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Saturday 25 October 2014

Beauty: Coni Beauty Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask

BOO! Did I scare you?

If you're wondering, no- I have not gone mad. I'm actually just trying out a mask which claims to make my skin fairer. Oh, the irony - using black jelly to whiten the skin.

Coni Beauty was founded in 1999 and is one of the biggest skincare corporations in Taiwan. They are known to develop high quality, SGS Switzerland-certified products with natural ingredients approved by European Union Ecocert. They have received 4 national awards in 2013 and have been featured on many beauty shows. Coni Beauty is commited to using safe ingredients, no animal testing and uses 100% recyclable material. This Coni Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask is particularly suited for blemished complexions and deep cleansing. It also claims to remove melanin from inside out and acts as an exfoliator. It also tightens the pores and makes your skin smooth. One use, and you can restore the skin's vitality and elasticity, rejuvenate and brighten dull skin and makes your skin feel fresh and less oily!

I received the 20ml tub for review and to illustrate how tiny it is, here's a comparison on my already tiny hands. However, you only need a tiny amount when using so 20ml is actually sufficient to last about a month, I would say.

Don't be intimidated by this dark, rubbery-looking substance. With added black diamond charcoal, it helps in whitening and moisturising the skin while regulating excessive oil. Black rose essence is also included to provide sufficient energy to skin cells and has anti-oxidant components, while at the same time brightening and whitening the skin.

It seriously feels like jelly! The gel-like substance is quite dense and does leave a bit of black stains which can be easily washed off with water. It smells of roses, which most girls love! However, it does not contain any microbeads as far as I can tell which makes me doubt the exfoliating effect of the product.

So can't wait to try it! Bare face here. I have a lot of blemishes on my forehead and my skin is so dull... I cannot T.T

To use, just apply an even layer of about 1-3cm of the mask on your face. You can choose to use a spoon that you usually use to scoop out cream products, or your fingers. Do try and avoid the eye area as it is very delicate. Oh yea, try not to walk around during this time as you might scare some people :p It's Halloween month after all, right? :p

Leave it on for about 30 minutes. When the mask dries like this and starts to feel slightly tight, you'll know it's time to wash it off with ample amount of water. 

I'm not sure if it's just the colour contrast from the black, or my skin really did become whiter. My housemate claimed that I became fairer too :o Which is scary to me because I think I'm quite fair already to begin with. I do feel that the mask did give some sort of instantenous effect as my skin tone is more balanced and brighter now. Skin also became smoother and mattified! I love the effect, but my only complaint is that 30 minutes is quite a long time to wait for the mask to dry. Not advisable to use as a last-minute solution when you're rushing to go out.

PS: I'm sorry if this grosses you out.
Since the mask also claims to act as an exfoliator, here's a before and after comparison on my blackheads. I don't see much significant differences except that the tiny tiny bumps have been smoothen out a little. However, it did not remove my blackheads and whiteheads. 

All in all, I love the effect and overall scent of this mask! Plus, it's super affordable at only RM5.90 for 20ml and RM 49.90 for 100ml. Super worth it huh? Where can you get it..? HiShop, of course!
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Find more Coni Beauty products here. You can also get 15% rebate when you quote 'CARINNTAN' during checkout. Share with me if you tried this mask and let me know how it compares to other brands like the popular Hanaka Charcoal mask, will ya? :)

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Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary depending on individual skin condition, skin colour, application technique and other factors.


  1. Nice review! I love this jelly mask :)


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