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Friday 12 December 2014

Carinn x OOTD: Charmed ft. Secretella

In my humble opinion, every girl needs to own a charm bracelet. Tiffany & Co., Pandora, Thomas Sabo.. The possibilities are endless and you can pick and choose your own charms to add to your collection. The charms are not only pretty to admire, but usually have a meaning to relieve that one memory. 

I got my first ever charm bracelet the other day, courtesy of Secretella! I chose this Thomas Sabo-inspired charm bracelet and before I even opened the box, the packaging has alredy captured my heart. 

Before I show you what's inside, let's talk a little about Secretella. The name is an acronym of "secret teller". What inspired the owner Sherry to choose this name is because she believes that fashion is the secret of every girl. We don't keep it secret, but we each have our own secret fashion, style and inspirations. We tell them secrets. Accessories are part of our style. It can represent simplicity or even make an entire look stand out. Secretella does not take accessories in bulk as they think each piece should be unique to a women's style. They painstakingly research the hottest trends from TV and magazines just to bring in the hottest items in fashion now. If there is a piece of accessory that you have eyed for a long time, just send a photo of it to Secretella and they will try their best to find it for you! Should the need arise, they also offer advice to their customers on how to match their accessories for different occasions. 

 Note that I said the bracelet is INSPIRED, but I was pleasantly surprised at the packaging because it resembles the real thing! The signature black & white striped box, circular Thomas Sabo logo and nestled inside there is even a tiny pouch where the bracelet lies.

Now for the contents! I've always wanted my very own customised bracelet. Even though these pieces were pre-picked, they seemed pretty enough for me! Made with high-quality materials, they not only have the weight but shine of a solid silver bracelet.

Check out the pretty charms! They each have a detachable hook so you can rearrange the charms as you wish. There are 4 charms altogether in red & black colour scheme which you can never go wrong with as it's fun yet elegant at the same time. I'd like to think that the charms represent my personality and favourite things too. Camera for my love for photography; sexy lips because, well, it's sexy; a red hot lipstick to represent my love for cosmetics; and a microphone because I love and miss singing.

And of course, I had to plan an outfit to wear this out with.

Cropped top - H&M //  Skater skirt - Taobao // Patterned stockings - Vicnity // Mary-Jane heels - Taobao // Thomas Sabo-inspired charm bracelet - Secretella

Nail-art by Prisca De Nails (review here)

Photographer: MCY

I really like how the charms colours complement my nail-art well! It has that festive, Christmassy touch to it and I love it! The bracelet is a tad too loose for me but can't be blamed because I have a tiny wrist. But fret not, it is totally adjustable! I love these, but who knows maybe in the future when can I afford the original one? Haha.

In my head, the charm bracelet makes me feel younger hence this youthful outfit. It's very casual but I guess I don't have to stress that it's because your accessory is all you need to stand out from the norm. I chose a white, red and black colour to suit the theme of the bracelet. Because I believe in dressng up, not down (and because the scar on my leg hasn't healed fully), I paired my simple outfit with these patterned black stockings for a hint of sexiness, coupled with the flair and swing of the burgundy skater skirt. It made the outfit look Japanese-inspired in the end haha but I still love that my legs look longer because the scalloped design cuts off perfectly just above the knee. The stockings can even pass off as normal black stockings if your skirt is long enough teehee.

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to surprise your loved ones by gifting them some thoughtful yet gorgeous accessories? You can grab this similar bracelet from Secretella at RM150. I find that the lady boss is very sincere in dealing with customers and she really listens to your needs and tries her best to find the product that suits you best. What's more, each piece is of good quality and does not rust easily. Currently, they only deliver to West Malaysia and the postage fee is RM6, unless stated otherwise. They also sell jewellery organisers and Secretella is so sweet that they even have their own customised boxes to house each accessory! Their current best-seller is the double-pearl earrings that are very popular lately so if you've always wanted to grab one, please do so now!

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Find Secretella on Facebook or Whatsapp/WeChat Sherry at 016-2027421. 
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