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Sunday 12 July 2015

Travel: #AABC Asean Traveler Contest!

I am the best candidate to be AirAsia Asean Traveller's Selfie Expert because I am the modern day social media butterfly (pfft.. social butterfly was so yesterday!) and you can be sure I'll keep my friends & followers updated wherever I am with my photos... and my face! :D Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Swarm.. You name it, I'm on it. Social media is my life, and I'm glad that I managed to incorporate this passion into my job and blog now, which makes me even happier. Besides being a Selfie Expert, my friends also label me as the "OOTD Queen" so I'll have my outfits planned before I go to any of these places. 

I go everywhere with my handy iPhone 5S and my trusty camera (Sony NEX 5T) to make sure I capture every moment possible. Neil Armstrong left his footprint to mark his landing on the moon? Well, my selfie is my equivalent of leaving my mark wherever I go! I even have my own hashtag on Instagram to categorise my selfies. Yes, that's how vain organised I am :p

But then again, my selfies are getting boring because they almost always have the same background and tagged location. It's time to take things to the next level!

Here's the list of activities I will do as a Selfie Expert with the AirAsia Asean Pass. [PS: DON'T LAUGH - *power of PhotoShop* XD] :

1. Visit the famous Angkor Wat.
As a student, I have heard so much about Angkor Wat in Cambodia and how it used to be one of the main trading centres of the world. The beautiful temples, the blue skies in the background.. Doesn't it look just like a place fit for a queen? It's a sacred place, so a modest photograph would no; no fancy poses and what-not.

2. Admire the magnificence of Borobudur Temple.
Can't believe our country is located so near to Indonesia, and yet I've never visited there? Borobudur Temple is a Unesco World Heritage Site and the most-visited tourist attraction of Indonesia; how can I give this a miss? Walking on those tiled floors and just soaking in the peacefulness of the place, it is indeed a worthy place to worship Buddha. 

3. Explore the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City.
I love soaking up the sights and sounds of any city I go to. It makes me feel so ALIVE to be around all these people, smells and bright lights. This city is one of the most populated in the world and has the biggest contrast from the best hotels to the cheapest guesthouse, most expensive restaurants to best streetfood... I'll be spoiled with choice. And where else to try the famed Vietnamese coffee than in Vietnam's biggest city itself? And not to mention, I can also travel to Saigon to SHOP!

4. Swim with the fishes in Manila Ocean Park.
I've always wanted to visit an aquarium. Must feel quite surreal to walk around while being surrounded by water and fishes, only to be separated by a wall of glass. Omg is this what mermaids feel like all the time?! Oh yea, one of my good friends is from the Philipines. Would be nice to drop by her home country and learn about her culture here!

5. Soak up the sun in Phi-Phi Island.
THE BEACH! One of my favourite places to be! I can't believe I already have 3-4 beach vacays planned for this year, but I ain't complaining. The seaview, beach air and sound of the waves, soft sand brushing against my toes.. I live for that! Here's a selfie of me trying to take a selfie with the boat (hahaha). I don't get seasick easily (I think) so I'd love to hop on one of these boats and explore what else Thailand and its islands have to offer!

Ok you may laugh, but these are TOTALLY what you'd do too if you had a kick-ass front camera/ camera to use for your selfies. Who wouldn't want the perfect photograph to commemorate the moment? Yes, professional photographers use their super canggih DSLRs to take breathtaking photograhs of every place they go to but selfies, well, they just switch things up a notch. They're somehow more fun, more relatable, y'know? Selfies are the modern-day photographs, except you don't print it out to frame it - you post it on social media to share the joy. And hey, taking a selfie isn't that easy ok! You have to take the time to find the right angle, get that perfect lighting and sometimes you may even need to engage the help of a good ol' selfie stick to REALLY capture everything in one photo. It's not easy, but it is worth it. ;) 

In all seriousness, it's not just about selfies. My life has really been quite mundane and protected for the past 22 years. I haven't even had a chance to visit ancient temples and aquariums, dammit! Like they say, travel broadens the mind. So I'm really hoping that with this light-hearted post, AirAsia can send me on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure soon. I have so much more to learn and see in this big, big world :)

Join me in this contest too! Who knows, we might all stand a chance to win the 7D/6N all-expenses paid trip on a getaway around ASEAN countries with the AirAsia Asean Pass! Click on the link for contest details.

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  1. Good luck carinn! Thinking about joining this contest too hahahha

  2. I look forward for your instagram in Phi Phi Island. So cute ^^


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