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Sunday 9 November 2014

Event/ Shopping: Carousell Pop-Up Market @ Bangsar Day 1!

Happy Sunday! If you're still lying in bed, deciding what to do with the rest of your day, I suggest you get right up now and head on over to Bangsar for the Carousell Pop-Up Market! In case you didn't know, this is actually the first and largest event hosted by Carousell Malaysia (read here) and I am glad to be a part of it, as the team. a blogger and a vendor. Yes, this is my first time having my own booth at such a huge bazaar (booths in uni don't count, right?). I had fun, but no one told me that it would be THIS tiring! Oh my god. I can barely feel my legs and I keep getting distracted by all the nice stuffs so I ran up and down the stairs multiple times. :p

I had to take some photos for the Carousell page so why not use it for my blog too? What you're reading now is more or less the LIVE version of the event happening RIGHT NOW! It starts from 10am - 6pm. We heard that it might be extended till 7pm tonight, just come on down early and grab all the good deals before they're gone! Check out the photos and some must-see things that I've listed out.

LOVE this mural! It's the perfect place to take photos!

*ignore the dustbin haha*
OOTD - Denim on Denim:
White shirt from H&M
Denim vest from H&M
High-waisted shorts from Sungei Wang Plaza

The awesome #teamcarousell :) Drop by to say hi or leave your feedback, they'll also be happy to answer any questions you have!

If you did not bring your own recycle bag, you can always opt to buy the limited edition Carousell eco totes for RM25 only!

There's also a photobooth on stage, of course we couldn't resist the temptation to start camwhoring!

The super adorable and nice Oliiii :D

Superwoman Reshma!

Photo from Carousell Malaysia
Photobooth fun with my pretty babes, Nicole & Chanwon <3

Just some of my friends who dropped by to visit today :) Thank you, girls!

This event was proudly sponsored by Worthbook Malaysia and Zalora. Don't forget to check out the sponsors' booths too!

At 10am, the doors opened and.. Let the shopping begin!!


Phone covers and phone accessories


Yummy cupcakes from Sooka Pastry!

Vintage items

Makeup tools

And of course, CLOTHES! Lots and LOTS of clothesssss! New, preloved, you name it... The prices range from RM5 onwards. One stall was even selling off preloved clothes for as low as RM1! MADNESS!

Please don't neglect the rest of the vendors too because if you look closely, there are more awesome booths outside the hall too!

There's also shoes <3

And beauty products!

You can even get temporary tattoos done too! I love these from Shappytats because the gold and silver are so shiny and classy so of course I had to get them! One for RM3, two for RM5 only. It's not a bazaar until you get a tattoo right? :p

Even the Red Bull team dropped by to spread the cheer!

Just some of the bloggers at the 2nd floor of the community hall. My booth is upstairs too and it can get a little lonely.. So PLEASE come up to the second floor for more great deals! Your favourite beauty and fashion bloggers are clearing out their closet so their clothes and beauty products go for as low as RM10!!

And most importantly, this is my booth! I'm sharing it with Audrey. We actually woke up at 6am and reached the venue at 8am to set up. Not too shabby eh?

Audrey will be selling her BRAND NEW and AUTHENTIC 3CE products from her blogshop,, at super duper low prices! I kinda regret buying them the past few months already after seeing how much she's selling these for now.. Almost close to cost price! :O Aud literally travelled a few hundred km from JB to attend this bazaar! *touched* So if you've been dying to get your hands on 3CE products, now's the chance! You'll also get to swatch it so you can fall in love with it before you buy it!

My clothes rack. I've about 50 pieces of clothes which I sold from RM10-RM25. However, the crowd was not satisfactory for me today (maybe because some of my clothes are too small?). Nevertheless, today we'll be clearing all items so all clothes will be selling for RM10-15 ONLY! Go dig in my treasure chest to find your precious piece :D

I'm also selling some shoes, bags, hats, phone covers and accessories!

Photo from Carousell Malaysia

Ended the day with lots of smiles and laughters with my newfound blogger friends. Even though we didn't get much of a crowd (seriously guys, come upstairs and find us!), we had so much fun chatting and sharing ideas so you can bet that Day 2 will be even more phenomenal! 

From left: Jessica, Audrey, Vicki, Ashley, Kishya and muaaaa. :D

So to answer your question of "What to do on a Sunday?"... Just come on over to Gujarati Community Hall / GAWPS Samaj at No. 38, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park to scour for great deals! FYI, if you're coming from McDonald's Telawi on your left, just proceed to the traffic light, take a right turn and just go straight until you see the tents and Carousell banner! 

Psst.. You can also read about the previous Carousell event HERE! Promise that it's all fun, as usual :D Learn more about the app and what it has to offer HERE too!

Bargain-hunters, this is NOT something you'd want to miss! See you! Come and say hi and maybe buy my stuffs ok? :*

For more photos, view them HERE.


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  1. Kyaaa look at all of those 3CE products! ^ - ^
    I hope that day two will bring a bigger crowd for you girls! ^ w ^

    1. Yes! You can contact Audrey @ Skincandyco if you'd like to purchase the 3CE products. I myself was so tempted! Thanks for your wishes, babe! <3

  2. Wow, I missed it~! :(. The heels so nice leh..

    1. Yeah! I was tempted too. Don't worry, come join the next one! :)


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