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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Food: foodpanda Delivery in Johor Bahru

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you're so hungry that you could eat a whole horse, yet there's no food at home and you don't have a car to drive out? That's what always happens to me :( What more when I don't even know how to drive haha. This is why food delivery is a God-sent creation to me! But it can get boring cos it's always McD, Domino's Pizza, etc.. Time to spruce things up a little!

foodpanda is here to save the day! They are not a new service and I've actually blogged about how to order via foodpanda's mobile app before. After being in the business for so many years, foodpanda is now garnering more popularity and their service has also improved from the last time I tried it. Here are some of the reasons why ordering via foodpanda is AWESOME!

1) You don't have to drive out - saves petrol, parking fees & time!
This is especially useful for times like these when petrol fees aren't the most affordable. A minimum time period of 1 hour should be given to the restaurant to prepare food and for delivery, so try and order as early as you can!

2) More food choices!
Now you're not limited to only burgers and pizza.. Restaurants and eateries working with foodpanda also includes Chatime, Sushi Q, Taang Shifu, Kenny Rogers, 7-11 and many, many more, depending on your location.

3) foodpanda is available almost anywhere in the world!
I've checked, they're available in more than 20 countries! There are more than 3000 restaurants to choose from too, so you don't have to worry about starving.

4) You can order food from your mobile devices or PC, anytime, anywhere!
As long as you have Internet connection and some cash, ordering is definitely a breeze as it only requires 3 easy steps. I've tried ordering on both PC and phone, and I think both are equally simple. There is also the option of paying online or COD which makes it convenient for customers.

5) foodpanda frequently offers promotional deals!
Check your emails often cos foodpanda always sends promotional vouchers or free delivery deals in your area! This way, you get to save even more, even after taking into account the delivery or service charges. Sometimes the food you order via foodpanda may be even cheaper than dining outside at the restaurant itself!


Interested to see how I spent my RM100 foodpanda voucher, courtesy of The Butterfly Project?
Since the previous foodpanda delivery that I tried was in KL and was for groceries only, I shall test out the delivery service this time in JB. I ordered on my mobile the previous time, now let's put the website to the test. The food that I ordered was on preorder basis (as the restaurant was closed) so it was ordered the day before. For preorder, there is always a fear of not getting your food on time, or not getting your food at all! 

1) Log on to
Select your city, area and click FIND RESTAURANTS.

Check out the list of restaurants I have in my area! Admittedly, it was quite late when I ordered so most of the restaurants were open for preorder basis only. This is an improved function to me as previously, it would only show that the restaurant was closed, without indicating the operating hours at all.

2) Select the restaurant of your choice.
I chose this Italian restaurant that my family loves to dine at. I was surprised that they actually deliver to my area!  There are many categories to choose from on the extensive menu.

After you've selected your food, it will appear on the sidebar with the collated amount due for payment and you can proceed to the next step!

3) Review your Order.
Do take into account that you can add on your comments and double check the payment before confirming your order. This is also the place to key in any voucher codes that you have! Yes, a delivery fee,15% service fee and 6% govt tax do apply so I think it's better to order more to make the delivery fee more worth it? Haha. For normal orders, the food usually takes 1 hour to arrive, based on my previous experience. For preorders, there are a number of delivery times to choose from so choose the time wisely so you do not go hungry!

4. Place your Order!
If you have not signed up before with foodpanda, this is the time to do so. After keying in your details, there is an option to Choose your Payment method - either via online payment or cash on delivery. When you're happy with your order, click PLACE ORDER NOW!

5. Wait for your food to arrive!
After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email and SMS. Since my food was preordered, there's no choice but to wait till the next day for it to arrive!


*Ding dong!*
At 1.30pm SHARP, my door bell rang. Omg I can't believe how punctual the delivery service is! We paid the remaining RM26+ on the spot and the delivery guy was on his way.

My piping hot food are here! Each are individually packed in Tupperwares or foil so the freshness and hotness of the food is retained.

Bon appetit! Here's what I chose - one appetizer and 3 mains. I'd already told my mum to take the afternoon off and not cook lunch, it'll be on me! I'm glad that with the RM100 voucher, I got enough food for the whole family. Smoked duck and salmon are all our faves so we definitely enjoyed this meal!

Truth be told, I was quite doubtful whether my food will arrive on time or not because we've have had bad experiences with foodpanda before. But not this time! The delivery guy arrived right on the dot, even my mum was surprised! The food was STILL piping hot and fresh when it arrived too. Initially, I did not receive any confirmation email and I got worried so around 11am, I emailed foodpanda with my queries and almost immediately after that, I got a call, email AND SMS about my order. Talk about efficiency!

Thank you, foodpanda for feeding my family well & through! This isn't the first time I'm using their service, and it won't be the last :)

Check out their website for a list of restaurants and start your food delivery journey too! This festive season is the best time to party, why not let foodpanda do the work for you? Don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter and LIKE them on Facebook to get the latest updates and promotions! Last but not least, LIKE the Butterfly Project Malaysia on Facebook as well for more updates on upcoming events!

Merry Christmas, in advance!


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  1. no longer available in JB?

    1. Hi, sorry but I'm really not sure about this. :( I'll check!

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