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Friday 17 October 2014

Shopping: Save Money with CupoNation Singapore!

It's no surprise that I love shopping and receiving parcels at my door! #happygirlishappy.
Last night, I was talking to my gf in the UK and she was telling me how I'll go crazy if I did online shopping there. Apparently ASOS is having sales now and she managed to snag 2 dresses for 27 pounds. WHAAATTT. I was so jealous! 

Of course, after that I couldn't help myself but browse ASOS site too. :x It was then that I stumbled upon CupoNation. Guys and girls, I HAVE to share this with you! It is a site that helps you save money. They have compiled all the best deals, promotional codes and vouchers, all in one place so that you stretch every penny to the max! What sorcery is this??

Check out this ASOS promo code! Get an EXTRA 25% off ASOS storewide? WHAT. Plus, I know that ASOS offers free international shipping so I can purchase at an even better price now :o *wallet crying* I guess the code applies for Singapore for now but I can still get any friends in Singapore to buy for me first.. XD Not only that, they have other codes like 60% off workwear, 25% on sportswear and more! Why got so good deal wan!

CupoNation has various categories to browse and I also chanced upon the Travel category where they were having Jetstar flight deals! I'm actually planning a short vacation after I graduate so now I know where to go to get even cheaper flight tickets.. Yay!

If you're trying to save money but splurge at the same time (am I making sense?), now you know where to look! Um, you're welcome :)


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