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Saturday 16 January 2016

Beauty: Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush

Hello, beautiful! I've had this gorgeous makeup brush for a while now, sorry I got so long to writing it. Well, it's better late than never right? First of all, I'd like to congratulate my friend Sabrina Tajudin on launching her own makeup brush line. I talked to her a while back when we were working together and I'm so glad to hear that her dream finally came true! Actually, I got a sneak peak of this brush before anyone did, kinda proud about that :p JK. Here's my honest review about the debut brush from Breena Beauty, also my first makeup brush review!

Besides the pink & dreamy packaging, each brush comes with a handwritten card which is also self-painted by Sabrina! How talented is she. Also, you can tell she's put in a lot of effort for the packaging and I like that. Notice how the lace design, embossed gold lettering and brush font on the box stands out too, it will definitely make any girl's heart race.

Just a little insight about Breena Beauty. The name is seemingly a derivative from Sabrina's name, clever huh? The brand was founded in 2013 by Sabrina and her hubby after 4 years of research and sample testing. Their mission is to become a leading Muslim-friendly and cruelty-free beauty brand that creates high quality products with a reasonable price tag. Each makeup brush is tailor-made to suit every users' needs. The rose gold & white theme of the brushes represent the feminine side and cleanliness of the brand.

I went to the office one day and found this surprise package on my table. Inside was Breena's Face Luxe Brush. This is a multi-tasking brush that works great with both powder & liquid formula products. You can find the name of the brush and the brand engraved in beautiful rose gold on the white wood handle which is admittedly, not very long and quite stubby, but very comfortable to hold.

According to the website, this brush gives you a soft focus, air-brushed finish on your skin. No more cakey face! The brush is a soft dome sculpted shape with ultra soft synthetic bristles for an effortless, seamless and natural makeup application. It works best with face powder, powder or liquid foundation, pressed powder or bronzer. Talk about multi-functional! As you can see, the bristles are packed tightly to give more concentration & focus when applying your makeup product. 

Did I mention just how SOFT the brush is? I let my mum try it and she loved the feeling too. The bristles are made from 100% non-animal hair, and are of the finest synthetic fibres to help give you the easiest makeup application, anytime anywhere. Believe me, I've tried other brushes and they tend to poke or scratch your skin which can cause allergic reaction, but this doesn't. Because it's made with fibres, this brush is certified to be Muslim-friendly.

I usually use the Face Luxe Brush to apply my blusher, or to brush on loose powder on the final makeup step. Because it's so dense, it makes blush application a breeze. For optimum results, use it in a buffing or padding movement. Since the brush is best used with powders, I also find that it works well to sweep on loose powder for a natural finish. I've yet to try this with a liquid foundation though.

I'm impressed by how much product it picks up, with just one sweep! Much better than using the sponge that comes with my loose powder. FYI, this brush is easy to clean too. Just use room temperature water with baby shampoo to deep clean the brushes at least once a month.

Now, I usually apply my makeup with my fingers but ever since I got this brush, I've made it a point to incorporate it into my daily makeup routine. So you can say, it's my current favourite brush. It feels like a fluffy cloud on your skin! Now I'm seriously contemplating getting the other brushes from the brand because they're really not that costly for such good quality products. I'm in love!

What I love:
- Super soft! Obsessed with the bristles
- Isn't it just pretty?
- Affordable
- Picks up adequate amount of product
- Versatile & easy to use
- Gives a natural finish, no caking
- Easy to clean
- Plus point, it's made locally and is Muslim-friendly too!

What I don't:
- Maybe just that it's a little bulky to fit in my makeup bag?
Price: RM45.00
Where to Buy: Breena Beauty website
Breena Beauty has also come up with two other brushes for eyeshadow and eyebrow defining since this debut brush. Make sure you check them out!

Disclaimer: The product was given to me as a gift. This review is voluntary and is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product.

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