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Monday 25 January 2016

Bath & Body x Giveaway: Princess Malaysia Raw Organic Body Scrubs

I'm loving body scrubs lately, especially natural & organic ones. I found that it is a good habit to incorporate into my weekly shower routine to keep my skin soft & glowing. Also, I've decided to try and host a mini giveaway each month as a token of appreciation for my reader! Here's the first one of the year!

First off, congratulations to blogger friend, Illy, on launching her own line of raw organic handmade scrubs! Aptly named Princess Malaysia, it'll make you feel pampered like a princess with its clean, pretty products. It is also Muslim-friendly. They are committed to make as many princesses around the world be happy & beautiful with their scrubs that are hand-crafted with love and care. And guess what? Don't be confused by the name, but they actually have free shipping in Malaysia and ships worldwide so everyone can indulge in a whole new scrubbing experience!

Their debut product is the Princess Happiness All-In-One Premium Body Scrub. Packaging-wise, I love how pink & minimalistic it is, you can definitely tell they put a lot of effort into the design and description. Each bottle of Princess Happiness is made with Citrus & Coconut. I love the ingredients listed behind this body booster; it says: "Orange Essential Oil, fresh orange, extra virgin coconut oil, brown + white sugar, happiness and loads of positive aura specially for you." So cute hor!

The second scrub is something new and yet to be released on Princess Malaysia's site so I feel quite proud to try it first! Honestly I wanted to try Princess Glorious which contains rose petals, but it's out of stock at the moment :( Anyway, Princess Posh is made of grape essential oil, fresh black seed, black seed oil, extra virgin coconut oil, brown sugar, awesomeness & lots of positive aura ;) Don't be intimidated by the colour though (it's actually darker in real-life because of the black seed), it is still jam-packed with goodness! However, I'm not really a fan of the black seeds so you need to spend a little longer to wash it off or it will leave black dots all over you.

Both Princess Scrubs are mainly made of sugar and organic ingredients that you can find around your kitchen so it should be safe to consume. I shan't lie, it tastes sweet (don't judge :P) But I wouldn't recommend doing it lah hahaha. Princess Happiness Scrub smells damn good ok! I'm generally not a fan of orange-flavoured by-products so if I say this smells great, you should believe me. It smells fresh & fruity. Princess Posh smells a little sour to me and sadly, the coconut & black seed oil spilled a little when it arrived by post so my scrub seemed a little oilier than normal :( Because it's made of sugar, both the scrub are gentle on the skin, yet gets the job done. Skin feels smooth & refreshed after scrubbing, but it does leave a little sticky feeling in my opinion so remember to wash off thoroughly with water.

What I love:
- Lovely packaging
- Healthy, organic and handmade ingredients, safe for all skin types (and Muslim-friendly)
- Smells fresh & citrusy
- Gentle yet effective scrub

What I don't:
- Leaves a slightly sticky feeling after scrubbing
- Would prefer if they provide a spoon with the scrub
- Not a fan of the black seeds in Princess Glorious
- Short life span (Try not to get water or moisture inside the scrub because it might spoil easily as it's made with raw ingredients & no preservatives)
Price: RM35.00/ per bottle
Volume: 325ml
Where to Buy: Princess Malaysia website, Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp

Ok, now's your chance to win not one, but TWO Princess Malaysia Body Scrubs too! It'll be packaged just as nicely as the parcel I received and the prize is worth RM70. You can treat it as my little present for you for CNY hehe. As usual, all you have to do is follow the steps in the Rafflecopter app below:

Terms & Conditions:
- Giveaway is open to readers residing in Malaysia only
- Giveaway will last for a week from Monday, 25 January to Sunday, 31 January 2016 (11.59pm).
- All steps must be fulfilled, otherwise the entry will be forfeited.
- Please only take part if you are agreeable to the terms & conditions stated.


Don't forget to give them a LIKE! Find out more about Princess Malaysia and place your orders at:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer: Even though the product is sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products.

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  16. Great scrubs for the price. The mens scrub pants fit well, even though the pants are a little longer it will still blend in with your tennis shoes when you're at the hospital and all.


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