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Monday 29 December 2014

Beauty: Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

Happy Monday! It's the last Monday of 2014. Feeling the blues? Why not read a little about my first ever spa experience? Who knows, it might inspire you to find time and relax a little or maybe go try out the services for yourselves hehe. 

If you remember, I blogged about Amante Nail Spa & Body Care's charity event back in July, in conjunction with the Butterfly Project's charity blogging event. For our efforts, Amante decided to reward us with a spa voucher worth RM88 and 3 treatments to choose from - manicure, hot stone massage or bust enhancement therapy. Well, I'm not afraid to say that I chose the latter. HAHA. Anyways, here are some photos of the Amante branch that I visited in Puchong, just like to share them with you!

Amante Puchong is located above a stationary shop in Bandar Puteri, opposite Giant Hypermarket. Don't be fooled by the exterior for inside, its a totally different world! Find the address, telephone number and operating hours HERE.

I fell in love with the cosy atmosphere the moment I stepped in. The use of wood and bamboo along with neutral colours, are really soothing to the eyes. The calming background music and scent of aromatherapy oils adds more to that atmosphere.

This area is for basic manicure. Check out the tiny fans on the table tops!

Nail polish galore! *.*

This is where manicure & pedicure is done. What a bright, spacious place!

Behind the veiled curtains are the spa areas which also exudes that same calming air.

Even the toilets so pretty lol.

I had my spa date with Eunice that day and she chose the Hot Stone Massage. Don't be fooled, the stones are REALLY hot! According to Enice, the physical massaging part took longer than the hot stone process. But overall, Eunice said it really helped to relax her muscles, although the massage oils did make her hair oily haha.

My bed for the Bust Enhancement & Firming Lymphatic Detoxification Treatment.

Overall, the treatment took about half an hour. For more visible results, the masseuse suggested I take the one hour full treatment but I was kinda pressed for time. The treatment basically consisted of massaging and pulling of the lymphatic nerves near the chest to stimulate it. A fork-like device and massage oils was used to massage that area. It's actually quite relaxing if you don't think about how much it hurts LOL. Apparently, pain is common for first-timers, what more someone as skinny as me. It's also quite awkward for me but I soon got over it, seeing as the masseuse was so confident and not awkward at all. I guess there were some visible results after the treatment but of course, nothing is permanent and continued treatment is encuraged for permanent effects.

After the treatment, we were offered ginger tea to regulate blood flow and rejuvenate oneself after the treatment.

Ending this quick post with our selfie!

It was my first time hanging out in KL with Eunice and I truly enjoyed it. After the spa session, we went for lunch before heading for Dreamscape's Fashion Salad Flea Market and O.W.L Eyewear opening event. Check out both our blogs for the posts! 

For more information and the list of Amante Spa locations, do visit their website and Facebook page.
Operating hours are normally 10am - 10pm at each branch. Also, look out for more events and happenings on The Butterfly Project's Facebook page!

In the meantime, enjoy the last Monday of the year.. Next year will be even better!


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  1. I love the way you share your experience. I also had similar experience. Here is another body care centre


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