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Saturday 20 December 2014

Event: Benefit Cosmetic 'Majorette Booster Blush' Workshop @ Sunway Pyramid

Yooohoo! Another photo of me with my long hair because.. I really miss my hair lah can it please grow faster T.T 
Ok that's not the point. I'm here to tell you about one of Benefit Cosmetic's latest products - the Majorette Blusher. Well, it's not exactly super new now as it has already been on the market for about 3 months. I know this is a delayed post, but I'd still like to share with you my experience using the product and the makeup tips that I've learnt during the workshop held at Sunway Pyramid! When I heard about it, I immediately signed up for the workshop with Jess since we were both free that afternoon.

The lovely pink & white decor always tempts me to pop by the booth, even just for awhile whenever I'm shopping in Sunway Pyramid. Pink is my weakness T.T Oh yea, those who attended the workshop got to experience a complimentary upper lip hair removal service which in my opinion, was so effective! Benefit is famous for their Brow Bar as well, and I've personally tried it out and all I can say is, I'm hooked!

Benefit even prepared a mini cupcake feast for us!

I've always wondered what those cheerleader girls playing with the twirling stick is called.. Turns out, they are Majorettes, which also happens to be the inspiration behind the name of this blusher!

Introducing the Majorette Booster Blush. It's the definition of 'pep, poise and popularity'. I myself love the flower-shaped tub! Unlike most of Benefit's vast colour range for their other products, Majorette only comes in one shade and that is pink-peach which suits most skin tones and gives it a healthy flush. Wear it alone or under your favourite blusher for an instant pick-me-up. Your complexion will instantly be brighter!

How it looks inside. This is a cream-to-powder booster blush that can be easily applied to the cheeks. Note that there is no brush provided. What's special about this blusher is that it can be used in both wet and dry conditions. you can apply it directly with your fingertips and blend for a natural flush or wear it under your face powder or foundation. Alternatively, spritz it with some water and dab the colour on your cheeks which works just as well, if not better.

It was an enjoyable session listening to and watching the Benefit Beautician and makeup guru work her magic on this lucky girl from the audience.

Psst.. I'm gonna share with you the tips and tricks that I've learnt at the workshop, so listen well! For someone who wears makeup frequently, it was truly an eye-opener to see that there is so much more to makeup than most of us know. Did you know you can actually 'marry' some products together to create a better effect?

Step 1: Prep the face with Benefit High Beam + Moisture Prep Toning Lotion
Don't worry, you're not alone if you thought that foundation was the very first step of the makeup routine. The beautician emphasised that luminous skin was key so the combination of a highlighter and moisturiser will give you a good base for your foundation.

Check out how shiny the High Beam and toning lotion combination is when it catches light! No wonder High Beam is one of Benefit's best-selling highlighter.

Step 2: Prime your face with Girl Meets Pearl + The POREfessional
Cover up those pores and give your foundation a smooth surface to stay on by using a primer. It will also help your makeup to last longer. I'm using the POREfessional primer as well and it really feels smooth on the skin! Girl Meets Pearl is a unique primer that has luminous characteristics as well to give you a healthy shine.

Step 3: Cover up those flaws with Instant Comeback Facial Serum and Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! foundation
Now it's finally time to put on your makeup base. Find a colour that suits your skin tone and mix a little bit of serum into the foundation to help moisturise your skin and give it a healthy glow. This is a trick behind most Korean dewy-skin makeup! 
PS: Love the design of the Instant Comeback bottle!

Step 4: Set your makeup with Hervana + The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine
Ah, I love these box of powders, Benefit has so many in pretty packagings! Hervana is an orchid-blossom face powder blush while Agent Zero Shine acts as a setting powder.

The trick is to pour some Agent Zero Shine powder into the Hervana box and mix it around with a brush. The colours and powder will swirl together to form a loose powder that is not only effective but leaves an enlightened flush on the face as well.

Step 5: Make those cheeks flush with Ultra Radiance Facial Re-hydrating Mist + 
Majorette Booster Blush!

Finally, the star of the show! This blush is so versatile! You can choose to apply it with a blush brush also after spritzing some hydrating mist on it. 

Check out how natural and pretty the blusher looks on the model's skin!

Step 6: Play up the eyes with World Famous Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette + They're Real! Mascara + They're Real! Push-up Liner
An all-in-one eyeshadow kit with cream, powder and shimmery eyeshadow for a cool, neutral look.

I love how the mint green does not clash with the blush colour but instead makes the eyes stand out! The makeup artist also defined her eyes more by drawing on some eyeliner and mascara using the They're Real! series.

Step 7: Add some colour to the lips using Chachabalm + Chachatint
Before using any lip stains, it is important to slap on some lip balm to hydrate the lips as lip stains can be drying. The colour used was this mango orange colour which goes well with the coral hue of the Majorette blusher.

The final look. She looks so pretty and sweet!

After the makeup demonstration, we mingled around a little and admired Benefit's vast range of makeup and skincare items. Haha. 

Foundations and BB creams.



Powder blush and bronzers. Ahh, the packaging!!

Lip balms and lip tints.


Eyeliner with a unique tip.


Brow kits.

Skin care range. Omg the bottles *.*

I never knew Benefit carried fragrances!

They have loads of gift boxes and miniatures too.. Can I have this for Christmas? :D

We got to ask questions and try out the products for ourselves too. Jess tried the famed lip tints while I tried the They're Real! Push-up liner but I simply can't get used to its tip that the beauty assistant had to help me in the end haha.

Selfie taimeeee.

Thank you, Benefit for organising this fun and educational workshop! I learnt so many tips and tricks that kinda revolutionised makeup for me. Haha. Still, I feel it's quite troublesome to have to go through so many mixing and pairing for each step just to look pretty(ier). Oh well, no pain no gain right? I really love Benefit's products. Wish I could afford them haha. Not to mention, the overall packaging and interesting names as well, oh gosh. They really have it all - from cosmetics to skincare to makeup tools. 

To keep up to date on the latest happenings and product launches from Benefit Cosmetics, don't forget to check out their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram! Benefit always has short videos and tutorials to show you the best way to utilise their products which I really appreciate. They're always having giveaways as well so who knows you might be lucky and win yourselves some of these pretty goodies? They're currently running a Christmas giveaway now, go join! Benefit has come up with many Christmas beauty boxes this year, it might be a good idea to gift someone that for Christmas! In the meantime, drop by any Benefit stores and booths to experience their awesome products for yourselves :)


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