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Thursday 16 October 2014

Event: bollywood PROFESSIONAL @ Muse by Watsons

When we say Bollywood, what comes to your mind? For me, it's the elaborate outfits, quirky dances and of course, the over-the-top makeup. I've always admired how beautiful the artists are with their flawless skin and how they can pull off colourful makeup that enhances their naturally sharp features. I'm sure it takes a lot of work to look that good! Recently, I got to indulge in the glitz and glamour of Bollywood and experience for myself just how amazing Bollywood makeup is at Muse by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid.

Introducing bollywood PROFESSIONAL. This is a brand that is extremely popular in London and amongst Bollywood artistes and guess what! They've finally reached our shores! They have partnered up with Muse by Watsons because of the store's excellent services and set-up that suits the theme of bollywood PROFESSIONAL perfectly. Thank you, The Butterfly Project for the invitation to experience this launch!

Every girl will be delighted at this sight. It's so colourful and lovely! Check out the wide range of cosmetics they have that caters to all skin colour and skin type.

bollywood PROFESSIONAL doesn't only make cosmetics, but they have their own fragrance too!


The main objective of this event was to introduce us to the newly-launched lip colour series from bollywood PROFESSIONAL - Liquid Lipstick which boasts intense colour and full coverage, and is suitable for long-wear. Not only that, it is formulated with vitamins and which will protect and treat your lips as you wear it.

The gorgeous brand principal, Rani Barring tells us how did the brand come about. She was born and raised in London and has the experience of living in various countries including Korea and New York. bollywood PROFESSIONAL cosmetics are made in New York because Ms Rani believes that cosmetics has to keep up to date with fashion as well and what better place to learn than in the most fashionable city in the world? Recently, the bollywood PROFESSIONAL team also attended New York Fashion Week to learn about the latest trends in fashion. 

According to Rani Barring, bollywood PROFESIONAL cosmetics are made from extremely nourishing ingredients which means that when you apply it, it not only makes you look good but treats your skin at the same time. When she first introduced this cosmetics line to Bollywood makeup artists, they were so impressed with the colour intensity and staying power as it doesn't melt even when shooting in hot studio lights for hours, that they insisted to only use bollywood PROFESSIONAL cosmetics now. Even the actresses themselves are so amazed by the makeup that they want to use it off-screen as well.

After hearing that awesome introduction, the girls couldn't wait to try out the makeup for themselves too! We all got the chance to get  full makeover at the makeup station.

Butterfly Mamasan, Tammy having her makeover done! 

And then of course I had to get my makeup done too!

I loved that they had a system whereby the makeup counter is divided into stations so each girl could have their turn and the makeup artists can work more efficiently. First we started with face, then moved on to the eyes and finally, the lips. Basically, I just let the makeup artists work their magic and decide what colour and style they think suits me. 

These are the products that they used on my face.

Mineral Photo Touch Foundation | Mineral Photo Touch Concealer | Concealer

Eyeshadow - matte, shiny.. you name it, they have it.

And of course the star of the day, Liquid Lipstick! 

Here's a quick swatch of all the colours above. See that smudge on my arm? I tried wiping it off with only tissue and trust me, this lipstick DOES NOT BUDGE at all! In fact, it leaves a stain even after I wiped all of it off. This shows you just how saturated and pigmented the lip colour is! 

My final look! I love my eye-makeup, even prior to adding more eyeliner. It blends so easily and the colour is so pigmented! I had a birthday party to attend that night and the theme was Light Colours, so this eyeshadow perfectly matches the theme. The foundation is another favourite as it's not drying at all but at the same time, it's not cakey. It is also quite long-lasting because I was sweating a lot at the party and the foudation stayed put. The best part is the red lips. I'm wearing Code Red and it's such a sultry, sexy red! The lipstick feels moisturising and not sticky. It is super shiny like I'm wearing gloss and does last a long time. However, it will stain your teeth if you're not careful. So always remember to dab off the excess with tissue paper or try the finger-in-mouth method.

Ok selfie time! Finally met this big-eyed babe, Kerchi in person! <3

Cute Jennifer with her sweet makeup look :)

Pretty Jenny! I love her headgear.. We first met at Benefit's Majorette Workshop, and she's so friendly!

My usual events partner, Jess! <3

And of course I had to take a picture with Mamasan Tammy. She looks so great and so different since the last time I saw her! 

With Miss Rani Barring. Omg I'm so tiny and awkward next to her ><

Ending with my OOTD. The theme was Glam Luxe and I didn't really know what to wear.. Baroque print seemed pretty glamourous and suited for Bollywood theme to me, so I wore this dress which I got during my Japan trip.
Dress from H&M 
Shoes from Happy2u
Clear Perspex Box Clutch from Happy2u
Bracelet from Cotton On
Earrings from Diva Accessories

Photo taken from Muse by Watsons Facebook
Lastly, gropu photo with the gorgeous glamorous Butterflies! Oh yea, thank you bollywood PROFESSIONAL for the goodie bag!

A clearer photo of my full makeup that day. This is after adding more eyeliner to my bottom waterline.I don't mind that it's too over the top because hey, Bollywood is all about glamour and colours! I personally love it a lot, what do you think?

For more details, log on to bollywood PROFESSIONAL's website and Facebook page.
Visit Muse by Watsons at LG1, Sunway Pyramid to experience this cosmetic line and more for yourselves and don't forget to LIKE Butterfly Project Malaysia on Facebook for more updates on upcoming events!


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