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Monday 10 November 2014

Shopping: Carousell Pop-Up Market Day 2 + Haul!

Harlo! So the Carousell Pop-Up Market just ended today and I AM EXHAUSTED. As it is I haven't been getting enough rest after exams but it's ok, it's worth it if it's fun!! You can probably tell from my sickly look in the photos -_- If you haven't read my post on Day 1 of the event, you should totally go read it! NOWWW!!! Hehe. (Find my other posts on Carousell here, here and here). Day 2 was even bigger and better IMO!

Early morning set up the booth (again) with Audrey! We decided to mark down a lot more of our items (cosmetics and clothes) because we really, really just want to clear out the stock.

Janey came to visit! <3 Thanks for the yummy donuts and for buying our stuff! She told us to stop her from shopping but she ended up buying from us as well HAHAHA thanks Jane!!

Some photos with some of my friends who dropped by to say hi as well. Thanks, Hui! Truth be told, I feel really lucky to have friends who would surprise me and support me in any way they can :)

With Hui, Jialing & Mingxiao! Thanks for coming, girls!

Also. special thanks to my friends Cece, Eunice, Joe Yee, Neena, Kwai See, Vincent, Yixin, Grace, Nicole, Tenshi, Aerisk, Carina & Huang Yao for dropping by to support! :) 

Pam & Boon tending Dress & Style as usual. They offered to go out and get food for me when I told them I was hungry and even let me place my preloved stuff at their booth because it wasn't getting much attention upstairs. Thanks guys :)

The Upstairs Gang!
With the lovely blogger ladies and vendors upstairs. Because the place was so small, we had to make do and share. There were even more people, and even more things on Day 2 and we could barely find space to walk. But I'm glad that everyone accomodated well and offered help in any way we can. We tended each others' booth when one was busy. I think the girls even snuck out to grab McDonalds at some point :p It's been a great weekend bonding with these girls!
From left: Sarah, Nicole, Jessica, Ashley, me, Grace, Audrey, Becca, Carrmun, Vickii & Kishya!

Always happy to meet new friends :) Coincidentally, they're from Sunway Uni too!

Finally got a selfie with Olivia, the Carousell Indonesia Community Manager. She is so adorable, seriously!

Reshma, the woman behind this event :)

With Marcus & Michelle, the Carousell Singapore Community Managers :)

Photo from Carousell Malaysia
Too bad we didn't get a full group photo with everyone but this is the next best thing! We were the last to clear out and leave, hence this awesome photo!

Photo from Carousell Malaysia
Pose inspired by one of the bloggers in Indonesia hahaha. The hectic month planning this 2-day event is finally OVER! Big BIG thanks to this awesome team whom I have so much to learn from :)

After dropping our stuff at home, Aud and I went for a little celebration at Sushi Zanmai. Aud introduced Agedashi Tofu to me which I tried for the first time and I loved it. Will be ordering more of these in the future at any Japanese restaurants I frequent..

Thanks Aud dearie for looking out for me and my stuff the past 3 days. I am a really clumsy and blur person, thank you for the reminders and helping me to pack neatly. Wheee love you babe! <3

And if you're curious what I got over the 2 days.....

A basic pastel yellow top from a fellow Carouseller, from F-Block. I don't really mind that it's preloved because the condition is perfectly fine and it's only RM5!

This was from a fellow Carouseller too and it's brand new! I thought this looks pretty formal and elegant if matched with midi skirts. The material is also quite thick and the imprints are quite elegant! Not bad at all for RM15.

Oli set up her booth on Day 2 and asked me to check out her stuff. I need a proper, feminine cardigan for work and formal stuff so I grabbed this from her for RM10. It's not too thick, the length is just right and I like the ruffles at the bottom which gives a little more definition to the waist.

Check out my tattoos from @shappytats on Instagram & Carousell! They're totally cool and unique. Gold & silver shiny tattoos are in trend now, btw :p I got both designs for RM5 only and I still have the unused tattoos with me to use for other occassions! To support Pam's shop, I snagged this floral dress (last piece!) for a wedding I'll be attending in December. The skater dress, heart-neckline and floral design makes me feel younger. It's also a perfect fit!

Sarah was selling off loads of preloved bags and this particular one caught my eye. According to her, it's brand new from Unmasqued. Even though it's Ted Baker-inspired, the quality and design doesn't look shabby at all! Check out the gold detailing! So pretty and girly. Love love love this :)

Imagine staring at a table-full of 3CE cosmetics for 2 days, how to resist? Aud gave me a special discount on these so um yeap, new stuff to add to my 3CE stash! Go support too! They're clearing stock at low prices, you'll regret if you don't get it! I'll review these two items soon. :D

I can't wait for the next bazaar that Carousell will organise. Do leave them a message or email if you're interested in joining as well! Promise that the rental is the lowest you can find! I've had so much fun being a vendor, almost as much as I did being a shopper at bazaars. I wouldn't say the sales was awesome for me because most of my clothes are too small... But I still hope that whoever bought my clothes & accessories can treat them well and put them to good use yea? Hope to become a vendor again as I have so much stuff to clear :p

For more photos of the event, view them HERE. Find and tag yourselves!


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  1. Thanks dear for all the help and accompany! I love you!

    1. Love you too babe! Thanks for helping me look after my stuff! Let's do this again :D

    2. Yea, let's do it again! Too bad I have to miss the JB ones.. but I'm sure there are plenty chances next time! ^_^

    3. Don't worry, there will be! Just enjoy your trip in peace! Thanks btw for the discounts on your products :D


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