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Friday 14 November 2014

Carinn x OOTD: Comfy in Casuals

It feels like a long, long time since I've last blogged. Some updates about my life: I'm done with university, currently trying to get my life together. I've been sooo busy after exams, what with outings, the Carousell Pop-Up Market, team building @ Broga Hill, events, packing my room to shift back to JB, finding a job. Whew. Whoever said life after exams is carefree!

Speaking of Broga, I hope to blog about my experience there soon! I was so hesitant to go but now that I'm back, I did not regret it... The only thing is that I fell and it left a huge wound on my right leg. Sigh. This is another throwback post but you'll also see me in lots of maxi skirts and long pants after this because the scar is going to take a while to heal :(

Maxi dress - Kitschen // Denim jacket - H&M // White flatform wedges - Taobao // Inner tube top - F-block // Tote bag - Topshop // Necklaces - Forever 21

Photographer: Boyfie :)

Somehow, I found my love for grey this year because I realise what a casual and cool colour it is. It just screams comfort. I don't always dress casually, because I tend to throw on a crazy piece of accessory even if I'm wearing just T-shirt and shorts. So with this dress, I decided to pair it with the Stylenanda-inspired flatform wedges (which are totally cool, but too big for me! :( ) and my denim jacket for Saturday class. Yes, I have class on the weekends sometimes. Even more reason to be lazy. The flatforms are not only comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in, they also add a boost of height for me! For accessories, I wanted to try layering, which is basically wearing a few necklaces of different lengths just to give dimension and style. I so need to get more simple necklaces other than statement necklaces! XD I got these 3 simple ones from Forever 21 for RM3 each! What a steal!

So here's my sorry excuse for a post to revive my blog. After the trip, I feel so exhausted, mentally and physically. So a lazy outfit for my lazy mood yea? Promise to come up with more outfits soon. Have a relaxing weekend, guys!

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