5am and my bf would lecture me on the importance of sleep. Now when I tell him I'll sleep at 2am. he just pats my head and laughs -_- I feel like an old person LOL. 

TIME. Time and discipline are SO important if you're working on more than one task at a time. I've learnt to appreciate weekends (and public holidays!) sooo much now because they are used to spend time with my family, bf or simply some ME time. Most of the time, weekends are used for working or blogging as well which is why every second counts. No more sleeping in :( "Busy". That's my answer when people ask me how's life, but I'm not complaining. I learn a lot everyday and I have my parents, boss and colleagues to thank for that. It makes everything worth it when I complete a task and people appreciate my efforts. I've had friends who are also in the workforce telling me they don't like their workplace because of office politics and what-not, and I just feel so lucky I get to work in a creative environment with friendly & helpful people, woot woot! Another thing is, I really admire people who are in the customer service line because sometimes I get so annoyed by customers. This has taught me how to be patient. Lol. Ever since high school, I'm used to taking up more than one responsibility at a time because it just feels so empty if I have nothing much to do.. Come to think of it, I haven't said the words "I'm bored" in a long time because my life is colourful, always filled with things to do :) I have big plans and multiple vacations planned for this year, can't wait to execute them!

I'd like to take this chance to apologise to my sponsors. Thank you for the opportunities given and for believing in me. Sorry if I reply emails late or have delayed any of your posts and I do appreciate a gentle reminder from you because I tend to mis-schedule at times. But I promise you, I still put 100% effort into each and every post that I write or photos that I take, I only share my honest opinions and you will see that my posts are quite long because I have so much to say. I'm really glad to have the chance to share my passion with my readers. Something I've learnt is to NEVER look down on your blog or ability, and others won't too. More than half of 2015 have flew by and sometimes I wonder what I have achieved so far. Then I realised, this is one of my luckiest year ever! So many things have happened this year and I can't be more thankful. I've gotten an Invisalign sponsorship, won a mini "Fashionista" contest, worked with many brands, made new friends and it's all because of my blog! :D :D

Um, did I mention that I can also drive now?!?! Hahaha take that, people who doubted me :p

I'll be organising two giveaways this month to compensate celebrate my blog's anniversary month! But please be patient with me because after the issue with my spoilt camera lens, now my laptop has officially died (RIP) and I'm using the laggy one at home. Still trying to retrieve some photos to my hard drive, so please bear with me! Hopefully I save enough $ for a MacBook soon! But first, I need to get well. Apparently I have an upper respiratory tract infection and it's the first time I've fallen sick this year. I hate being sick, it really affects my productivity. I guess this is a signal from my body to take a rest but erm, I feel restless if I'm not doing anything. So here I am with this super long-winded and pointless post... I miss blogging and especially doing OOTD posts a lot, I really hope I can get back on track soon..

Last words, just wanted to say THANK YOU to you guys for sticking with me all these time. My blog is really still a baby compared to some of the 'big' bloggers out there but I'm glad you took the time to stop by my humble blog. Sometimes I have people telling me they miss my posts and are looking forward to more updates. Or sometimes I get emails from readers asking me for recommendations on where to go. beauty and fashion-related stuff. I really do enjoy getting your comments and mails, so please keep them coming! I will try my best to reply you as fast and comprehensive as possible :p You guys are the motivation to continue doing what I do and find ways to improve myself. You can also follow me on my Instagram & SnapChat (@carerynn) for more updates. I do try and post daily. Oh yea, just to let my friends know, sorry if I flood your notifications at times with Likes because I don't have time to scroll through my Instagram feed anymore, I just go on to post photos so expect some spams from me XD 

PS: It's also our 2 and a half year monthsary today, Happy Monthsary MCY! Thank you for tolerating my busy schedule, your encouragement and support in everything I do <3

Love lots,


  1. Keep up the good work dear! may we all grow together! Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary! ^_^

    1. Yea! A lot more to learn from you, my 'senior'! Thank you! :D x

  2. Congrats on your 3rd year blog anniversary!! Take good care of yourself and Let's grow and support each other together <3


    1. Thanks, dear! I will. All the best in blogging too! <3


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