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Sunday 23 November 2014

Travel: Dream Trip to Macau! [Nuffnang x MGTO]

Macau (known as "Ao Men" in Chinese) is a famous tourist city, frequented by many Chinese. To me, it is really a place worth visiting because the cultures are very similar to our own and in terms of currency, it is an affordable place with a not-to-be-missed view too! With casinos, awesome food, beautiful heritage sites and exciting activities, what's there to be missed? Macau is also easily accessible by AirAsia (book early for cheaper flights!) and is a really good alternative if you're going overseas for the first time.

I was fortunate enough to travel there with my entire extended family back in 2008. We rented a bus and toured Hong Kong & Macau for a week. It was the first time we travelled overseas together as a family. Thanks to Nuffnang, this is a good chance for me to reminisce and write this post that is literally, a Blast from the Past. And because I prefer to use my own photos instead of those off the Net, get ready for loads of embarrasing photos from those days... .XD

Here are some things that you MUST see and do in Macau! It's also consists of the places that I'd like to visit again, seeing as I was too young back then to remember most of the things we did... :x

1) Macau Tower

Macau Tower is 338 metres high and has an observatory deck. You've never truly visited Macau until you come here! Visitors will be able to enjoy a panaromic view of beautiful Macau from the observatory deck. What's more, the place has restaurants, theatres, shopping lots and even a place for you to bungee jump! I remember dining at the top and getting the shock of my life when someone dived down from above. One of my most intriguing dining experiences, indeed!

I'd love to go back there again. This time, I'm finally legal and brave enough to take on the challenge.. I'd love to try out bungee jumping for myself! It'll be one of the the things to check off my bucket list. If all else fails, I'm pretty sure I'll still be brave enough to try out the SkyWalk and walk around the rim of the tower :p

2) St Paul's Ruins

With the whole family. We were so much younger back then, oh gosh!

Chubby me. I guess this answers the question of when was the last time I had short hair..

Another MUST-SEE landmarks in Macau will be the Ruins of St Paul. Not only is Macau famous for the city lights, many of their tourist sites are also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and St Paul's Ruins is one of it. I remember the tour guide telling us the story of how the church came about and how an unfortunate fired caused only the doorway to be left standing now. Many archives, religious relics and engravings are found beyond these steps and walls, including some remains of St Paul. The ruins is also somewhat connected to St Paul's Church in Malacca, which makes the story much more relatable for me, back in the day when I still took History lessons in high school hehe.

You know what would be really cool? If we could recreate the family photo that we took right at this spot outside St Paul's Ruins. This is also one of the reasons why going back to Macau would be awesome - it would bring the family closer and help me to find back those fond memories :)

3) St. Augustine's Church

Also another UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. Augustine Church is one of the churches that draws thousands of devotees, especially from Macau's Filipino community. The simple, Baroque style interior just goes to show how well the church has been preserved over the years. Take a tour of the church and really soak it in, then give your sincere prayers in front of this altar.

4) The Venetian, Macau

The Venetian Macao is luxury hotel, inspired and owned by the Las Vegas Sands. It is one of the biggest buildings in Macau and the seventh-largest buildings in the world! It also houses the biggest casino in the world and has so many dining and shopping places for you to choose from that you will literally need a map to get around when you're inside. One of the interiors that attracted me the most was the sky murall on the ceiling! It looks just like the real sky! There are also old paintings recreated on the ceiling that any art enthusiast would love. I loved being there!

I had the privilege of staying at the Venetian hotel for a night and it was definitely one of the most lavish hotels I've stayed in. One can't help but be swept away by awe and romance as you soak up the sights and sounds of Venice, all within a building. There are even real gondolas in the man-made river IN the mall! I would so love to go back there again and this time with my boyfriend because, what better place to go for a romantic getaway than the city of love, right?

Hope to be one of the winners of this golden opportunity! My dream once I graduate is to travel somewhere with my family or boyfriend or alone. Time is running out as I will have to look for a job soon and once I start work, it will not be easy to just take off and travel. I really hope to visit Macau once again. You're only young once, and you should explore while you can. Results are coming out tomorrow and if I pass, I will have graduated. The greatest gift I can have now is this chance by Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia to visit the beautiful city of Macau once again! 

Tonight I shall sleep with a hopeful heart, praying for good results and dreaming of this trip to Macau :)


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  1. beautiful pic inside St. Augustine Church...All the best!

    1. These were really old pictures from an old camera, glad they still look good! Thank you! :)

  2. The last photo is so cute! Jiayou Jiayou! Hope that you can win! :)

    1. HAHAH we were so young and silly then XD Thanks Cece! <3


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