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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Eats & Treats: VA Groceries Japanese Snacks

I snack a lot. Like, A LOT, especially when I'm working. So much so that my Christmas gift from my office's Secret Santa gift exchange was a huge box of snacks XD Coincidentally, I received this box of snacks from VA_Groceries during Christmas and I'm gonna share with you all the goodies that I got now! Sorry it's a little delayed though :x

How sweet of them to pack it like a big present with the cute green ribbon, right? This is the Christmas Box specially curated by VA_Groceries. Let's see what's inside!

The first thing I see is the handwritten Christmas card by them! The snacks are also safely packed with bubble wrap.

This Christmas Gift Box is RM45. Yes, all these for RM45 only! It consists of  5 different types of imported Japanese snacks, a cute little Santa Claus decoration, a Christmas greeting card and.. free postage! FYI, they also had a Christmas Gift Set at RM25 and the only difference is that it comes in a paper bag and contains only 4 types of snacks. Wanna see what snacks are there?

Calbee Sapporo Potato Vegetable Snack | RM6
I've always loved Japanese chips, somehow they're crispier and tastier? It's quite expensive for a big bag of chips because I usually get mine from Daiso (not this brand) for RM5, so it's more worth it to get this whole Gift Set.

Meito Green Tea Chocolate | RM13
I LOVE Green Tea Kitkat. This isn't really the same as it has a single wafer type, a chocolate type and a biscuit type in one pack, but it still tastes pretty good. 

Calbee Jagabee Butter Soy Sauce | RM12
I was looking forward to trying this the most. When I was in Japan, my siblings and I stopped at almost every convenience store to buy a pack of this french fry-looking chips and we were fighting to eat it haha. Still tastes as good as the one in Japan, or even better because this is sweet yet savoury at the same time. There are 4 packs in a box.

Pocky Strawberry Flavor | RM4
Another yummy Jap snack that I love, strawberry-flavoured Pocky! The packaging is different from the normal Pocky that we have here. For one, it's smaller and the polka-dot packaging is way cuter!

Unfortunately, I don't know what this cookie is called but it's delicious with its soft cookie outer layer and chocolate-filled centre!

So there you have it, all the snacks I've been eating lately :p Btw, VA_Groceries sells clothes and bags too. VA_Groceries also provides Taiwan shopping services & Taobao shopping services. You can Wechat them for more info and check out their Facebook & Instagram for more info!

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Disclaimer: Even though the products were sponsored, it does not affect my opinion in any way. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products. 

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  1. Oo.. YUMMY! Love Japanese snacks and it sure looks like a great yummy box


  2. Wa... Looks yummy! Japan snacks are the best!!

    1. Agree! I always buy Jap snacks when I go to Daiso haha

  3. Japanese sweets are the best! :) I love eating Japanesr gummy bears lol It's hard to get them in my country T_T

    1. Yeah, me too! Especially gummies. Oh where are you from? :)


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